Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hot summer looks for less

Summer looks for Less..

     I have always loved to share bargains and deals with my readers. I know my favorite part of shopping is saving money. Who doesn't love to save money?  I love to save money on any items I can so I can splurge on others. I am always seeing cute pieces I love and have always made sure instead of ordering on impulse as soon as I find a cute style or look, instead to take the time to surf the web and look around for similar or same styles for less. My first spot I hit is always eBay. I have found some of the best deals ever on eBay. Usually the items are brand new but on occasion I have found lightly used items for way less than new. Usually 50-75% or more savings.

   I use to do a weekly post taking tv shows or soaps I watched then posting some of my favorite fashions from those shows and trying finding the same items or  something comparable for a everyday person like myself who doesn't have tons of money or unlimited budgets. I always like to call those fashion finds, designer deals, looks for less or style steals. You can find some old posts here on my blog. 

    This week I was looking to finish up my summer shopping with adding a few more cute graphic tops, tees or tanks for my upcoming trip to New Orleans and Texas, some cute boyfriend or destroyed denim shorts or cropped jeans, cute skirts and some peasant style dresses. I started my hunt on eBay and found several items I loved. Including a few peasant dresses from $5-18, was super excited to find a chicwish peasant style dress I have seen on other blogs this week for $30 in my size, I had tried to order direct because they had a great sale and their prices are usually awesome but they were sold out of my size. 

Photo from

    The above dress was $10 with shipping made by Forever 21. Can't wait to wear this on vacation. It is similar to the chicwish dress I ordered. Only difference is the style of the dress, this is more of a peasant style dress and the Chicwish dress was more of a babydoll cut dress.  I also found a cute cropped cardigan in blue that matches a lot of these white gauze style dresses with the blue stitching. The dress above stitching looks more navy blue than the porcelain blue I have seen on a lot of the embroidered pieces I have purchased but I have some navy cardigans I am sure lol. 

      I also have been eyeing a pretty kimono that was retailing for $27-35 on some online shops and found it on eBay for $4.99 can't wait to receive it, the colors are gorgeous and great for summer. This can be worn many ways, as a beach coverup, over tanks and tees or over a pretty summer dress. 

Photo from listing

Fashion Finds and Style Steals..

     We all know I love graphic tees and tanks, I occasionally will splurge and spend a little extra money on a cute tee if it's something unique and one of a kind but I always look around for the same designer on eBay discounted or a lot of times you can find the exact same tee or tank maybe the style is slightly different or the graphic is a little different but same idea for way less. 

                 Above photo is from           

    A great example is this cute white tank by Rebecca Minkoff that retails for over $50. I love beach saying graphic tanks and tee shirts for the summer, I broke down and bought this tank but returned it after receiving it because it was a little big and was having buyers remorse. I loved the saying and had to take a look online to see if a similar style was being sold online. Sure enough... 


I found the above tank on and on sale for $15 plus had a promo code to get free shipping and 10% off my first online purchase. Sure the style of the tank is different, the Rebecca tank was longer in length and more of a muscle cut tank, but the graphic is the same.  To me that was what attracted me to the tank to begin with, when shopping for fun summer graphic tees and tanks I wanted ones with cute beach sayings or quotes.  I will update once this items arrives or have a new post featuring all these items.  All I know is that by returning that one tank I was refunded over $60 with shipping and tax, with that money I was able to go from buying one tank to three tops, two Machine jean shorts, a pair of jeans, pencil skirts and some accessories.  To me that was way worth the savings and the tank hopefully will fit good, it has the same exact graphic so it should be a perfect replacement.  Stay tuned..

    I found several items on their site that are comparable to and the same as many items I had wanted for way less. 


I had seen this, "Go climb a cactus" tank on several sites for $20-30 and I paid $6.40 after sale price and discount. I also got the machine denim jean shorts in white and blue for $10 and $15 plus 10% off. I got a cute skirt (popular white and black skirt) and a stylish dress also. Once everything arrives next week I will be sure to post on my new Instagram fashion page I started @Cr8tiveFashionWanderlust. Be sure to follow for my daily ootd posts and finds. 


Tank photo from Ebay listing.

I found this awesome white muscle style tank for $10 on eBay. These have been retailing for $20-35 online in boutiques and shops. With eBay if you see an item I found that you are interested in purchasing yourself please comment below or message me on Instagram I will send you a link for the shop if it's an item they stock regularly, sometimes it's a one item bid and if I win it they don't have more, like the dress I won above, but this tank is something they stock in all sizes. 

I also have some other items I am bidding on now I will share later in the week, along with my Wetseal purchase, JCrew purchase and ordered several cute pieces from Forever 21 online because I had found a couple items in store but they didn't have my size. When this happens I just order online. I am done with summer shopping, once my final bids on eBay end and my items arrive, I think I said that before but this time I mean it. Got myself and my daughters a lot of super cute stuff for our vacation and the rest of the summer. I will be taking a break from shopping since my closet is bursting at the seams and won't be buying anymore new items till august for the fall and winter. 

I can't wait to share all the new cute items I ordered along with some cute pieces I am receiving from some of my favorite online shops, I have a few shops sending me pieces to review for my blog and post on my social media to share with my readers and followers. Excited because a couple are surprises I don't know for sure what they are sending and that is always exciting. I had shared a bohemian definition tee a couple weeks ago from Boho Circus and the lovely ladies contacted me when responding to a question I had sent them on etsy along with a photo of how I styled their tee and they informed me they would be sending me a tee or tank, I can't wait should arrive this week. Also met a lovely lady on etsy who makes her own tee shirts and has some amazing and super cute styles that is going to be sending me some new styles to share with all my readers as well. 

Thank you for passing by to check out my post. Please feel free if there is an item you love and you are looking for at a bargain price or deal to contact me. Either email me or send me a photo through Instagram dm or comment below leaving your contact info and I will do my best to find it for you. I don't mind helping, my best friend lives in NC and the other two are one in PA and the other in KY when ever they want to buy something they always send me photos and I search for deals for them. I have found $165 jeans for $30 on eBay like new and designer tops that retail for $60/80 online and found them for 20-30 on eBay also. Sometimes I find them new or lightly used and I also find similar looks for less, may not be the exact brand but you would never know if I didn't tell you. I am always happy to help. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and here is to happy bargain shopping and deal hunting. Xoxo ✌️❤️


  1. I almost ordered the expensive Sun of a beach tank. Follow a couple people on Instagram that have it and love it, came across your post on Instagram then your link brought me here. I was shocked, just got my tank now and paid under $15 with the discount. Thank you so much. Also got some shorts and two other tee shirts that I have seen similar styles for double the price. Will be checking your page and sending you photos for help. Thank you so much ��

  2. This is my new favorite blog I love it. You have great style and all your posts are awesome. Love all the photos details and reviews. I also love how you have these bargains amazing, thanks

  3. You got the looks that kill. Saw this same cactus tank on Instagram for more and posted by someone who seems to post almost everything you post. I follow a lot of fashion accounts on Instagram and think I have found someone who either copies you or just coincidentally has to post the same items within days or a week. Insane, you kill it though your tee shirt collection and everyday style is edgy and very on trend. Keep it up