Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sunday funday

Sunday Funday

Sunday is always my funday, just like the song Manic Monday. Love that song lol. Wanted to share quickly a couple pics from my Sunday. I am really behind on blog posts. I want to first apologize to Wendy from one of my favorite eBay shops. She sent me some amazing new Aztec scarves they got in for fall and some other awesome fall accessories that I have yet to post, and my friend Pam sent me over the poncho, scarf that can worn as a shawl also, some cute boot socks and a great necklace which I have featured a few of the items on my ootd posts but really want to get posts up for both shops and do some styled pics of the lovely items by Nita. I have had a lot on my plate with work and have my cruise coming up. I really like to be able to take my time to sit down and post about these amazing shops especially the ones I have such a great connection with the owners or reps. I have had really met some amazing people this year through my blog and I love to take the time to high light their shops and products. I promise if I don't get the posts together before my cruise I will be sure to have them done as soon as I get back. I have an entire rolling rack of cute new fall trends, from jeans, sweaters, leggings, skirts, dresses, button down tops, flannels, lots of scarves, socks, boots cuffs and stunning jewelry. Then shoes forget it. I have three amazing pairs of booties from JCrew's new fall collection, some Maurice's boots, Buckle boots, and some eBay find look alike boots for some of the hottest trends for my bargain shopping divas. I am excited to say with my new position at work after Dec I will be working from home which will allow me more time to work on my blog. I am going to use my real camera and tripod to take photos along with using other people to model some of the fashions not just myself always and not always selfie style pics. I really want to take my blog to the next level this new year and hoping to purchase my own domain soon. This has always been a hobby and for fun but with all the amazing opportunities that have started to come my way I really want to be able to represent brands, designers and companies on a professional platform. 

For now here are my photos I wanted to share from the weekend. Enjoy and I really hope everyone has a great week. I have started my cruise packing and have a busy couple days with a doctor appointment tomorrow before I leave for a week need to see my specialist. Then I am volunteering at my little one's school since I am room mom and will miss the fall party, luckily I return on Halloween so I won't miss trick or treat and then I plan to take them to the pumpkin patch and hayride this Friday since there is no school and Thursday they have a half a day, got a pedicure and nail appointment after I drop them then we plan to do a haunted house event they have north of us with a carnival for my younger daughter so she isn't left out that evening. A lot to cram in a few days but I want to make sure I fit in all the fall memories I usually do before I leave. Feeling a little guilty leaving them for a week but this is the first time since my younger was born I have left on a girls trip without the kids or my hubby. We always travel together. I am sure I will be home sick but I need the relaxation and me time for sure. 

Have a great weekend and will have lots of photos when I return from my cruise. Xoxo. 

Jesus loves this hot mess, graphic tee by Bestillclothingco. Love this brand and have a few tee shirts I ordered last year from them and plan to order a couple new ones soon. My necklace is a triple layer faux stone and feather, brown agate and opalite necklace from Forever21. My youngest daughter picked it out for me and I love it. 

Last year for Christmas my mom got me a silver Alex and Ani Buddha for Christmas which led to my collection of their amazing charm and wrap bracelets. I have a few gold ones but mostly silver. Sunday I wore my love charm from hubby and the heart is one of their beaded wrap bracelets my mom got me for my birthday. I paired them with a collection of older string bracelets I had from Kohls by Lauren Conrad LC. Love how this photo came out. I have been documenting my arm candy and wrist parties for some time now, I love jewelry and always say it's the icing on the cake or the cherry on top. It always makes any outfit look put together. I feel naked without some jewelry. Usually I always have my wedding ring and band, my kids ring with their names on my other ring finger and I wear my grandmother's diamond pendant she gave me before she passed away. Some days I take my necklace off to wear something else and may be in a rush forgetting to add something before I walk out the door. I have really fallen in love with the long 30" necklaces I have by Adam Rabbit you can throw on over your head no clasp needed or my Lacey Ryan triple layer necklaces that are all together that I can throw on one necklace but looks like I took the time to layer a few. Her line is amazing and Adam Rabbit has some awesome pieces also. I love Etsy its up there with eBay for me and my hubby is getting me into Amazon recently. 

I also love Fawninginlove she makes some really incredible jewelry and so high end for an amazing price you can find all these designers links in my favorite shops in the side bar, as well as the tee shirt company. 

Hope you enjoy my Sunday look of the day. Xoxo. Ty again to everyone for your support and kindness. It means so much to me. ✌️❤️


  1. Love the photos and posts.

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  2. Thank you sorry for the delay in posting your comment was away last week. Thank you for the kind words and for visiting my blog. Xoxo ✌️❤️