Thursday, June 11, 2015

Boho chic, touch of glam, vintage, southwestern gypsy vibes... Wanderlust

Wow that title was a mouthful lol. When asked how to describe my master bedroom decor I have to use a lot of words lol because it's a mesh of lots of my favorite things. I love antique and vintage furniture, old Hollywood glam mirrored, silver, and tufted pieces, south western decor, candles, bohemian, gypsy style, with a touch of nature. 

I am obsessed with feathers and cattleskulls lately so I had to incorporate those into my design. I have been working on my master bedroom on and off since we bought our home just over eight years ago. This isn't our first home, it's the second we have purchased and we had many apartments and rental homes in between. I moved out at 17 and ever since then even earlier have loved decorating. I started young decorating my room and begging my mom to let me decorate the house but once I moved out it was on. I love revamping the house every six months and adding new paint, accents or pillows something to change it up a little and lately I am addicted to color. 

I use to play it safe because I did a lot if home staging and when staging a home to sell it is all about keeping things neutral so people can move in and not have to paint. A lot of the homes have beige walls with white trim and browns in the granite and wood. I had my own home this way right after we bought it and gutted it but after a few years one day I woke up feeling like it was so blah and dark. I wanted happy colors something that made me smile or when people came over they were like Wow! I got it down I think lol. 

Master bedroom for some reason has always been the last room and only room I don't finish right away because people don't really see it, they see the rest of my house but who really goes into my bedroom?! No one really but how I am going to take you into my bedroom. 

It isn't done yet but I am almost there, still have to paint the trim and baseboards, doors, crown molding and the dressing area, have hubby hang some light fixtures or should I say chandeliers because I got a crystal one for the dressing area and a flush mount drum style shade with crystals for my closet, still searching for the perfect rug, a new talk chest and bigger side tables but it's the closest to being done it ever has been. 

I have decided to go with the style being 

Wanderlust: because I am free spirit, bohemain, gypsy soul at heart. I love to travel, be spontaneous, go to vintage stores, garage sales and thrift shops, collect weird and eccentric things and play 70's vintage rock and hippie music on vinyl while sipping wine and maybe every now and then while enjoying a clove. I was raised by a mom who wore bell bottoms and dressed a little on the Stevie Nicks side with long hair passed her waist and skirts to the floor with cropped tops and fringe. I use to play dress up in her closet and I swear we had the same 1970's bad plaid sofa till I was 16 with the tv in the large wood box and stereo the same with records always playing. My mom loved the lady singers of the 70's with Fleetwood mac, Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Tyler, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, but my dad loved the Cars, ZZ Top, the Eagles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, basically all classic rock. Then I had a brother ten years older, my aunts and uncle weren't all that much older themselves maybe 15-18 years, so they were always around also and influenced my taste a lot also. 

It all started with my vintage French dressers I found on craigslist which I have to snap a photo of and a dream for the perfect wingback, upholstered, tufted bed with nail head trim. My hubby got me this amazing dream bed from ZGalleries. I lusted for large mirrored side tables but didn't have the budget so settled for these embossed metal with mirrored front and sides tables. They have a Bombay look and both are a little different. They cost $79.99 so the price was right and they had the mirrored look. 

For me bedding is luxurious, I love down comforters and I love white bedding. Think luxury hotel bedding. I found this set on clearance at ZGalleries and matched the euro shams I had in gray and white stripes from Pottery Barn. Took me awhile to find two King shams but scored them finally from Virginia and ZGalleries shipped them to my home. I own a lot of this pattern and style have a rug in my dining room, placemats, napkins and curtains but my curtains are almost black. I also have all white sheets and one set of gray. Target has great bedding, I found the shag rug and two of my duvet and shams at Target. The painting over the bed, side tables, lamps, and some accesories are from Homegoods, the bed, duvet, shams, curtains and sconces are from Z Galleries, the Mr & Mrs pillow I got from Marshall's, the striped white and pink were from Macy's or bed bath and beyond and are by Ralph Lauren. The gray candles are battery operated and from hobby lobby. 

Here you can see my curtains scored a set of feather curtain tie backs from Urban outfitters and painted silver. The candle holder is 16 years old and got it from Bed Bath and beyond in our third apartment while I was pregnant. I use a lot of battery operated and remote control candles unless they are scented then I love BBW candles, Yankee candles and my favorite Body Shop Satsuma oil. Love it. 

This show my shams from target that match another duvet that is white with gray Greek key trim. The pintuck duvet is also from target. I enjoy mixing and matching bedding I am not a matchy person. Never have been. Don't like sets that match like vintage mixed with newer pieces. 

Another picture but with the pintuck duvet and shams from Target. Like a splash of color but also love a crisp white bed, feels so classy. 

My kirklands mirrors with my white faux taxidermy deer heads I got the faux rose to add to my deer on my side of the bed. I had to get two once I decided to add to the mirror to balance out both sides. 

This I just tried to see how it looked and loved it than my hubby and everyone who saw it told me great idea so it stuck then ordered a second one. Love them. The quality is amazing I saw the hobby lobby ones and these are made a lot better with more detail. Love them. 

My cattle skull, tribal arrow, feathers, dream catcher and etsy finds. This is a little art wall still working on the layout and design but for now this is how I have it. I keep changing it and moving things I have OCD and doesn't feel right yet but soon it will. 

My bathroom got a fresh coat of Jamaican Aqua by Benjamin Moore paint then had all the other items either painted, moved or changed a little but recycled all items to make bathroom match the bedroom a little but has a zen Asian decor. With some Moroccan flair. 

Thanks for passing by and hope you enjoyed my wanderlust decor. 



  1. CarolynbonucattiflJune 12, 2015 at 7:09 PM

    Love the room and the blog

    1. Thank you Carol I am over the moon my shot I posted on iG got over 500 likes as of right now. Along with having singer, song writer, surfer and designer for billabong, Lindsay Perry liking, commenting on my photos and following me made my night. I almost have 1k followers all on my own no follow apps or nothing just posting and tagging. It really makes me so happy to see others like my photos and styles. I am so humbled and honored. This is why I won't ever let anyone make me delete my account or go private. Things are going really good for me all around right now. Now if my health can balance out and my treatments work I will be so over joyed. Bless you and Ty for all your love and support all around. Xoxo you rock ✌️🙌

  2. Stunning bedroom and decor, love how everything comes together. Reminds me of a urban outfitters or free people back drop for the models. Amazing. Totally inspired

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and kind words. I am so happy you like my bedroom decor and can't wait to share more photos when I finish it next week. Waiting on our new mattress and hunting everywhere for a new tall vintage chest to paint. Huge compliment and hope you return again. Have a wonderful weekend xoxo ✌️❤️