Friday, May 22, 2015

Lacey Ryan jewelry

A good friend of mine sent me my first Lacey Ryan piece in a package for my late Christmas gift and I was in love. It was a triple layer bronze gold tone necklace with a arow head, stone and etched horn. I was so in love I had to find out more about this line of jewelry. I searched online and found her website, as soon as I started scrolling though the photos I was in love with every piece. As I was researching I called my friend to find out where she had found the necklace she sent me, because it was slightly different than the one on the Lacey Ryan site.  She told me about this store where she lives called Maurice's. I had never heard of it because we don't have any in my area but I looked them up online and was in love with their clothing along with discovering that they had done a collab with Lacey Ryan and carried an entire collection of trendy cool pieces that were super affordable.

Two weeks later I ordered a couple more pieces, and within a a couple months u had several necklaces, beaded bracelet set and a hand bracelet. I always post my favorite pieces and wear them daily when I share my outfit of the day faves on social media and of course here on my blog. One night I happened to search on Instagram and discovered that Lacey Ryan had a Instagram page. I followed her and began to tag my photos with her pieces, then one day had a message on one of my posts from her. Not long after she sent me her email and I emailed her back raving about how much I loved all my pieces from her collection. She sent me a very kind email telling me how much she appreciated my support, and how inspiring fans like myself are for her line and collection. She then told me she would be sending me a package with some pieces to add to my collection, I was so excited and couldn't believe the kindness. Today my package arrived and here I am all excited thinking I am going to get a ring or maybe a bracelet, but she sent me two gorgeous necklaces, a hand bracelet, beaded bracelet set and a ring! It was like my birthday or winning a contest I was so over joyed I actually got teary eyed filled with joy and feelings of gratefulness. I couldn't be more thankful for her amazing gifts and can't wait to wear every one with pride. Every time I wear them I will be reminded of how kind hearted this designer is. Sure being a blogger and working as a curator/stylist I get freebies from time to time but I have never gotten a package like this. It was as if she knows me because every single piece was perfect for me and goes with my style so perfectly. Then again all of her collection is my style and very on trend with the bohemian vibe style that I so love. I have a passion for vintage lace, crochet and bohemian inspired pieces. I usually shop for a lot of my pieces online, thrift stores and vintage shops or garage sales. I really love the vintage stuff but right now with the festival fashion being so in style I am able to scoop up a lot of stuff I couldn't find for many years as easily. I love long bohemian skirts, anything lace or crochet, silk, kimonos, shawls or wraps, wrap skirts, old vintage tee shirts and torn vintage denim. I also have a huge love for old vintage custom jewelry, you know the large pieces, and the old crystal style pieces from the 80's. Anything vintage and bohemian/gypsy vibe I love. Some of my favorite pieces I scored at the local good will and we have an amazing vintage consignment shop by my house, on the way to the beach that always has some amazing finds. I am still on the hunt for a skirt with different strips of fabric sewn onto a band that are all from old vintage dresses. I found one at a festival we went to and someone scooped it up before I could get it but I have been on the look out at every festival and artisan craft style show I go to. 

These are the pieces along with the super sweet note from Ms. Lacey Ryan. For sure one of the sweetest and kindest designers I have yet to come into contact with. I will be forever honored and thankful. She mentioned she has a new collection coming at soon, can't wait to see. 

Above is my new tattoo I got yesterday and I am wearing one of my new Lacey Ryan pieces along with a hand bracelet, ring and beaded bracelet set on other hand✨ The tank is from Maurice's and has a feather with, happiness is free be happy, the back is all open with slits, love it. 

Below are my Lacey Ryan pieces. I will do my best to post details on each one but if you are looking for anything in particular I recommend finding her on IG @Laceyryaninc and her website link is in her bio, or also going to and searching Lacey Ryan. 


  1. Love the Lacey Ryan collection from Maurices. I have the same triple layer necklace and the hand bracelet in gold. Great price point and quality. Excited for more pieces, do you know is she going to have a new collection with Maurices or was that a one time thing? Love all your pieces and love how you wear them, you have a really cute style. Thank you for sharing

  2. Love your new tattoo awesome!

  3. I have two Lacey Ryan pieces from Maurices and love them! Super cute and I also have that romper. Enjoy reading your blog and all the photos. Keep it up xoxo

  4. You have amazing taste, from your super stylish clothing. Cute tee shirt collection and amazing jewlery. I love how you wear your tee shirts and style your outfits everyday. Even the most casual looks are so well put together. Bravo I wish I could do this but when I try I look like a cluttered mess. Any tips you have or advice for not so fashion forward ladies to achieve that well put together look?! Ty and thank you for sharing I really enjoy your blog.