Monday, June 22, 2015

Waking on sunshine, dancing in the rain. Happy me...

Hello and happy Monday, it's actually Tuesday here but when I started this post it was still Monday lol. I had a few minutes now that everyone fell asleep to come back and update my post with some details. I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and had a good time celebrating Father's Day. That is a good day, love seeing my hubby celebrate because he is an amazing dad, but a rough day because I lost my dad and miss him dearly. 

I am in a excellent mood so going to stay off sad or negative subjects for now, trying to keep this amazing mood I am in going. It all started last week on Thursday, I just woke up with a great sense of relief and happiness washed over me. Like a weight was lifted off me. It's an amazing feeling. I have been battling my health along with some other petty little stressors but I have been praying for guidance and really working on my positive thinking. Woke up feeling amazing and nothing is breaking it. I have had things attempt to interfere but honestly I can say I have really reached a point in my life where I see how precious my life is and how short it can be, I don't have the time or energy to be anything else other than happy. I just feel amazing. If I could tell you my secret or bottle it up and sell it I would trust me because it's really the best feeling. It's like walking on sunshine and dancing in the rain. I am singing and humming all day, even been told I am glowing. Things really are no kidding, fantastic. We leave in two weeks and two days for an amazing vacation, getting a new mattress, wrapping up my medical stuff soon, and everyone is healthy, and best of all we are together with school out for the summer. Being with my girls just makes me happy. 

Enough of my happy babble onto the details and outfit posts. Enjoy. 

Monday girl apparel custom tee from Love it! Perfection and it's just a little funny graphic tee I am not a narcissist. Lol. Just thought it was cute with some of the BS I have had to deal with. I don't believe that people are copying me, I believe you can inspire others when you share posts of clothing and design, or pin projects on Pinterest. Am I wrong or is that what sites like that and even my blog are for? Inspiration and to inspire. Wow imagine that concept. I can't imagine what it's like to go around thinking everyone wants to be me, sounds crazy when you even say it out loud, lol. Now when you have those types who think life is a game or competition, or the movie Mean girls (lmao) then sure they will copy others because they are trying so hard to be cool and be on point but in normal every day life when you are talking about regular people no it isn't like that lol. As you can see I am feeling a bit giddy and silly but have really been in a great mood. 

Loft chambray tank dress, got on sale a few weeks ago. Love this dress it's so light weight and soft. Perfect denim summer dress. Paired it will a white, crochet and fringe detail vest, my denim lucky brand ballet flats I scored on clearance at Marshall's, then finished off with my LV Speedy bag. 

Accessories are a blue agate necklace with gold trim necklace, a long double layer necklace from buckle with a crescent silver moon, then a arrowhead and rock with crystals, love this necklace (better shot above of the longer necklace) and get tons of compliments on it and was inexpensive. My bracelets are mostly Lacey Ryan and Lokai. 

Dress above is from Forever21 and has lace up sides with tassel ends. Love this dress and looking for a white one with the blue embroidering. Obsessed with light weight linen and gauze fabrics that have embroidered details. Got a few pieces from forever 21 then a pair of white with black then yellow with white shorts from JCrew Factory. Love love the material and the embroidered or stitched accents. 

As you can see like I mentioned above loving the gauze light weight material tops and bottoms with the embroidered or stitched details. Got the kimono then this amazing batwing style black top that has a deep v in front and back with tie back from Forever21 this was a different visit then when I got the dress above. I got the dress from my local mall the other pieces I found at the outlet mall here, sawgrass mills. It's huge and the forever 21 is no joke I barely scratched the surface in the hour I was there, the store is that big. The selection is amazing. I also got some gifts for my aunt and more items for myself. I was there shopping for Father's Day which I succeeded and got lots of goodies for my hubby. 

The shorts are from the JCrew Factory and also scooped up a yellow pair with white trim, yellow looks great with my skin tone as long as it's not with my hair lol. I like yellow bottoms, or a sundress with thin straps. Can't wear a full yellow tee with a lot of yellow around my hair then it washes me out. The shorts are amazing they run large but I like a loose fit in this style since they are on the shorter side. These shorts have a thin lining inside so they are not see through. Love. 

Here I paired them with my forever 21 deep v, batwing black top and it has a crochet panel on front you can't really see here, I didn't notice till we left the house and luckily I had a black genie bra that looks like a sports bra but the top is see through down this crochet panel lol. The star and moon necklace was $4 at Tillys on clearance. Love sun moon and star stuff was a original favorite in my youth had my bedroom and bathroom decorated with the celestial theme. 

Got this cute graphic tank from Target. The vest is off eBay won it for $20 with shipping which was a deal seen them priced over $30. Has a similar print to my three quarter sleeve babydoll style tunic dresses I got the end of winter. Mixed with the crochet and fringe dress or vest I have style. Love it. 

JCrew destroyed boyfriend jeans rolled up for cropped look, gold gladiator sandals or more a rose gold color, jewlery is all Lacey Ryan except maybe a couple of the bracelets which could be Lokai and one of my candy couture bangles.

My metallic dream catcher temporary tattoo is still going, been over a week. These really last awhile and I have accidentally scrubbed it forgetting I have it on in the shower. Had to remove a few with rubbing alcohol and some serious scrubbing lol. They last. My bracelets are a multiple band Juicy couture charm bracelet with butterflies, flowers and the logo juicy heart with a gold bar on back to hold them all together with a heart and juicy couture stamped in black. The other two were a gift from a friend, one is rose gold the other yellow gold and diamond cut for a bling look.

Pineapple, happy hour graphic tank from tillys clearance, under is a black tube top from Walmart $3 and paired with Buckle brand black label boyfriend shorts in a distressed look. Rolled these up cause they are pretty loose fit and long. 

Necklace is Old navy gold pineapple and my juicy bracelet from above with the dream and love accent band bracelets. Shoes are the Lilly from Target pineapples. The pieces shown other then the bracelets and shoes were sale items, pineapple tank $7, black tube top $3 (reg price) and buckle shorts $29 sale. Under $40. Love it I am a bargain shopper at heart.

Another stack this time showing off the new WWF camo Lokai I added to the collection. That metallic tattoo still going lol. Will be off this week got plans for a feather collage on my hand and wrist. Have a ton of these lol. 

Today got some goodies, been very blessed lately to have a few different shops contact me and designers offering to send me items for free to just post and share here. I have some great items I will be featuring along with some coupon codes to share also. I ordered this tank but got lucky and asked the shop owner on her IG page if there was any promo codes and she connected me to a blog that had posted about her site and there was a code. Love to save. I saw this tank and had to order. Love the message. All about good vibes and evergy. It's by the Light Blonde on IG and it's so soft. Paired it with a cream knit vest from Maurices, True Religion diy distressed shorts, Adam Rabbit citrine raw stone necklace she sent me, on a long silver chain. Super kind shop owner and amazing customer service. The hand made pieces are all stunning, unique and one of a kind pieces. You will be beyond happy if you love these style pieces. I want one of every piece she makes. Next up I hope to order an agate slice bracelet and a opalite necklace. Got my infamous blinged out feather necklace and then my lokai stack from above. 

Thank you for passing by and will have lots of new items to share later this week along with updating my favorite shops with new links and sharing new shops I have discovered. 

Here's to a great week and good vibes to all. Xoxo ✌️❤️


  1. Those JCrew shorts and Forever 21 top amazing! Love the we rise by lifting others tank also. Super cute styles. Love your blog and your style. Very edgy and cool. Thank you for sharing will be sure to check out your ig page couldn't find it when I looked maybe I have the user name wrong. Can we be new friends so I can borrow some of your shirts? Lol. Amazing tee shirts and tanks.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and kind words. Means so much to me and I am so happy you enjoy my blog and tee shirts. Have a great weekend and hope you return soon xoxo ✌️❤️

  2. You have a stylish and awesome blog. You have the most amazing photos of tee shirts and tanks I have ever seen on any blog. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Awe, thank you so much for the kind compliments. It means so much to me you enjoy my blog. This is something I started for fun and I really enjoy reading everyone's kind compliments and suggestions. Means more to me than any of you will ever know. Thanks again and hope you return again. Xoxo ✌️❤️

  3. SusannaTrivolliWYJune 25, 2015 at 8:16 PM

    That tank top with "We rise by lifting others" is amazing, going to check the site now. It's on Instagram? Thank you for always sharing your cute tops love tee shirts and you have some of the cutest ones I have seen. Inspiring bless you xoxo

    1. It is an awesome tank for sure, thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave me comment. Your kind words mean so much to me. I enjoy sharing with everyone and glad you enjoy. Xoxo ✌️❤️