Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy times always

Hello all and hope your week is off to a good start, I have had to deal with many issues lately with immaturity at it's finest but deciding not to even talk about it cause all it does is give the people satisfaction of thinking their horrible actions are working when really are they are doing is hurting themselves not me. Below is my update of my ootd posts and I hope that everyone is great. I am doing amazing, my job and career is taking off for me, health is getting better and my family is amazing. I am so blessed to be able to spend so much time with my daughters and excited for our upcoming summer vacation. Thank you to everyone for your love and support as well as kind words of encouragement and emails. I really am so blessed and grateful for everyone I have met through my time blogging along with my Instagram. Kisses to all xoxo

For now here is today, Happy Tuesday peeps ✌️❤️

Choose to be freakin happy tee! Describes me life right now with all the harassment and bullying, I am choosing to be happy because other then that situation I am happy. Life is amazing. 

Making an appointment today to get my hair colored in two weeks for the summer. As of right now going to strip the blue and purple out, make it all white or light blonde then have her add some coral, peach and pink. I like multi colors the designer in me loves contrast and texture. 

My ootd was this Pebby Forevee off the shoulder tee, Choose to be freakin happy, paired with my favorite Urban Outfitters Ecote black Maxi skirt. This skirt has side slits, lined, and pockets. It is on sale I believe now. I also have it in army green. Has that military cargo pant or short feel but in a skirt love it! 

My jewelry is of course by Lacey Ryan. Love my new necklace that has three charms in a gold tone. Wearing my grandma'a diamond pendant, Lacey Ryab beaded braceletsans and hand bracelet. Then have my Adam Rabbit jewelry blue agate gem stone ring, and a bronze midi ring from Wooden Arrow Shop off etsy.  I use to be a seller on Etsy for many years, making my own jewelry, candle pins, wreaths, floral decor, hand painted pieces and more. I now am hooked on buying stuff, I always find the coolest stuff. Just ordered some decor for my master bedroom two weeks ago and got some cool air plants and succulents. Love Etsy and EBay. 

Pineapples are something I have loved since my first trip to Savannah, Ga in high school, we learned that women would place pineapples outside the front door on the stoop to welcome soldiers. I loved all the decorative pineapples all over the squares and there were so many unique ones, and different styles of them. When ever I like something everyone starts buying me stuff like that. I was into owls, Pepe le pew, sun moon and stars, sunflowers, feathers, pineapples, cattle skulls, tribal stuff, cameras and Moroccan/Asian statues so every year for a holiday I would get tons of these themed things. My mom always buys me stuff at Walmart and brought me home a few pineapple tanks and a bikini top recently. I have the Lilly for target pineapple sandals and a beach bag with a pineapple button. This tank is older and have had it for a little while, wore it with a yellow cami and some jeans. The cute necklace is from Old Navy about a year ago and also have a Alex and Ani pineapple bangle bracelet then my daughter got me a cute ring from Forever 21. 

Getting ready for our staycation this weekend for the holiday and of course have to pack this poncho my mom got me at Cracker Barrel over spring break. Love this it's a sheer material with a flag print. When packing I realized how much red, white and blue stuff I have from over the years. Have some cute Vigoss shorts with red, white and blue blinged out pockets and star studs, my Itsy Bitsy Bands headband from last summer, cute flag print flip flops from Payless, then I got a new muscle tank from Target for this weekend. 

Got this poncho over Spring break from Urban Outfitters on sale, paired it with my Sneak Peek boyfriend jeans I have been saving up for, they were $42 but ended up finding brand new on eBay for 14. Was so psyched. Love when that happens.

The gold statement necklace is from a new upcoming local boutique that sent me a box of goodies to wear and post, they wanted to see how styles looked and what the public response was before purchasing items for their online and local store front. I will have more details on the shop in the weeks to come when they launch. I also am wearing a Lacey Ryan necklace with three charms, a arrowhead, gemstone and bronze bar. 

This sherbert colored fun dress is from Maurice's. I love these colors for summer they really bring out the summer tan. It comes with this cute braided belt. The necklaces are a crescent moon and star pendant my hubby got me and a silver beaded tassel necklace also from Maurice's. If you haven't checked out Maurice's online or locally, we don't have a store close by me, you should they have some of the cutest styles and amazing prices. You can also find the Lacey Ryan jewelry collab at Maurice's online. 

Last week my hubby had Thursday off and we spent the morning while the girls were at school at the beach. Had a breakfast at one of our favorite spots on the boardwalk at Hollywood Beach, then went for a swim and laid out. Was so nice to spend the day with my hard working man.  My bikini is from Target, every year I always get four or five tops and a few bottoms, I like to mix and match then I have lots of options. I also usually get one or two suits from VS and I love Betty Bangs Bikinis, they are hand made from tee shirts and super cute. 

Got this cute coverup at Target also, wish I had grabbed a couple more styles but didn't feel like trying on that day and they only had XS, M or XL so grabbed the medium and wasn't sure it would fit me good but figured if not my oldest daughter would wear it. It fit perfect and hope to find a few more usually all the good stuff sells out quick. 

Romper and crochet vest from Maurice's also paired with Lacey Ryan jewelry. 

Target clearance top with crochet detail, Loft cropped jeans, and a lace duster. The lace duster I got on clearance from Pacsun. Sandals are made by Candie's and are from Kohls a few years ago. Necklace again Lacey Ryan and Alex and Ani bracelets. 

Target Maxi Skirt, old navy tank, geniebra in black, my new favorite bras. It's hard to find good bras when you are larger busted but these ones are comfy and cute.  The black shoulder cover style cardigan is old think it's from Kohls also and the long necklace was from Forever 21. Love the forever 21 jewelry the price is good only be cautious wearing cause it can turn, I have started using a clear spray top coat I found at hobby lobby on a lot of my chains and rings, I use to use clear nail polish but some would chip off or you could see the brush strokes so tried the clear spray and it works amazing. 

Wrote this on Tuesday am but didn't post was going to check back at photos and then finish edit but didn't get the chance been super busy all week. Below is my last ootd from yesterday after work, didn't take any of my work outfit which I regret because it was a super cute Lilly Pulitzer dress I got at Nordtroms, thanks to my job perks. Coming up next post will be some Lacey Ryan Jewelry photos. My new favorite jewelry line and super excited because I was contacted by the designer herself from tagging all my photos with the pieces I have and she is sending me some goodies for my new blog launch and to wear on my ootd social media posts. Super excited about this because this is one of my all time fave jewelry lines. She has some amazing pieces and everyone is unique..

Have a great holiday weekend and enjoy the three day break. We are heading to the beach for the weekend. Excited to get my feather tattoo, a drawing my daughter made for me months ago. Will post photos. Hoping to have the new blog site ready to launch by the end of the summer, planned to launch the beginning of summer but won't be able to because I won't have the free time j thought I would.  Again enjoy your holiday weekend, be safe and Happy Memorial Day to all our veterans.🇺🇸✌️❤️

Yesterday after work snuck home before running to get the girls and skipped into my JCrew boyfriend jeans, this cute tee from Ethos, which he is changing the name of the company to Anchor & Buffalo. The cardigan is a white, drapped front cardigan with crochet back, I got this from Maurice's and was drawn to it because the back crochet looks like a cow skull, swear not sure if it is suppose to didn't see anything in the description but will post a photo it for sure has the look. Then I have on Lacey Ryan horn necklace and a feather necklace I got off eBay for a couple dollars. My favorite converse, me and my girls love converse. Vans and toms but converse the most, between myself and my girls we have tons of colors and patterns. These have feathers and were from Pacsun.  Hope you enjoyed my week of outfits and accesories. Any questions or if I left out any details please leave me a comment and I will get back to you. Happy weekend all. ✌️❤️🎶


  1. Sorry to hear about the ordeal you go through I also have had an issue with my man's ex, she stalks my social media and has her friends stalking me. Every time I turn around she is going on vacations similar to ours, decorating her apartment similar, even her new hair style is the same as mine. It's crazy. I really feel for you and she also claims it's me stalking and wanting to be like her. I think that is common for the stalker to blame the victim or reverse it because I have talked to many people who have dealt with same style stuff. Keeping being you and you have your friends who know you along with those who follow you and have gotten to know you online that know you aren't that type of person. You keep being your self and posting what you want and like. Love your style and obsessed with your amazing tee shirts. I wish I had style I wear jeans and a tee with converse every day lol. Looking forward to your new blog and don't leave social media I love your daily outfit posts and amazing photos. Keep being you��

  2. Horrible you have to deal with drama I have had similar issues with a female on social media also! I also have my own blog and post my outfits she started following me and before long was copying my style then my tags! It's so insane and I don't know her! I blocked her and she still is some how able to see what I post so aggravating. I feel your pain but don't let it change what your doing because then they win! Continue to do it and do it more! Be you.