Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Florida winter fashion

I wanted to do a blog post with some cute fashion styles and outfits that can be worn for winter in warmer climates. Not everyone has cold winters where we can wear layers of clothes. Here where I live we do get cool fronts, we actually have one right now but cool is mid 60-70's and during the day with the sun it feels warmer. I love all the winter trends, sweaters, puffer vests, quilted jackets, coats, tall socks and boots, leg warmers and hand warmers, you name it. I honestly own a lot of cute winter items but honesty I countdown to these cool fronts and usually they aren't anything like what they predict or call for once in a while we will get a drop down to the 40's at night but during the day it may stay in the upper 50's to mid 60's but usually I end up hot in my sweaters or layers.

I found some really cute winter trends that those of us who live in warmer climates can wear and dress up to still have the cute winter looks without being super hot. Of course layers are the best idea because as the sun comes up and the day starts to get warmer you can take off a layer. I always buy oversized sweaters or off the shoulder style ones that can be worn with a cami or tank underneath. Also I stick with light weight layers. I love flannels and plaid button downs but I look for lighter weight ones that aren't so warm. Most of my jackets are light weight I own a few quilted or thicker jackets but for traveling mostly. We usually go to NC every spring and it is always cold and we have gotten lucky to have been on our trip when it snowed also. Floridians are always excited to see snow. I was not born in Florida but I was 6-7 when we moved here so I am pretty close to being a true Floridian. I was born in NH and we lived in Maine. I love snow but I am so happy we moved to Florida I can't imagine scrapping my windshield and shoveling snow every morning just to go to work lol. I give everyone major credit that live in a cold climate where it snows a lot, it doesn't sound easy. 

Onto my cute outfit ideas for winter for warmer climates. I found these really cute dresses at Tilly's, I was lucky to get a gift card to purchase a few items from their new collection and after looking at everything I decided to put together this post and wanted to go with some light weight options for winter that can be dressed up for work, date night or play. My first dress is a gorgeous blush color fit and flare lace dress. As soon as I saw this dress in their catalog I knew I wanted it. It looked so gorgeous and the color is amazing. It fits perfect and flatters all figures or body types being a line fit. It has thin spaghetti straps but if you are self conscious about your arms like a lot of women are just layer a button down or cardigan over top, it looks so cute with layers. I tried it with gray and cream leggings, stockings in a cream color with a knit pattern and tall socks that are  knee height or thigh high both look amazing. Same with boots you can wear an ankle boot all the way to a tall thigh high boot, this dress looks good with everything. I love the combat boot look with this dress, there is something about a girly lace or floral print dress and combat boots I love. 

As you can see here I wore knee high socks and they can also be worn thigh height, but I slouched them down some because my boots weren't tall enough for the thigh height socks. I went with a mid calf height brown combat boot with laces by Steve Madden, but I also have Freebird brown boots with back laces that look great with the dress as well. I accessorized with gold and crystals, my bib style crystal necklace is from Tilly's but it is older got it last winter, the crescent moon and crystal pendant is by Black Black Moon and can be purchased from the Ehlers Co, Passion for fashion on eBay. I have their link on my favorite shops in sidebar but will also add a link to this post on the bottom. If you mention my blog when purchasing or bidding on auction style sales, Pam the owner, will give you a 20% discount. Just tell her Melissa from Dlitefultrends sent you. My bangle is handmade by Adam Rabbit jewelry on Etsy and her link is also in my favorite shops as well as many previous posts.

My cardigan is Hollister boyfriend fit and you can also find some similar in the current Tilly's catalog, and online. 

I also paired it with a fringe shaggy cream vest I got off eBay and have featured previously. It looks great with so many styles. One of my favorite pieces I have for fall and winter.

Next up I am going to dress up this cute floral long sleeve, v back with straps, cute dress. I have some leggings, stockings, tall socks and boots along with jewelry. This is just a peak into my fun shoot styling outfits for winter, I will have the real photos and post shortly. I just loved the look and wanted to share. 

. What are you thankful for this holiday?  I am truly blessed and so thankful for my family, friends, health and more.  Hope you enjoy some more of the new features I have added, like my where to find options have changed and slowly trying to change the layout of my posts to make them less to scroll through.  Thank you all for your patience as I continue to update and upgrade my blog.  I really love all my readers and friends, you have all been so supportive and kind.   Xoxo Happy Thanksgiving

Scroll through below for where to purchase other items.  Trying to make it easier and take up less room with my where to buy options.  I really like this style

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  1. Cute dresses and love how you added the where to find bar on bottom. Looks amazing my friend. Happy Thanksgiving to the family