Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ootd Oct 10-17 posts...

My OOTD posts for Oct 10-17

Florida State University Gear

Love my FSU headband I got at the campus store when we visited Tallahassee in the summer time.

I have been a Florida State college football fan since I was a little girl so I have tons of tees, tanks, long sleeve shirts, sweat pants, yoga pants and apparel.  This tank I ordered right after they won the title not last year but the year before.  I was so excited I ordered a ton of new gear.

Girl Strong tee from Shabby Apple.  My feather rhinestone charm my hubby found on eBay.  The ripped denim shorts are from Fashion Junkee.  Links below.

Not sure the tee is still available couldn't find it on the site but did see some other cute similar tees.

My Pink Agate slice necklace is from Adam Rabbit Jewelry you can find the link to her shop in my side bar under favorite shops and prior posts with other pieces I own from the AR collection.

Loki bracelets are from: Lokai
The pink is limited edition for October for breast cancer awareness month and $1 of proceeds goes to Susan G. Komen.

The above flat lay outfit has my new flare jeans from Silver jeans and a feather pom pom trim kimono with Jessica Simpson wedges.  The wedges are a few years old but I can provide links for the jeans and kimono.

 Tee is from and was from the Lindsay Perry line paired with the Suki Flare jeans.  I have the link for the jeans above.  Also the crystal necklace I got at as well.  

Wearing my new FP look alike boots for some added height, I like height or heels with flare jeans I don't care to wear a flare or bootcut with flats, skinny jeans look best with flats or sneakers.  My ring is a bison hand made ring from one of my favorite Etsy Jewelry shops Fawning In Love.  She makes the most stunning and original jewelry.  She is a kind soul and her wrapping is so amazing you don't even want to open the package lol.  I will add a link to her shop below and should be in my favorite shops in side bar for sure.

Bison Ring and amazing handmade jewelry/accessories

Tank is from PonyShowNashville on Etsy

Kimono is from BohemianVibeBoutique

Skirt is from

Bracelet is AdamRabbitJewelry Etsy

Necklace is from LaceyRyan

Pony Show Nashville Etsy

Graphic tee pictured above

Adam Rabbit custom teal crackle quartz bangle bracelet, link in favorire stores in side bar

Found this tee in NC at a cute little Southern Charm store near where we always stay.

I can't lie I don't love country music I am a rock n roll girl 100% but I love guitars and mason jars.  The pink agate slice is again from Adam Rabbit.

Good Hyouman Tee from

Pam & Gela tank from eBay. I Don't give A... graphic tie dye tank.  I love Pam and Angela they have the best graphic tees and tanks I have a collection started.  They retail for $85-130 but I find mine on or the sale racks at my favorite stores.  

Paired this great graphic tank with my favorite gray jeans from Loft and then this great positive message wrap bracelet I got from by Good Work(s).  I love to read it when I am feeling stressed or down.  Has all kinds of great positive messages and words.  

The leather cuff came from my friend Pam at Ehlers Store on eBay, link is in my profile and in prior posts.  It says "There's an angel watching over you" and every time I look at it I think of Pam and of my father who is in heaven looking down over me like my own personal guardian angel.  

My tanks are from Target, skirt is by Ecote and is from Urban Outfitters last year and jewlery is all by Lacey Ryan from 

My fabulous bag is from and is a boho chic black tote with fringe details. 

Friday wore my twist front burgundy top from and Silver jeans. My gorgeous necklace is made by BlackBlackMoon and came from The Ehlers Co, Passion for Fashion. Link below. Keep in mind that she is offering a 20% off discount to all my readers on her items. She has so many amazing pieces from scarves, and clothing accessories to amazing hand made jewelry. Lots of unique pieces that are for sure to catch your eye. Since it's eBay it's auction style but if you send her a message and tell her Melissa from Dliteful Trends is where you saw her link or products she will give you 20% off your final purchase price. Pam is super awesome and if you have any questions about her items message her she will be happy to assist you. 

My lovely reversible poncho is also from The Ehlers Co, passion for fashion. She has several lovely ponchos and lots of amazing fall accessories. I got this lovely poncho, shawl, and a beautiful blanket scarf, some boot cuffs and my Nita Angeletti pieces along with my Black Black moon jewelry all came from her awesome eBay shop. 

Weekend warrior, this graphic tee is from Target. Paired it with some Silver Jeans Tuesdsay distressed cropped jeans. 

My lovely bohemain fringe black tote from Bohemian Vibe boutique and my long moon necklace is my Blackblackmoon which you can purchase from above link for The Ehlers company eBay store. The shorter amethyst necklace is a lovely handmade gem stone necklace from Adam Rabbit Jewelry an Etsy, link is in my favorite shops. Bracelet is from @gypsyhavenjewel on Instagram she also has a etsy shop you can find a link in my Favorite shops box in side bar. The other bracelet is by Alex and Ani. I have many gold and silver tone bangles, wraps and beaded pieces from this amazing designer. 

My amazon scarf is from The Ehler's Co, Passion for fashion on eBay. Paired with some distressed silver jeans, target riding boots and a white 3/4 tee from Sports Authority. My necklace is from Precious Heart Designs. 

Hope you enjoyed my week of fashion and will be adding all links I can along with any other information. If I missed any details please comment below and I will answer back with anything I can help with. Lots of fun fall stuff to come. Received some lovely aztec scarves from one of favorite eBay stores and some cute hand warmers.  I have my Forever 21, Maurices, and H&M finds I am styling to photograph before my cruise. Going to do my best to get as many of my favorite fall trends I have highlighted in previous posts photographed or styled for you to see. Loving my fringe boots from Maurices and that vest from H&M I featured is perfection want to wear it daily but it's still so hot here:(. 

Enjoy your weekend. Xoxo✌️❤️


  1. Nice pictures but why do you post the same picture multiple times?

    1. Thank you for the compliment, I really want to be able to take better photos but not a fan of mirror photos and don't have anyone home to take photos for me in the morning when I leave for work or afternoon when I change after work lol. I am sorry if I had the same photo, that would be by accident. I post from my phone so I can easily upload my photos and then I go on my laptop to write or edit the post before I actually make it live on the blog. I am usually strapped for time so sometimes a couple dupes make it in. I actually went through and edited some of my recent posts trying to remove any exact shots. I blog for fun I love to share my love for fashion and decor as well as bargain finds. I have a knack for finding something I like and then hunting to find it for less somewhere else. I love to save money. Sometimes I will post multiple shots of the same outfit because I may have missed my bag, shoes, necklace, or an accessory in one shot, so I will post a couple shots or I may have a hard time deciding which one I like better. When taking selfies it's tricky to get everything in one shot and for everything to look clear. Ty for commenting though and I will make sure to do my best to take more time when editing my posts to make sure I don't have duplicate shots and will try to minimize shots. Again I like to see lots of shots when I look at other blogs so I try to make sure I have a couple shots unless it's something boring like just a tee shirt and shorts with no accessories or just some flip flops then I will just do a closeup of the tee. I always love to hear feedback from readers. I am by no means a writer or professional blogger I just really enjoy sharing and blogging. Have a wonderful weekend ❤️✌️

    2. Just curious, it's not bad just have to scroll a lot to read the posts. Thanks for explaining. Don't apologize

    3. I totally understand I am going to see when I have time if I can layout the photos I post multiples of side by side instead of stacked so you don't have to scroll as much. I try to focus more on the photos then links or details less writing so I don't have a bunch of typos lol. It use to be bad when I did all my posts from the phone because my auto correct would really mess up my posts then I would go back in to correct them only to go back and look to see auto correct changed them right back. My auto correct is bad. Well it was bad I had the 5s just got a new 6s plus. Still getting use to it harder to take pics with lol. Ty again for commenting and leaving your feed back I really do appreciate it I am working to improve the overall look, layout and appeal of my blog. It means a lot to have someone let me know if there is anything I can improve or fix. I am happy to hear from everyone. Again have a wonderful weekend. ✌️❤️