Sunday, June 28, 2015

New goodies and a couple of my latest looks

      Hello there, I wanted to pass by quickly to share a couple of my new items I received this week in the mail and a few of my latest looks from my Instagram fashion account. If you haven't started following my newest account you can find it @Cr8tiveFashionWanderlust. I will be sharing all my
fashion and decor pics on that page from now on. That way it's easier and you don't have to see all my personal and nature photos.

     This week I received many items, I shared earlier in the week my new top and graphic tees, and some gorgeous jewelry from the talented Adam Rabbit Jewelry  on Etsy. I am so in love with my raw Citrine stone necklace.  It has such a great energy to it and looks amazing.

    Since those items arrived I also received some other lovely items, I have been working with a lady for many years, started out she had a boutique right by my house in the publix shopping center. One day I decided to stop in to check out the new boutique and we got to talking, she had just opened and wanted to decorate the shop with a more glamourous feel. At the time I had my own event planning business and was taking interior design, and home staging jobs whenever the opportunity arouse. After chatting and telling her my ideas for the space she asked me to help and after several weeks we transformed a plain white shop into a glamourous space with our exact vision coming to life. I also helped her plan a grand reopening after the remodel, and several other ladies shopping nights. I would set up a table with decorations, candy and handmade desserts and we would have networking events with ladies who had businesses of their own or sold items like Partylite and pampered chef, along with nights for regular customers that shopped at the boutique. Years later you fast forward and she has since closed that boutique and has her original shop she opened with her best friend from college in Delray Beach, a shop she opened before the one I helped with in Weston and her newest adventure in my aree,  out west in Pines. I have helped with decor and buying, then since I started working as a stylist and curator she was my first client I got on my own for my firm.  I helped her set up and curate a online website for her shops with a mix of styles and brands she carries at all her boutiques. She never had a online site and has been excited to launch this site. We are still working out the kinks and currently restocking a lot of the items that sold out within a week of the launch. She is actually looking for a warehouse space now because she was selling items solely from her shops, but is seeing now that there is a larger demand online. She has decided that setting up a warehouse is the best solution for this.

    Now that I have caught you up on my connection to this amazing client and friend, that way you understand why she sends me samples and free goodies. I am blessed she sends me items all the time as a thank you for my help whether with decorating, styling, curating or helping with shopping or selecting styles for the stores. She sent me several lovely pieces from some high end surf and sun lines, with maxi dresses, sundresses, kimonos, sandals and bags. This week I received many tee shirts and tanks. I am always super thankful and grateful when someone sends me items or samples for my blog or Instagram. It can be expensive being a fashion blogger, trying to keep up with the latest trends and keep new styles coming in so you aren't posting the same old styles over and over again. Honestly I couldn't be more thankful for all the amazing ladies, companies and shops that have sent me items. Every item means so much to me, I haven't been sent an item yet I don't love and wear often. I always try my best to make sure to wear everything and post them all. If you have sent me an item recently and haven't seen it yet no worries,  I am leaving for a two week vacation next week and my entire suitcase is filled with lots of new styles I am saving for my trip. I can't wait to share with everyone. 


I received this lovely O'Neill tank from Mandy along with three graphic tanks from O'Neill and billabong. I paired it with a lace crochet style, lined shark bite style white skirt, this short sleeve, crochet back, flowing front white cardigan and gold feather lariat style necklace by Lacey Ryan (a favorite of mine) are all from The crystal necklace is from Tilly's. They always have their bogo sale on accessories. I got this gorgeous piece for $3. 


The hand chain is a spine gold hand chain bracelet by Lacey Ryan and paired it with some random gold bangles I own and my Alex and Ani Love bangle. Wearing my white Mia sandals also sent to me awhile back by Mandy. 


Above is one of the three graphic tees she sent me. One is black and has a eye, triangle, crescent moon like dream catcher, with feathers by Billabong, and a white tank by O'Neill with different style and color feathers, she knows my love for all things with feathers and moons. Then she sent me the floral tank all the way at the top and this cute tank by O'Neill with Wanderer on it. I paired it with a black cami tank, JCrew boyfriend destroyed denim jeans, and the billabong kimono she sent me with the dresses awhile back. Love every single piece she has sent me. They are all perfect for my style and look. The dream catcher bronze necklace is from Tilly's for $3.50. (Bogo deal retails for 6-7.90 when buying one), I always get two to save. 


I received this lovely Wanderlust definition tee in the mail and then purchased this beaded bracelet set by Lacey Ryan to add to my collection, from Love the metallic colors, with turquoise and orange then the tassel bracelet is my favorite. I love how all her pieces can be mixed and matched, stacked and combined to make unique looks every time. I am so happy I found out about Maurices online, we don't have a shop near by but I have gotten so many cute items from their site. Just got a cute anchor and a cherry romper can't wait to receive along with some other cute items I will be sharing soon. 


The visionary shirt and antique gold Turkish coin style, turquoise necklace are favorites of mine. I love a cool graphic tee and always love new necklaces or bracelets to dress up my tees and tanks. Love tribal designs and styles. Just found a cute indian headpiece necklace at wetseal for $3.50 on sale can't wait to wear it. Have a silver ring I discovered at 

     Off to get ready for my Sunday, we got a brand new mattress this weekend. Something we have been wanting for some time. We ruined our mattress when we got my new bed not using the proper support but since purchased low profile, bunkie style board mattress support and then we really could feel how damaged our bed was, we got this hybrid iselect honoree serta super plush pillow top bed with memory foam, cooling gel and more on clearance from $2199.99 for 1000 was awesome. Slept amazing last night not to mention our new foam and gel pillows that are amazing. First morning I didn't wake up in severe pain in my hip, lower back and shoulder. Spent the am just laying here in bed since my hubby went with my oldest daughter to the gun show. Figured it was the perfect time to catch up on my blog posts. Can't wait to be start changing things up on my new laptop later this week. 

    Till then sorry for any typos I will go back over later this evening to proof read both posts from today and some previous ones. I have noticed even when I go back and correct things it will still change them back, think it is my phones auto correct it has a mind of it's own lol. (Actually got my new MacBook yesterday 6/29 and am going through now to edit and add links that you can just click on and be directed to the website).  You will be noticing a difference in my blog now.  Super excited to be able to type my posts on a computer now and not on my small iPhone, but I think I have done good for six or eight months keeping the blog up with only using my iPad and iPhone.  Thank you to everyone for baring with me and sorry for the issues with my typos.  it was really my phone the auto correct has a mind of it's own, I would come on to proof read and correct any typos, then after retyping a post I would hit save then read it over only to find the same or even worse, sometimes more typos.  Lol.  It isn't easy and I read many blogs, no one is perfect and haven't read one yet that doesn't have one or two.  I always say I have never claimed to be a writer, just a regular woman who loves fashion, bargain shopping and sharing my love for creating.  

Enjoy your Sunday and can't wait only a week and four days till we leave on vacation. Yay.  
Xoxo ✌️❤️


  1. Lucky lady love your blog

  2. You have some killer looks, like the Mötley Crüe song you have the looks that kill. Awesome and your blog is my new fave wishi had Instagram may sign up just to follow you. Have a great week ❤️