Friday, October 9, 2015

Nita Angeletti Designs Fall Scarf and Boot Cuffs

Nita Angeletti Fall Designs

Today my package from the amazing and talented Nita Angeletti arrived today. I am going to be doing a full post of these items styled with my wardrobe but loved everything so much had to show off. 

I love the doll she made for me so cute. She is such a kind and sweet soul. She is also so talented and creative. She attended Juilliard and has done so many amazing things. I can't wait to do my blog feature on her she really is such an amazing woman who is such an inspiration. 

Can't wait to wear these gorgeous boot cuffs with my fall and winter wardrobe. I will have a link at the bottom where you can purchase all these items. The shop is also linked in my prior post on Nita and in my favorite shops. I love the gray with plaid accent and red trim. Going to look great with all my gray fall fashion picks and of course plaids. 

Excited to wear these super stylish boot cuffs with many outfit this fall and winter also. Love the fringe and pearl accent buttons. 

I had a hard time deciding what color scarf to order, they are all gorgeous but wanted to get one I could wear a lot to be able to feature her designs as much as I could and this color is perfect. It's a blend of cream and gray then has her signature cuff with gray, black and a coral peach tone. The cuff can be removed and worn on your wrist or left on as an added accessory to this lovely infinity style scarf. 

I love how unique all the items are and that they are all handmade by Nita. She puts a lot of time, quality and love into all of her designs. If you think these are fabulous be sure to head over to my friend Pam's eBay store in the link below to see more of Nita's creations. She makes more then cuffs and scarves. She truly is so talented and I am excited to feature her coming soon to my blog.

 Hope you enjoy her fashionable pieces as much as I do. Xoxo 

A cute look I put together with my new dress from eBay and Walmart sweater. Inspired by Pinterest pins. More looks to come soon. 

You can find more details on the outfit inspiration below;

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