Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fashion Fun

A few fashion fun photos I posted on Instagram today. One was a shot from last week I forgot to post and then my ootd for work along with my after work tank and shorts. Was super excited today that my boss took me to lunch before I had to cut out early because my oldest daughter only has to take one final because if you maintain a high Gpa and an A average in AP and honor classes you don't have to take the exam. She got a B one semester and had to take her AP English exam but now she is done for the year. Anyways, my boss took me to lunch at the awesome place on the water in Ft. Lauderdale today along with two of the other higher up stylists who trained me, we had a lovely lunch and then she brought out a bag filled with goodies for my going away present from her and the firm. It had a Madewell brown leather tote, brown zip around wallet with black trim.  key chain and then it had lots of little goodies, like some gift cards, makeup, earrings, a cute leather and silver cuff bracelet, a macrame belt and a really cool iPad cover. All the Madewell pieces are monogrammed with my initials in gold. Everyone that works at my company has a bag like this or a smaller style with their initials I think they give them to everyone at some point. The card chocked me up and was so cute. I really am blessed to have had this experience and to think I never even dreamed of working as a stylist or curator. I applied for a fun assistant job for a fashion editor for a small local magazine and that led to me meeting the peeps from my firm and eventually being approached to interview to fill a position they had open for awhile. I really feel grateful and it's crazy but it came so natural to me and everyone told me that they couldn't believe I never went to fashion school or had any training on fashion. I did take design courses and work in interior design and event planning but never fashion. It was a great learning and networking experience, I met some majorly inspiring people and some cool peeps. My dream is to one day own my own boutique and this really showed me a lot about the marketing, curating and selecting your items or products to carry, cataloging, online store curating, how important great product photos and styling are for customers. I really have new found confidence in my style and fashion sense. It's aweome to be able to express your own inner creativity and style through what you wear and how you wear it. Fun times and amazing memories. I really think I will be returning after the summer is over for more experience and opportunities. 

My present, was so excited to open and see my initials monogrammed and see the wallet, keychain and the card with more gifts from some of the managers. 

This is my first Madewell bag and I love it. It's so simple and classy, then the leather is soft like butter. Gorgeous. Means so much to me and so thankful. 

After work outfit was a tank from Pacsun clearance with some FashionJunkeedotcom distressed denim shorts, by Sneak Peek. 

Necklace is of course by Lacey Ryan. Always rocking my favorite Lacey Ryan pieces. 

O'Neill striped maxi dress. Photo do not do this amazing dress justice. It has a ruffle top with adjustable straps. Then it is slit all the way up the front and has a ruffle detail along the slit. I wear it with a tie belt. I am holding my Lilly for Target green beach bag in this photo, was showing it to my mom before work because she thought it had a starfish button and it has a gold pineapple like my Lilly sandals. 

My sandals are coral leather bows by Lauren Conrad for Kohl's and have had these for a few years. The jewelry is Lacey Ryan beaded bracelets and a statement gold necklace. 

Here I am wearing my favorite vintage style, bohemian, high waisted, embroidered waist, side slit, maxi skirt. It's a favorite of mine. For awhile been searching for the perfect crop top to pair with it. Tried lace, black, and now found this amazing burgundy which matches the embroidered design perfect. This tank has a crochet neckline and halter style cut. I found this gem at Pacsun also on sale. 

Paired it with a Lacey Ryan multi charm gold necklace with a gem stone droplet, arrowhead and bar. Then have on a cute elastic wrap bracelet with gold and burgundy accents. The bracelet I found at a local boutique a few years ago to wear to the renaissance festival with a outfit I had, a gypsy kind of outfit I wore to play part in the renaissance era. 

Hope you like my cute outfits and accesories. If I left out any details or if you ever see a photo posted here or on my Instagram that I don't mention the details on something please feel free to comment or message me, I will send you a link to the store if they have a online site. I purchase a lot items online and I am a huge eBay bargain shopper along with Etsy for handmade unique items. Enjoy your week. Today is my little one's last day of school, they have till Thursday but my oldest had her last day yesterday so my youngest went today for the summer birthday party and game day while I work. Excited that as of tomorrow we are officially on a break for two months! Yay. Enjoy all xoxo ✌️❤️


  1. That brown skirt is amazing! Where did you find it? I love boho style and long skirts must have. I haven't seen anything like that. Thank you and going to find your Instagram and follow.

    1. I found this skirt at goodwill for $1.50. Thank you for your comment and have a great weekend. Your comment means so much to me xoxo ✌️❤️

  2. Congrats on the amazing Madewell bag, I love mine. That's awesome you get to take the summer off to be with your kids. I want to do that. Love this blog found from following you on Instagram your style rocks and love all your style and bargain tips. Continue to post and sorry about the drama you have had to deal with, haters gonna hate but remember the best motivators are haters! Continue to kill it

    1. Ty I love my bag and yes lucky to have some of the summer off. I have already worked a few days with swim week here. I got offered a promotion and will be receiving to work sooner than I planned but couldn't turn down the offer. Thank you again for your comment and kind words warms my heart. Really means do much to me and happy you enjoy my blog. Xoxo ✌️❤️