Saturday, October 3, 2015

General Hospital Fashion Scoop

General Hospital Fashion Finds

Everyone who has been a follower of my blog for some time knows I love to go over some of the latest fashions on same of the shows I watch on tv.  I love General Hospital, it is the only soap opera I have ever watched and I owe that to my grandmother and mom.  This week there were so many styles I loved but there were a few looks that stood out to me that I decided to go on the hunt for on my favorite fashion site shop style collective.  Below are some photos I grabbed off google image search of my favorite characters in the outfits then a shot of the outfit or what it was they were wearing with a link to where you can find it or something comparable.  I absolutely love Sam Morgan's style she has always been a favorite of mine, I also love Lulu's style, when they first re casted her character I wasn't loving the clothes but they have slowly gotten back to her style.

Samantha Morgan, General Hospital

Sam Morgan was wearing these fabulous high waisted tie sash trousers on an episode last week into this week.  You can find them below for $78.

Then her super cute floral dress when she accepted Patrick's Proposal is made by Rebecca Taylor

Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Ava is not one of my favorite characters but from time to time she does wear some cool trends.  I love this Coral draped top dress, with these Trina Turk earrings she wore to the meeting of the five families and to go to the hospital to let Sonny and Carly know she would be taking Avery.

Thursday and Friday Ava wore this sexy capped leave, white sheath dress with black trim and zip front.


Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

I have always loved Carly's style, she is one who dresses practical but classy all the time.  Whether wearing jeans and a classy top or a elegant dress she always looks on point.  This week I loved her blue ombre sweater with draped front.  Then she wore this gorgeous black sweater she had worn back in the spring and is sold out now, but still worth a mention because it is super cool.

Image result for maje miss open stitch sweater

Love this sweater Carly wore this week when having to hand over baby Avery, but it is sold out.  She wore it back in the spring also, so it has been out for a while now.  Will look for similar looks.

Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Maxie being the fashionista of the show always has some of the hottest trends for young ladies, earlier this week and the end of last week she wore this bright colored romper by Trina Turk with some gorgeous yellow Stella & Dot earrings.  Also check out the entire Trina Turk collection they have some cute pieces.  Also they have some not so summer shades also.

Lulu Spencer Falconeri

Free People Long Sleeve smocked tunic

This week Lulu had on a Free People white long sleeve, smocked tunic with a lace like detail on neck line, that caught my eye, other than that I didn't really see her wear much more.  Right now with Sonny in the hospital everyone is pretty low key.

That sums up the styles the stood out to my the passed couple of weeks, hasn't been a lot of fashion since Sonny is in the hospital and everyone is pretty much either home or there.  Will be sure to continue to try once a week or every other week to continue to do my General Hospital fashion finds since so many of my older readers and followers really love these.  I don't watch the Housewives shows anymore, I use to watch just to highlight the fashion for everyone but don't have the free time I use to and save it for shows that I really enjoy.  

Happy soap shopping xoxo


  1. I have been reading your blog for almost three years and I am so happy when you post general hospital or tv fashion stuff. Love these posts. I love your everyday fashion posts also, but I found your blog through soap and television posts. Love Ava's white and black dress, then that ombré sweater Carly wore is fab. Great post and hope you will continue to do a weekly post of GH fashion for us original blog readers.

  2. I have been a reader for 3 years and missed these posts so much. I was so happy to see you posted a fashion general hospital post. Can you please let me know about the leather jacket Sam is wearing this week and I love Nina's plaid button down on Mondays episode. I hope you will once a week or every other week do a quick post for us General Hopsital fashion fans. Also miss your housewife posts also, but I do enjoy your recent posts too. They are always fun and you really keep it real with photos of yourself in the clothes and I do enjoy your eBay items you discover. They are good saving money is always a good thing for sure. I can't wait for Sam to find out Jason is alive! Hoping it unfolds soon.