Saturday, October 17, 2015

Another way to wear your sand cloud towel...

Sand Cloud Bohemian Towel
Used as a blanket scarf, and shawl

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Today I am working on styling and shooting some fall looks for a post for my blog before I leave for a week to the islands. While styling outfits my sand cloud towel was laid out for a blanket for one of my poses when I thought wow that would look nice as a scarf or wrapped around and styled with a belt like my blanket scarf. Check it out. Now this was thrown together last minute with some pieces I was wearing for another look, I his quickly changed up my necklace and belt but I love how it looks. Hope you like it also. Keep in mind they have some other colors that would look awesome for fall and winter. I have the bohemian towel in blue, azure. Picture gray, red or even orange (coral)! Fabulous and so excited I thought of this because I have been wearing my towel as a wrap, shawl, skirt or sarong at the beach all summer now I can keep them in my closet for fall and winter. Hope you enjoy this look and would love to hear your thoughts. 

Love the Sand Cloud Bohemian towel with fringe bottom wrapped around my shoulders and tied at the front with a thin belt around my waist.  Has the same look at the trendy blanket scarves but now you have some cool new colors, patterns and textures for fall.

I decided to pair it with my 3/4 sleeve white top, and Silver distracted jeans.  I added some brown tall boots from Target and a brown leather wrist cuff.  My necklace is a large white stone necklace on a silver serpentine chain by Lacey Ryan.  You can find some of her pieces at and then you can visit her website below.  

Love the idea as wearing it as a scarf, but was really loving using it as a blanket scarf, shawl look.  I had so many ideas pop into my head but mostly wanted to get photos of it and try it out quickly while the idea was fresh in my head.  I get accused a lot of having no ideas of my own and of always copying, one person in particular which couldn't be farther from the truth.  I always say at the end of the day it isn't about who had it first or wore it first, it's about wearing what you love and being true to yourself.  You are always going to have haters who accuse you and want to make you look bad for their own benefit but you have to just let it roll off your back and do your thing. I know at the end of the day what I had and what I wore, why I got it and that it is and always has been because I loved it, it was my style and anything else is just a coincidence or someone else copying, not me.

I really am excited with how the looks turned out and I am going to use a few more of the towels I have to style more looks for the fall.  I only have the blue bohemian towel, then I have a coral pillow towel, aqua or sea foam zipper towel and the wanderlust tie dye towel which is the next one I am going to style with a long maxi skirt and ankle boots for a festival look for fall.

You can find my jeans along with many other great quality denim pieces at the link below.  I am an ambassador for Silver Jeans Co but even before becoming an ambassador I have worn and preferred their jeans for over ten years.  That is why it was such an honor to be asked to become an ambassador for their brand because they have always been my favorite designer of jeans and denim.

I absolutely adore the blanket scarf look with a thin belt, I like thicker belts also and sashes that match the pattern or colors of the scarf.  These look great with jeans, leggings and long maxi skirts or fitted pencil skirts that are mid length.  I really started to love this trend last year in fall and winter but since it doesn't get very cold here didn't really get to wear them till our spring break trip to the mountains and than once wearing them I really loved the look.

You don't have to cover your entire shirt or outfit you can play around with the scarf making it thinner, or adding a collared look, maybe folding it in half for a more fitted vest look, that is why I love this look because there are so many styling options.  Another reason why I love the Sand Cloud towels because there are so many options for using these other than just as a towel.  I love multi use items that you can style and use so many different ways, you really get a lot for your money then.

Make sure to head over to Sand Cloud Apparel and check out all the color options, patterns, and options now that you have this idea in your mind.  Be sure to use my code Wanderlust25 to save 25% off your order and let me know what you think of my look.  I would love to hear from others about what you think of my Sand Cloud towel fashion styling ideas.  I actually thought of a couple other ideas while typing this post and going to work on those styles hopefully I will have some photos to add soon.  Below are a few options I think would look great styled this way.  Have a great weekend xoxo

The Bohemian collection, I love the red or gray for fall tones.

Raz Pocket Towel

The pocket collection towels loving the Razz color for fall.

beach towels

Above is the pillow towels, but pillow is removable and loving the pattern of this gray towel.  It's also available in other colors.  I own the coral color.  Looking for some colors to go with our fall and winter wardrobes.  The options are endless...

*All above photos belong to the blog owner, bottom towel shot belong wit

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