Sunday, May 31, 2015

A little bohemian, gypsy ViBiN & choosing to Stay Free.

Hey there all, hope y'all had a wonderful weekend, super excited because this is the last week of school for my girls! Yay! Summer officially starts for me on Friday. My oldest only has to take one final because she maintained a A average in all her other classes all four semesters so she can skip the final, wish they did that when I was a teen. She really only had to go Monday, and they get out as soon as the testing is over but she wants to go Thursday which is the last day for them both. It's a half day and usually I don't take them unless they want to go but this year they both wanna go so going to let them have that last fun day with their friends before school is out for summer! Wahoo 👏👏

Makes me so happy lol, love spending that quality time along with getting to sleep in. Right now I wake up at 5:30 am every day with my oldest and then take her to the bus around 6:15 then my youngest doesn't have to wake up till 7:15 and we leave the house around 8:15-8:20 because she doesn't start till 8:45 am. my oldest starts at 7 am:(. It's a downer but luckily she started taking the bus so I wake up and get her up, make her breakfast and lay down, then she gets me when she is ready for me to drop her at the bus, which being over protective, didn't even let her take the bus till this year and only because their schedules are off and it was too much rushing with my little one and she was exhausted those first few weeks we did it, I wait till the bus comes and then head back home to crawl back into my bed till the next alarm lol. I love to sleep. I am a night owl always have been.

This week is my last day of work and I am taking the summer off to be with the kids and work on my new blog along with my business and some other things I have in the works. Super excited. I met an amazing lady a month and a half ago that owns a boutique down in Ft. Lauderdale, we did a shoot for her new website and online boutique, and I got to style with another one of our stylists on the team. She loved my dress and jewelry, then asked me about my blog and if I had social media. Two days later I got a call at the office and she asked me my sizes and address, I got a package yesterday and she sent me four amazing maxi dresses from O'Neill, a cute Billabong kimono, some sandals and a Madden fringe brown leather bag. I was so excited and couldn't believe how kind and thoughtful the package was. The note read, follow your dreams and always be yourself. Enjoy these lovely dresses that while picking out I could picture you wearing and excited to see how you style them. Also wanted to send you some cute sandals to show off those gorgeous toes and tattoos along with a cute fringe bag since you mentioned when I complimented your black fringe bag you didn't have a dark brown one and had been meaning to get one. I know you loved this bag at the shoot and it really suits your style. Bless you and continue to style with your own unique sense of fashion. Yours truly, Nicole. How sweet is that?! I can't believe how kind some people really are. It just goes to show for every mean person, who will hate on you, lie about you and try to make you look bad to others to make themselves feel and look better, there is ten kind people. I have been so fortunate to meet so many amazing kind people through my job styling and curating, then the fashion editor's assistant position I started with, that lead to this gig now. I will miss my amazing team, boss, photographers, models, designers and boutique owners I have met, or worked with. Was a hard choice to leave since I never dreamed of finding such an amazing job but I was so happy when my boss told me that I would be welcomed back with open arms in the fall if I promised while I am in town and not away for our summer road trip to answer when she calls, and occasionally come in to help when they are short handed. She doesn't plan to hire a replacement for me and said as long as I help when they are busy she will take me back but if she ends up having to hire someone to take my place then I won't be able to. It's kind of good because summer isn't as busy, we already did so many marketing, catalog layouts, online shop curating and updates for summer along with shoots of summer lines for designers that use out company but I was told that starting the end of July into almost October it's insanity with new lines for back to school, fall and holidays. I can't wait, and I also can't wait to get to attend fashion shows this year with my co workers in Miami, Atlanta, and New York along with going to a huge fashion trade show in Orlando, Miami and Las Vegas! Sounds so exciting. It was bitter sweet because I had just gotten my credentials id, head shot and bio on the company website and my business cards. In all actuality I will only be gone for the month of June and three weeks of July. I have a scheduled marketing piece to style the end of July scheduled and curating for a local shop's online boutique and mail order mini look book, catalog. I still haven't decided which part I enjoy more, styling or curating. They are similar for sure but not, curating I actually get to help pick the pieces that they will carry and sell or stock online or have as their main pieces. It's fun because I love putting together pieces that can all be worn together, mixed and matched or layered, it's awesome. Styling is very fun and such a high energy job. Picking the pieces is always fun, we usually have a list of designers or boutiques that loan the pieces and then I get to go with one of the lead stylists to pull clothes for a shoot, the sales reps are always so helpful pulling the newest and hottest selling items, then we get to style the day of the shoot from head to toe with accesories. I even get as deep as picking up extra props and pieces to be used for the shoot. I have OCD and love photography so I enjoy helping with this and it's one of my bosses favorite things about me, that I am into every detail. 

Enough about work, Tuesday is my last day for now and sad to go but excited to start my summer vacation with my girls. Family is always first for me, before career, before hobbies and before anything. My children are the greatest blessing ever and every moment we can spend together is so special and impotent to me. Especially with my oldest about to turn 16 and entering her second year of highschool, before long she will be off to college and I won't get to spend the time with her that I need to enjoy now. 

Below are a few outfits from my Instagram feed for the week along with some bohemian, gypsy inspired ensembles I threw together. I will have more photos this week along with a GH fashion post. Had a few people email about some outfits from the soap, because I use to post on General Hospital often, also for those Real Housewife fans, I will do my best to keep up with what I like from the new OC series starting this week. It's one of my faves of the series and usually has some hot trends I love. A lot of peeps were asking me about a outfit that Maxie from GH wore a few weeks ago while talking to Lulu about Spinelli, it was a white cropped pair of pants with a basic white tank and gorgeous flowing kimono with purple and green floral print. I own that Kimono had ordered from Dillard's on clearance right around Easter for our summer family photos. We are doing a white theme on the beach for our family pics and wanted to wear something cute with a little splash of color. It's by BCBGeneration and you can find it in store by Dillard's in some areas it is however sold out online. Revolve had it also but checked today and it's also sold out these. You can also try Bloomingdales because they had it online as well so some of the store may still have it. 

Have a great week and will try to get a post together tomorrow to answer the emails or comments left on previous GH posts. Xoxo

First up is a brand my girlfriend found on Instagram, she started a page for promoting kindness and anti-bullying on IG. She is married to a pastor and has six kids. Her oldest daughter is 13 and was bullied last year when she attended public school for the first time, kids were making fun of her publicly online and one of her class mates showed her which lead to her becoming very depressed. Her mom had no idea at the time what was going on until a girl she had grown close with at their church whom was a few years older had gotten her to open up and then she warned my friend because it had gotten really bad. When my girlfriend called me and told me about what these kids were saying I couldn't even imagine. It was all lies because none of these kids knew her, she was new to the town and school. Prior to that she had always gone to Christian school because the churches her hubby had worked with always had a school or she was taught at home through a Christian based home schooling group. They don't have a ton of money and because he is still in the early stages of working as a pastor they have traveled all over working the ministry, and he has been to several different churches filling in for pastors on medical leaves or when they would suddenly leave he would fill in. Anyways, these kids made up viscous lies about her, all of which had no truth at all to them and then made fun of her hand me down clothing and how she had to dress so conservative compared to most kids her age. She had never attended a school that didn't require them to wear a uniform and they didn't have money to buy her high end fancy clothing. It was so sad. I actually sent her a bunch of my older daughter's old clothes because she had a major growth spurt and now wears the same size as me and this girl was so excited. She called me crying and thanking me over and over. She never had owned a brand name pair of anything and I had sent VS Pink, tees and sweats, lucky brand, American eagle miss me and true religion jeans or shorts, tons of cute graphic tees and even a bunch of cute sandals, Toms, Vans and Converse. We also sent her a few different makeup and jewelry pieces along with my daughter's old black velour Juicy purse and a backpack she had from Tillys she didn't use. For my friend Katie's daughter this was like getting a new wardrobe. My girlfriend told me it made her so happy. My friend doesn't allow her daughter to wear anything that shows her shoulders, or is more then an inch above the knee, she is very strict and with them being involved in the church they also feel it's best that their children set an example to others. I am strict some what but I allow my daughter to wear skirts, sundresses, tanks and she cheers so I have grown accustom to the short soffee shirts they wear but I don't allow her to buy her denim shorts super short but I won't lie she has some really short shorts lol, but I wore them at her age and I am okay lol. To each their own. I totally respect my friend and her kids are amazing. We grew up together and both only attended Christian school out entire lives also, my grandfather was a minister and later a deacon of the church my grandma was the church choir and women's bible study leader, so I know all about growing up with some strict rules but when I was 15 almost 16 I got my first job and started buying my own clothes. I always wore a uniform and I think that's why I became such a fashion lover because until I was working and buying my own clothes I didn't have much. So, my point was lol, sorry I ramble but wanted to tell that story because her page is awesome and she has a hotline along with a local website in her town for kids being bullied and social media harassment. Her Instagram page is @bekindtruebeyou check it out. 

She had sent my friend Jen a photo of this companies tees along with the link for their IG which is @staywearclothing. My girlfriend Jen told me because she knows I love graphic tees and tanks especially with a good message or motto. They had their tanks all on sale for $10 so even though I am really not spending money righ now on anything new because I am stocked for summer I had to order. I like to support small newer businesses and rock a cool new tank or tee. I wanted the stay true but they didn't have the tank only the tee, but with all I have been though with my own social media bullying and harassment, I liked Stay Free, because no matter what someone says or thinks I am just being me. I am going to stay free and do what I love! Always. Remember that, stay true, stay you, stay kind and stay free. Where do you stay? Make sure to check them out on IG and the link to their shop is on their profile. 

Love the logo and it's a comfy tank. I suggest if you don't want it super tight ordering a size up. I am wearing a XL. 

Gypsy, definition tee, paired with my forever 21 black leather cord necklace with multiple charms, super cute elephant green and black kimono from EBay, then my aweome Ecote army green, side pocket and slit maxi skirt from Urban Outfitters. I love this skirt so much I have it in black too. 

Lacey Ryan beaded bracelets, mixed with some Alex and Ani bangles. 

Had my medical procedure this day and wore loft jeans, and tank along with this cute crochet and fringe white tank I got at a local shop on sale. 

My Aloha graphic tee. Love it 

Another shot of this cute Aloha tee I was sent, also got two more I will post soon. 

Volunteer at the school outfit. 

Cute Lucky Brand denim shoes. Got these at Marshall's on clearance. 

My tattoo is healing amazing. 

Work outfit a maxi dress from eBay, with a lace duster that was from Pacsun, clearance, Lacey Ryan necklace, bangle bracelets, and a statement necklace from online. For more details leave a comment and I can post a link. 

Buffalo tee from the Wooden arrow shop on etsy, check out the shop they have some aweome handmade goodies and cool unique finds. 

JCrew ripped jeans, silver tassel necklace from Bealls, Dream Catcher necklace from North Carolina. 

Quick selfie from outback, foggy not sure from humidity or sun. 

Arm candy, Lacey Ryan beaded bracelets and hand chain bracelet, feather handmade ring, Alex and Ani feather bracelet. Love a arm party. 

One of my new O'Neill maxi dresses love the tie dye colors of this dress. The white knit cardigan has a crochet back and is from Maurices online. Purse is by Coach and is white patent leather tote style. I have had this bag for seven or eight years. 

Paired it with the cute white sandals that came with the dress and are by Mia. They are white braided leather and strappy. Love them. Sorry didn't get a great shot of the shoes lol. 

Jewelry today was a love necklace by Lauren Conrad from Kohl's, a blinged out feather from eBay, and then a lariat y style, silver, crystal drop necklace by Lacey Ryan. Love Lacey Ryan jewlery every piece is so stylish, unique and they all can be worn together, mixed and matched or stacked. Love that. Check out @laceyryaninc on IG and she has a link on her profile to her store, then you can find her collab with Maurices at their online store. 

Bohemian vibes all the way with this Spell Byron kimono, it has feathers and a cattle skull on the back. This is my favorite kimono along with my longer black floral Spell Byron Kimono. The quality is amazing and you can find this one sale now on their website for 109. I scored it off eBay new for $65 with shipping. 

I wore it with a basic tank from old navy in a brown shade, and a long lace maxi skirt from Target. Love this skirt is a mermaid style skirt, tight form fitted down to the knee then flares out. Gorgeous. Has a lining to right above the knee and is sheer lace below. 

My jewelry is a Turkish coin, bib style necklace I scored and have posted several times, was under $10 along with the matching bracelet under $5. The long white stone necklace is by Lacey Ryan and is on a thick serpent style silver necklace. Gorgeous. Then I have a coin necklace that can be worn as a belt, arm chain and led chain also. Found this at the flea market by my house. Comes with a detachable long chain and a extra clasp. Love that it can be worn several ways. Will be sure to post photos of the different ways it can be worn, here I had it as a belt but decided to wear it as a necklace so the chain didn't snag the delicate lace material of the skirt. 

Up close shot of my hand, wearing the eBay Turkish boho bracelet for $5 then a basic silver hand chain bracelet, handmade artisan feather ring I got at Rockville in Jacksonville, a Indian headpiece ring and two midi rings I got from Pacsun, and a silver with black diamond ring I got as a gift from my hubby. 

Here I have on a Day Trip, floral beige kimono with tassel bottom from Buckle I believe, maybe Pacsun, have to double check, was on sale. The top is a crochet lined top that can be worn as a bikini or halter, cropped style top from Maurices. Paired it with Lacey Ryan triple layer bronze gold chain with gem, arrowhead and horn. That is also found at Maurices online. 

I also have on a gold spine hand bracelet from Lacey Ryan, a cattle skull gold accent horns ring made by Fawning in love on Etsy. Then wearing some random gold bangles along with a Alex and Ani love bangle. 

Sorry had to rush the details so if I missed anything or if there is something you see you like please feel free to comment below or check out my Instagram @ cr8tivemamarazzi for more photos and details also. My tags I she are # melissastees for my graphic tee shirt collection along with #melissastyle then the year 15, 14 and 13 wish I didn't have to delete my original IG I had would have had even more posts. Again sorry for rushing but hubby got home and is showering I haven't seen him all weekend he worked doubles both days so trying to finish so we can spend some quality time before bed. He was working 3-11 last shift but this week started the new shift change and now he is 6-3.  ✌️❤️


  1. I adore for style from your tee shirts to the bohemian style skirts and dresses. Thank you for sharing all the graphic tees and where we can find them. I have ordered a couple now from different stores, I have always loved graphic tees myself. I also love your tips on finding styles on eBay for less. I scored a Steve Madden bag I saw on Polyvore for half the price in a auction along with picking up a silver bib coin necklace like the one you have posted. Have a great evening.

    1. Thank you so much for your compliment, means so much to me. I am so happy you enjoy my graphic tee collection and have found some you love to add to your collection. Also happy you have discovered ebay and all it's amazing deals. I am hooked. Just ordered a ton of cute pieces I am waiting on. Can't wait to share. Ty again for taking the time to comment and have a great weekend xoxo ✌️❤️

  2. Incredible post, thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Ty for commenting. Enjoy your friday and weekend xoxo ✌️❤️

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