Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas decor from Target

Rustic, Nature & Plaid, Fur Holiday Accents

From and

Below are a few of my favorite items from and Target stores for the holidays. I am using a lot of items I own already then some of my Fall decor will stay for Christmas. I got some amazing plaid and cable knit pillows and throws which I plan to add a few of the new holiday accents with for a more Christmas feel. 

To me the easiest way to decorate your home and keep it simple but warm and inviting at the same time is using textures, patterns and colors in your decor theme choice. I am going with metallics, then some rooms I like a little red and green while other rooms I like to stick to gold and silver with some burlap or white accents. I have two trees so one is a winter theme and the other is more of a natural woodsy theme with antlers, deers, and owls or outdoor style nature items. Our family tree with ornaments for our family and from our travels is the more nature themed tree. This year I am looking for a new fake tree, we use to always get a real fresh tree but due to my daughter whom is asthmatic and has allergies then our cat that enjoys eating the tree we have since gotten fake trees over the years and I love them. You can find full fake trees that you cannot tell are fake, everyone who visits my home has always thought my tree in my living room was real and this year I plan to retire that tree to the family room and purchase a new led lit tree that is a little taller but same fullness. A few things will change this year. I found some antlers on sticks at Cracker Barrel along with a deer style tree topper similar to the one below from target which is meant to be wall decor I believe but the one I got is a tree topper. 

Target Indoor Christmas Decor

I am keeping it simple with clear and white lights, gold and silver, mercury glass, burlap, a lot or nature. White Birch wood and then knits, plaid and faux fur. I want everything to feel like a warm cozy Christmas cabin feel. I already have my scents slowly transitioning from fall to winter this week and working on making a few pieces for my mantle. I was tempted to order cute burlap personalized stockings but my kids like their old ones, a lot of memories connected to them. 

Enjoy my collages all items from and keep an eye out this week I am working on a styles shoot for the holidays and we will be pulling a lot of props earlier in the week for the shoot to style the back drop and I will for sure be keeping some items for my home, I will share my favorites in an upcoming post. Hope everyone had a great weekend and have a fab week. Xoxo. ✌️❤️

We have recently lost our pet bearded dragon so now I have space for a bar cart but for the time being will being using the wood buffet console I had his tank on for decor. I love these deer decor accents and trees. Hoping to do something similar in my entry way with a Merry Christmas banner and some garland on the mirror with a boxwood or berry wreath. 

I love white birch, we are from Maine and my family sends us fresh cut white birch logs for by the fireplace every year. My box should arrive next week. I also love these small Charlie Brown style trees and the red boxwood style rose wreaths and mini trees. I have a few from passed years similar. 

I adore these deer accents. They have a large and small in silver, gold and copper. I would like to get a small gold and large copper for my mantle or entry. I also love the white deer and they have a standing one same style. Deer and moose are favorites of mine being from Maine and NH we have always loved using them along with antlers for decor. My mom also is a fan and has been for many years after moving from up north to Florida. We enjoy the cabin northern feel during the holidays. 

I love little trees in all different natural style elements. I also love mercury glass and metallics. Last year I made a few trees using styrofoam and pine cones, burlap and we also used some small glass ornaments. I like to arrange them in different colors and material or textures then of course multiple heights on tables, consoles or counter tops for a little accent.

I adore marquee lights and purchased two last year one that says Christmas and another that says Noel. I also have some metal stars. I love these marquee lights and the deer head on top right is similar to my cool wood deer head I got at Cracker Barrel (mentioned above) to use as a tree topper. I love the count down to Christmas sign also with blocks, I have an old one we have used for years the can be hung but has seen better days thinking about maybe replacing with this cute one from target. 

I love banners and garland for the entry table and mirror, my mantle and the kitchen window. Love the snow ball garland and the one with red snow flakes. Tempted to make my own I have snow balls I got a few years ago from Joann's for wreaths and tree filler. 

My favorite and I think a lot of ladies favorites are textiles, like blankets, pillows and rugs. I love to again mix prints, patterns, textures and colors. Love the faux fur stool looking for something similar for under my new long table and this is perfection. 

You can never have enough throw blankets unless you ask my hubby. Lol. I have baskets filled and then throw them over the back or arm or sofa and chairs. Again love mixing patterns and textures. 

While looking online tonight I ordered the gold deer head pillow because it said online only and hoping to find the red antler then top left Christmas mixed metallic pillow for my living and family room sofas and chairs. Love that deer head pillow. It will go so good with my plaid and knit pillows I got for fall. 

That wraps up some of my favorite Christmas and winter items from Be sure to check out your local flyers and the cartwheel app for sales this week. I will add links to my fave home decor tab this week along with other items from other stores I love for the upcoming Christmas holiday season. Can't believe how close it is. Sleep right and happy decor dreams. Xoxo ✌️❤️🎄

I love rustic style decor but simple with a touch of glam with using metallics and white. Below some Pinterest inspiring photos I loved to share. 

Quick note or addition to post, after the below comment was left I wanted to clear up a statement I made in a post about faux fur, I did not like the Target clearance faux fur vest but had stated I was tempted on clearance to buy it but knew I wouldn't get much wear with the warmer weather here.  I love the style on many models and other bloggers just not so much on me and I can't imagine spending the money when I know I wouldn't wear it much, it is so hot here.  I love faux fur for decorating and I even love the look of some of the fashion styles or trends that I was excited to find some of those looks made of a lighter weight material that is more of a fringe or shaggy material not fur.  Sorry if that comment offended anyone or led to any confusion when I posted this piece using some faux fur items.  I own a few blankets that have a faux sherpa feel or some may feel like or look like fur but aren't really.  I love the texture and warmth.  Also it feels so soft, I have never worn real fur I don't even own any items except an old jacket that has a removable fur collar which I wore once when it was cold in NC and then threw on for a photo once, other then that I was not trying to discriminate against faux fur, I would not ever wear real fur or use it to decorate my home but I do like faux fur, one of my favorite decor looks is rustic with deer heads and antlers that calls for some faux fur y'all.   Happy Monday ;)


  1. In many of your posts you say that you don't like faux fur but in just as many others you wear it and use it around your home

    1. Judith.

      Hello and thank you for commenting. I have never stated anywhere I am against all faux fur or don't like it. I don't care much for the faux fur vests and jackets, and I mean more on me and here in south Florida where it is 80-90. I have had many faux fur items in my home for accents like pillows, blankets and small rugs. I love interior design and worked in design for over a decade, I love faux fur to add texture and warmth to the home. I had made a statement last year about a popular faux fur vest on clearance then recently commented on my awesome shaggy fringe vest find that I don't care so much for the faux fur vests but I did like the bohemian feel and vibe of them. I am not trying to insult anyone and if you took it that way, I made the comment about the vest and only because I like the look but needed something thinner and not faux fur but with a similar feel. I don't wear faux fur I am not sure where you have seen me wear it but I don't own any fur only a jacket with a removable fur collar. I hope this clears that up and sorry again if it offended you in any way, I think a lot of the stylist and fashion bloggers look amazing in the fur trends just they aren't for me but fur for home decor I love. I wouldn't do a huge fur rug or a lot of it but a simple throw with some fur or a small accent pillow or even the above stool with some faux fur for texture is cool. Also if I lived where it got cold maybe I would feel differently but here faux fur is so hot and some of the faux fur items I have seen look really fake and tend to make me look boxy or bulky when wearing. Again it was more a fashion personal preference, I got that shaggy fringe vest because I do like the look just not the heavy fur. Ty again and hope this helped answer that. Enjoy your week

    2. I wasn't offended or being rude. I hit publish before I meant to but didn't want to take the time to go fix it because I wasn't able to get comments to work

    3. I was going to say that I like how you style items that you don't always care for but that your readers might. I am having a horrible problem being able to see or edit comments after I post though. Hoping when you get your domain it is more user friendly for your blog and style

    4. Thank you Judith and sorry you had a hard time leaving comments usually that is only on the mobile app. I am glad you enjoy the blog and weren't offended. I was unsure of what you were referring to because I don't own faux fur so I have not worn it. But I am glad it was cleared up. Don't ever want to offend any readers, have a great week and hope you will continue to come back for more posts. Lots of new stuff coming this week and next. Xoxo

  2. I have never seen or noticed any posts with fur before and I have been following this blog for some time. I live in the Melbourne area and agree I like the trends but way to hot here for fur accessories. Maybe they saw your vest you posted and thought that was fur.

    1. Anonymous,

      Thank you for posting sorry for late response was leaving work and sitting in car line now so had a moment to respond. I have not posted any photos recently or really ever of me wearing fur so the comment did throw me off some. I looked back on my Instagram feed and had one photo of myself in that jacket I mentioned above with the fur collar from over a year ago. I have not even really said I don't like fur often either I made the comment on two posts about the faux fur vest and then about my shaggy non fur fringe style vest. I have a lot of different little home decor pieces with a fur, sherpa style fluffy blanket and then some of the soft fuzzy items or shaggy items like rugs but I don't even own really any faux fur for my home. I posted the above items that I liked from Targets new holiday lines and I liked that fur stool and the pillow and blanket. I had a faux fur brown rug in front of my fire place maybe 9 years ago but it's been gone for awhile. I enjoy using different textures when decorating or styling my home or for clients in the passed, fur is one texture I have used. I prefer shag, and knit material but also like the look of a fur accent here or there. Either way the comment did throw me off some because I have not made a lot of references and didn't want to offend anyone that was never my intention. I was simply stating I was happy to have found an alternative to the faux fur vests because I love the look for boho chic fashion outfits but usually it's to hot or I don't care for the look of those. It's all good. Thank you for your comment and have a great week. Today I am in such a great mood with winning a contest and also receiving some lovely items in the mall from some of my favorite stores and designers to collab with for the blog and social media posts that I was not offended. I have thick skin. Take care and please feel free to leave your name and not type anonymous. Xoxo

  3. I'm not a fan of fur faux or real for clothes but I do love a good faux fur blanket or pillow. It's not the same. Some of that faux fur stuff is ugly in my opinion but everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. Do your thing. Great selections. Love em all.