Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Passion for Pineapples

For many years I have loved pineapples. It all started when we went to Savannah Georgia and were on a tour of the historic squares. A lot of the house had these gorgeous pineapple decorative pieces on the front steeps, door knockers and other cute pieces outside the entry of the home. Back in the days pineapples were placed outside to welcome guests or troops during the war. In memory of the trip I got a pineapple for my charm bracelet and ever since have always been drawn to them. My hubby got me a stone pineapple statue for the garden that same year, and like anything I get into like owls, butterflies, feathers, cattle and cow skulls, dear heads, arrows, Asian and Moroccan decor etc. over time my family and friends begin to buy me these pieces as gifts or whenever they see something cute that makes them think of me.

As a younger adolescent I was into sunflowers, sun, moon and stars, and Pepe Le Pew the skunk. I remember our first apartment my kitchen was all sunflowers, I had dishes, floral swag and centerpieces, a sunflower pasta cooker and crock pot, and most of my kitchen and dining room was all sunflowers, our bedroom and bathroom was the celestial, sun, moon and stars theme. I have the tattoos and all lol. I actually have to tell a couple of my friends and my mom to stop getting me stuff cause it starts to get over board lol. I fell in love with owls and I swear I must have every owl piece of jewlery, home accent and shirt ever made lol. I just was going through garage sale stuff and I have some really cute owls that I hate to part with but just don't have the room for them lol. 

Here and there my mom always picks me up cute stuff when walmart gets it in. My kids have tons of swim suits and clothes along with sandals and other cute things. If she sees something cute and stylish come through since she works in the back cash office she usually scoops them up before they even hit the racks. She recently brought me home a bikini with pineapples, a cute wallet, some socks, a pair of flipflops, some sunglasses and a few tank tops with pineapples. I was joking cause last summer I got a over load of pineapple stuff at Old Navy and Target during the spring. Then the summer before had gotten a couple tee shirts and a tote bag along with some other cute pieces at forever 21 and Love culture. In all honestly I don't need anything lol. I have so much stuff that really I could wear something different every day for the next six months if I wanted to lol, but I don't usually do that. I have my favorite pieces and they get a lot of repeat wear.

Some of my favorite pineapple pieces I wanted to take a moment to feature. I will make sure to do my best to remember the details of what stores and when I got them. I just made a cute tee shirt myself with a pineapple for the summer and thinking of getting a long tank to use as a swim suit cover up to also make a similar design on. I have seen so many cute tee shirts I have wanted but with summer coming we have the expense of summer vacation, my hubby's birthday, fathers day, my oldest has cheer expenses which is close to $400 for everything, and I am on my last week of work next week. My last day is Tuesday. It's bitter sweet but I wanted to spend the summer with my girls. I have always looked forward to having the time with them. I am lucky because my boss loves me and told me she wanted me to stay on as a call in for jobs and when summer was over I welcome to return back if I am still interested. As of right now I am going to see where life takes me and what happens over the summer. 

Enjoy my collection and favorite pieces. Pineapples are for sure a super cute trend for the spring and summer time.🍍

Old navy pineapple graohic tank worn with some Machine jeans and a crochet white vest with fringe detail. 

Wanted to try to get my Lilly for Target pineapple sandals in the photo, they look fabulous with my Old Navy pineapple gold necklace. Also sporting the LV speedy matches good with the gray and white. 

In color. Bracelets are some Miscellaneaous bangles and the beaded bracelets are all Lacey Ryan from Maurices. 

Same Old Navy gold Pineapple necklace with a walmart tank my mom got me. Have a white one and a solid pink with pineapple center graphic. Under $4 at Walmart now. 

This button down top I got late winter early spring last year at Target. Also have a cardigan and tank. 

Old Navy graphic tees and tanks from last spring. 

Got this cute tank which matches the above button down and also have a matching cardigan, from Target. Old Navy gold pineapple necklace and JCrew chino yellow shorts. 

This gold foil pineapple tank was from Old Navy Soring last year along with the necklace 

Another shot of the Old Navy tank. Was taken in Washington DC over the summer on our annual summer vacation. 

Maurices striped burnout pineapple tank and Old Navy necklace. Love that necklace. Glad I grabbed it was last one and have worn it a lot. 

Alex and Ani pineapple bracelet. My mom got me a Buddha for Christmas and now I have a collection going. Have some gold and silver tone. Like to stack and mix and match. Just got my daughree's teacher a Alex and Ani for the end of the year gift. 

This cute ring is from forever 21 and was a few dollars. 

Pineapple dress from a shop on Daytona beach three almost four years ago while on vacation. 

My Lilly for Target Pineapple sandals. One of the only pieces I wanted from the fashion collection. Also have the pineapple serving bowl and juicer then a beach bag. 

Basic white burnout style pineapple graphic tank from online. Think I got this one off eBay. 

This blue pineapple tank has cute side ties and back graphics, by Roxy. 

Cropped pineapple tank from Wetseal I believe I can't remember it has been so long and I cut the tags out of my clothes cause they bother me. Something I have always done even as a kid. 

Last up my Lilly for Target beach bag, u had found it in Pink but didn't like the pink as much as the green once I saw the green one, we had a few people between myself, my mom, my aunt and some friends that went to our local stores and scooped up a few items then we all got together and traded items or sold to other friends or coworkers who couldn't get their hands on items. I was happy with the green. I could only find a pink and blue which I scooped up cause my aunt wanted the blue she loves beach themed stuff, but was happy someone found the green with the pineapple. I have carried this as a overnight bag but haven't taken to the beach usually take one of my free Victoria secret beach bags or totes have like ten lol. 

Hope you enjoyed my passion for pineapples. This is just what I have photos of I am sure I have other things like my Pandora charm, a Brighton charm, some earrings, and a romper. Also a cute bikini my mom got me at target. Enjoy your week and happy summer shopping. Xoxo



  1. Adorbs! Love your pineapple passion, I am the same way I find myself getting into things and before I know it half my wardrobe is that particular style lol. I have a ton of anchors and nautical stuff I have accumulated. I also grabbed a couple of the $3 walmart tanks they really have been getting some cute stuff lately. Use to be target was the go to but watch out Walmart is starting to contend. Love your blog and looking forward to the launch of your new blog, make sure to let us know the name so we can follow along. Have a great week.

  2. I love pineapples, thank you for sharing.