Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer style

No one likes a shady beach, right? Love this graphic tee by a favorite of mine, Everfitte. You can find them on and Instagram @everfitte. I have a few tops by them, my Friday I'm in love tee and my Don't be like the rest of them darling tank, are also by Everfitte. I also have a mornings are for mimosas tee I haven't worn yet. They have a lot of cute designs and styles of tops, if you love graphic tees and tanks like I do for sure check them out. 

The Kimono which you can't see good in this shot is by Billabong and was a gift. A perk of being a stylist/curator. 

Old navy clearance shirt dress from last spring I wore the other day, forgot to post. 

Paired it with some pearls and beaded bracelets by Tory Burch and Lauren Conrad collections. 

This cute fringe white tank came from Forever21 and love how it really dresses up this maxi skirt and basic blue tank. 
The skirt was from Kohls and the tank Target. 

My necklaces: the longest one is a white gem stone with silver serpentine style chain by Lacey Ryan. The feather was a eBay score and I have the charm on a similar serpentine style necklace because I wear these two together often.  You can't see but also have on a rhinestone mom pendant which I purchased at Kohls sometime over the passed 2-3 years. I have not shopped at Kohls since last spring so anything from Kohls is older. 

My bracelet arm party stack this day was Alex and Ani feather bracelet, and the Buddha charm. The beads are all Lacey Ryan which you can follow on Instagram @laceyryaninc and the mama bracelet is a new shop I love @candycoutureshop on ig. 

My little one and I started a succulent bowl garden. I have lots of individual planted succulents around my house but we wanted a little garden. We shopped all over and then used a bowl I got with an arrangement back a few years ago that I saved, some charcoal for the bottom to keep it drained, succulent and cactus dirt, then rocks for decorative reasons. I purchased a small spray bottle to water these and it was so cute my little one wrote every other Wednesday on the calendar water our plants, lol. Love her. 

Enjoy your weekend and be sure to check out my IG feed for more photos and hope to be able to announce the new blog site soon. Working hard to really get something together that represents me and my style. Thank you to everyone who had supported me over the years and made my blog a success. I aooreciate the love and support XOXO 

Forgot to publish this post the other day, oops lol. Figured since I typed this last week and added some new outfits to my IG would share them now below 

Live for the weekend JCrew graohic tee with JCrew boyfriend jeans and eyelash fringe bottom tank style kimono. 

Lindsay Perry and billabong collab for Tilly's graohic tee with Fashion Junkee Kimono and Lacey Ryan feather necklace from Maurices. Charm necklace is from the Loft. 

Victoria Secret Pink semi annual sale tank for $7.99 also got some other tops and pineapple pajama shorts. Necklace again Lacey Ryan feather. 

Dress was from Tilly's clearance under $18 and the crochet vest was from a local shop $7.99 on sale. Necklace also from tillys and metallic tattoos were sent to me but can be found for $1 at walmart now. 

Thanks for passing and by sorry I forgot to publish this one lol. I was going to do something and forgot now what it was. 


  1. Where do I start, you have an awesome collection of tee shirts never seen so many cool and unique styles. Love the no one likes a shady beach tee in this post made me laugh. Then I love your other stylish outfit choices, whether wearing jeans and tee or a dress, bohemian inspired ensemble or skirts you look amazing and always so cute, very put together. I love all your bargain shopping tips and other cool articles, thank you for an awesome blog and lots of good reading material.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, yes I do have a large collection of tee shirts and I am so happy you enjoy all my photos of them along with my outfit ideas. I love to share my love of fashion hoping to inspire others the way many other bloggers have inspired me. I will say having this blog inspired me to apply for a job in the fashion industry and it has changed my life. I love my career and am so passionate about fashion, styling, curating, interior design and blogging. Thank you again and have a great weekend xoxo ✌️❤️

  2. Found you on Instagram back a month or so ago and have loved following you. Enjoy all your outfit posts and love your tee shirt collection. Think I know who you have referred to as the person who you have had issues with. Think I have followed her for a little while also on IG and connected it with posts you both make. Don't let someone else's immaturity get to you at all. It's obvious she is trying to compete if you follow both of you, from the hashtags and comments to just one day you wear a shirt like the one above with shady beach so she posts one about sun and the beach. Really? Then looked through both pages and see the similar pieces and went back/forth between both definitely feels like she is the one turning it into a competition. As well as copying. You don't even have to defend yourself. It's obvious. Keep doing what you love and forget about that. As grown women who has time for that?! Really. I support you, 100%. Enjoyed your blog and lol forward to more posts.

    1. Thank you so much, I am no longer discussing or talking about the person from social media. I let that get more attention then it ever deserved and this person just continued to provoke and lie. I am to old and just don't like that type of negativity or drama. I am a mom, wife and woman I don't play games or take part in gossip. I always felt a need to defend myself but if people want to believe this person let them. Moving on thank you for your words of encouragement and support means a lot. Glad you enjoy my blog and hope you continue to return. Have a great weekend xoxo ✌️❤️

  3. Wow you are the best with the shirts, I have been a jeans a tee shirt lover my entire life always looking for new tees and tanks. Since I found you on Instagram I have discovered so many amazing new stores for graphic tops. You are on point and your style is awesome. Thank you and for anyone reading she has all her ootd and tee of the day posts on IG so everyday there is a new cool tee or unique outfit with accessories plus she tags all the shops along with details on where to find and some of the items you wouldn't even believe the prices. My favorite fashion Instagram poster for sure. All my friends have noticed my new tees and how I am now dressing them up with kimonos and skirts instead of just wearing with jeans and sneakers. Even my boyfriend told me the other day how hot I looked and how put together I look lately. Thank you Melissa, you really have inspired me so much. I love your style and really in all honesty look forward to your outfit and tee posts everyday. I am always checking out your ig and showing my friends. Thank you and please keep sharing. Excited to see what's new for this week.

    1. Sorry responded below as a normal comment lol, thank you again and working on responding to everyone. So overjoyed with all the kind comments. Makes my day and makes my heart so happy. Thank you to everyone. Xoxo✌️❤️

  4. Thank you for reading my blog and commenting, I am so happy you enjoy my posts and photos. Thank you and yes I have a large collection of graohic tops from tees to tanks. I have been inspired by so many amazing bloggers and Instagram fashion posters that it has made my collection double over the passed several years. I really do appreciate you kind words and support. Hope you return often and will follow me on Ig. Have a great weekend xoxo ✌️❤️