Thursday, November 26, 2015

Feature Designer: Nita Angeletti

Nita Angeletti

I have posted a few times about this talented designer and some of her amazing pieces. Pam over at The Ehler's Co, Passion for Fashion Ebay shop was the person who first showed me some of her amazing creations. Thanks to Pam I have had the joy of being introduced to Nita and exchanging many emails.  She was so kind to send me some boot cuffs and I also have a scarf with button cuff that can be worn on scarf or on your wrist also.  She is so talented and I really wanted to take the time to feature more of her one of a kind art work and details about this creative lady.

Nita Angeletti received a B.F.A from The Juilliard School, Drama Division, under the direction of the late John Houseman.  Upon graduating she joined The Acting Company.  Her performance career includes acting as well as dance.

Following her heart, these intense theatrical roots led her naturally into the world of design and decoration.  She considers herself an artist/designer who encompasses all areas of fabric manipulation and surface design where the "thread" to whatever she is working on is textiles.  She uses fabric as if it were paint, layering, creating shadows and highlights.  She also paints and dyes a lot of her materials.  All of her work reflects a sophisticated orchestration and arrangement of unusual combinations of texture and color. Her "collage style" distinguishes her work. Something that being an interior designer myself for many years and now working in fashion really can appreciate.  She is so talented and has such an amazing eye with textures and design.  

Her one of a kind "doll sculptures" are collected internationally and have been in numerous galleries and shows, including CFM Gallery, NYC; Stricoff Gallery, NYC; The American Folk Art Museum, NYC; Wachtanoff Gallery, Moscow.

She has designed and built costumes for all of the major NYC holiday windows, including Macy's, Herald Square, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdales, and many more.

Her current focus is on her "wearable art" accessories featuring one of a kind headpieces and neckwear. Her bibs and chokers seem to have taken "center stage" where she continues to unleash and refine her creativity and illustrate her passion for textiles.  

She has recently created some scarves and boot cuffs that are still showing her unique talent and creativity, you can find many of her items at The Ehler's Co, Passion for Fashion, link below and her recently opened Etsy shop.  I have posted a few photos of some of her work along with some of the pieces I own that I style with my everyday outfits.  Hope you enjoy Nita's work as much as I do and make sure to check out more of her creations using the links below.  Thank you.  XOXO

From her Doll Creations

Boot cuffs handmade by Nita Angeletti

Scarf with button cuff all handmade by Nita

Here you can see her amazing eye for color, texture and design in this bib style neck piece.

You can find most of the items pictured and more designs by Nita at The Ehlers Co Passion for Fashion link below. Be sure to mention my blog for 20% your purchase.

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