Sunday, May 10, 2015

Exciting new stuff coming this week and some General Hospital talk...

Quick post just to let you know I have a lot of exciting new stuff from home decor and fashion stuff coming in this week. I am hoping to get my summer shorts piece together along with some cute swimsuits that are affordable and fun for summer. I have some must have beach bad essentials and some cute cover up picks from Target and walmart. Excited to get some really interesting and cool pieces from Etsy along with sharing some of my own diy crafts for my home and summer decor. 

Everyone have a Dliteful week and here's to happy bargain shopping ✌️❤️

Don't forget when shopping to always check eBay when you some cute pieces I have been scoring huge on eBay lately and excited to share some of my finds along with the super cute new pieces target and yes walmart has had. Walmart has really had some cute new pieces for spring and summer. Affordable is always good. I also have some Old Navy finds as well, and some new boutiques I have found that I can't wait to share with you all. Thank you to everyone for remaining loyal I am balancing the new job for a few more weeks then will have more free time and also looking forward to sharing my summer adventures with you all. 

For all my General Hospital fans out there, what did you think of the annual nurses ball? Were you amazed by the secrets and plots revealed, the people who returned which wasn't many this year. I was shocked to see the return of Courtney and wish she was back for good. I also have to say I was not amazed by Elizabeth's selfish decision to keep Jason being alive a secret from Sam and those he loves. She had always been a selfish woman and her character always has wanted Jason at whatever costs. I am happy the story line of Rick paying the woman Hayden to be Jake's wife is over but only wish Elizabeth would have told everyone Jake is Jason. I wasn't surprised and really hope that they will reveal this news sooner then later he has already been back some time and has had so many memories or flashes of Sam. Was happy Sam heard Olivia and Ned talking and told Julian the truth about the baby but now wonder what is going to happen to the baby, always breaks my heart when they have a baby or child die on the show. I think Michael and Sabrina make a cute couple and story line, interested to see what happens with them. Would love to hear from other GH fans and what you think of the latest story lines and turns. 

Have a great one...

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