Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Monday OOTD...

Cheers to a new week everyone. 

Started Monday off with this cute maxi skirt from Target with a cattleskull and tribal print. Anything with feathers or cattleskulls is all me. Had to have it, I have also worn this like a dress super cute. 

Paired it with my Genie bra in black, new favorite bras cause they are so comfy. Then added a tan Old Navy long basic tank. 

The large gold necklace is from a local boutique I am working with to style and curate their new shop. They gave me some goodies for helping out and absolutely love it. The long necklace is from Forever 21 and was only $6.90 love it, it's on a long black leather cord, has a V shape with gold beads, then a bunch of cute gold charms, there is a feather, a coin and a crystal. My favorite stuff all in one necklace. Also have on some cute Alex and Ani bangles and some other gold or bronze tone bangles. 

I also paired this ensemble with my Target clearance tan fringe sandals. Was so excited to go back to get them and find them on clearance. Hope your week is off to a great start. I have noticed a huge difference in my curves since I started the waist cincher last month, I am not wearing it here in the photos but I try to wear it a few hours a day and when I clean house or workout. Everyone has been complimenting my tiny waist and curves so it must be working. Will have more updates to come. 

Enjoy your week and have some amazing goodies coming this week in the mail. They already starting arriving and so excited to finish my art wall in my bedroom and show you some new finds from eBay and online. Xoxo ✌️❤️

I want to apologize for typos I have realized it is from my iPhone because when I enter my posts on my iPad don't have as many, think my iPhone does the auto correct and I don't even notice, I try my best to go back over all entries when I have free time to proof read, again remember I am not a write. I started my blog for fun and enjoy sharing my photos along with deals or bargains I find or new trends I love that I think other ladies will enjoy. Ty xoxo


  1. I have this skirt from target and saw your post on nearing it like a sundress also, great idea. Thabk you because I am going on a week cruise this summer with my boyfriend and now have two ways to wear this cute skirt. Love your blog and style

  2. Love your graphic tees started following you on ig I also collect tees and love your collection we have a lot of the same shirts. I have a couple Balm tees, love your lyric ones. Think I may order one or these been eyeing one. Thanks for sharing