Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend fun

I am having Coachella envy. I have been loving all the photos of the outfits from the festival. Would love to go and one year I will, it's on my bucket list. We are going to Rockville, a two day music festival here in Jacksonville Florida in less than two weeks. Super excited. All weekend I have been checking out outfit photos online and blogs, have some of my favorites saved for a post in the next couple of days highlighting my favorites from Coachella. Nicole Richie is the queen of boho chic style and you know she will be rocking some amazing stuff, saw a floral romper I love. 

For now wanted to take a moment to pop in since I am up late and post a quick outifts of the day post from the weekend. If you follow my IG feed you probably have seen these but wanted to share with those who don't follow IG or maybe don't have it. These are a few of my favorites from the passed few days. Hope you enjoy. 

Hope y'all had an amazing weekend and here's to a great week! Xoxo ✌️❤️

Pebby Forevee old post from 5-6 weeks ago with my eBay score Turkish coin necklace. Love these tee shirts can't get enough. Expecting two more this week and I had my little one pick her two favorites for her summer wardrobe. Of course she picked two like mama. Love that girl. Going to place the order this week. 

Of course I either have a skirt or some ripped jeans. Boyfriend style jeans are my new favorite but these were some machine denim ripped jeans. They have rips all the way down. Hard to put on but my favorite, for me you can't ever have enough destruction the more the better. For sure my style. 

Another Pebby Forevee tee and my favorite tee by her. Love this design. The skirt is from EBay and is a floor length chiffon white with black polka dot style. I have seen this selling in shops online for $50-79 I paid under $10, eBay ladies if you see something you love check eBay first. I was so mad one time when I bought a tee for $20 and then found it two weeks after for $1.99 on eBay. Never again. When I shop I take screen shots then hit eBay and search first, almost always I find the same exact or almost identical item for more then half the price difference. That is how I afford to save money to purchase my tees and higher end pieces I want. The tee was not made by someone it was a basic printed graohic style tee but had seen it all over IG and loved it. Could have bought 10 for the price of one don't like that feeling lol. 

Check out Pebby Forevee at www.mypebbyforevee for these cute tees. You can pick from so many cute designs, then you pick the color and then have three choices either off the shoulder tee, crew neck or muscle tank. I have all three styles and off the shoulder is my personal favorite but they all rock. Can't go wrong. 

Can't wait to style this skirt with so many pieces. Also ordered a pale pink, and a aqua blue for summer. Has an elastic waist and can be worn high waisted, low waist to sweep the floor, has such a romantic feel and I have seen on eBay ipictured as a strapless dress. Going to try that this week with a belt. It has a lining in it but think you may need a extra slip if worn as a dress. I will keep you posted. The colored ones have more layers of chiffon so may work better. Going to get on that this week.

Excited styling my first shoot for the magazine and worked hard to pull clothes, shoes, and accesories. Can't wait to share. Going to sneak some photos to post. It's for our summer issue, had a lot of luck with swimsuit designers, coverups and bags. Also found some amazing beauty products, beach accessories, and cool stuff to add for a section I ran by my editor and boss as beach bag essentials, and she loved the idea. Kind of like a what's inside my beach bag section. Reached out to some brands and shops I love but didn't get a good response like I had hoped,  on them sending items to use. Hoping once I get my first shoot done they will see what a great chance it is. Now that I am working for this magazine not only do my clothes get seen by followers and readers or on my social media but also at work by fashion editors, then when we meet with boutique and shop owners to borrow clothes for shoots they see my clothes, so many have asked about my tees and some of my other pieces. It is great exposure. I know my blog isn't this totally professional blog but I read a lot of blogs and I think it's pretty good. I would be flattered to have my products featured. Minus my typos here and there it is great exposure. I am proud to say I get hundreds of views a day and weekly over in the thousands. Lots of comments and feed back also. Always looking for brands to feature and I post all my outfits on social media. Now when I am reaching out it isn't really for me only it is for styling a shoot. When we style a shoot we have boutiques and shops that send items or we borrow items from the shops or designer. Just in case someone reading has a product or line and they want to get exposure,  I love to rep brands and will not only feature photos but an entire blog post on your line. I also have links in my favorite shops section on the side bar that readers can click and go direct to site. On occasion when I have free time I go on my computer and add links in the posts directly to products and websites also. If you are new to my blog I post 98% of my posts from my iPhone on my back patio when I can't sleep or have free time. I do this blog to share my love of many things, from fashion, bargains, style finds, trends, interior design, diy, art, crafts, photography, traveling, health, product samples, fitness, tv shows and yes I am guilty lol, General hospital gossip lol. I also love to show outfits worn on some fave tv shows or in magazines then show you almost identical items and where to find for less. That's what I refer to as style steals or dress for less tips. I have always loved to read blogs myself and follow many fashion accounts on IG, I love to see regular everday people like myself and other moms fashion and style. I get a lot of inspiration online from blogs as well as magazines and television. 

This skirt is amazing. Has a mermaid feel with a tight fit at top and flowy bottom. Had to have as soon as I tried it on. Got a small cause the medium was loose around my upper thighs and really liked the fitted feel. The top I have in a coral color and grabbed this blue because it's my favorite color also it was on clearance. Also got some lace and crochet shoes earlier this week. I think I posted earlier, had some gift cards from promos and figured why not. Trying to add more then sandals and flip flops to my shoe collection. I don't wear my heels unless it's a special occasion. I think it's because I am tall already. 

Above is my spring outfit of the day. Got my tan started and wanted to wear my new Target denim shorts. Did a huge shopping trip to Target twice this week for myself and the family. Stocking up on swimwear, tanks, shorts and other cute stuff. These shorts usually aren't my style, I am more of a longer length short kind of girl don't like to wear shorts like my teen daughter but these are so cute and comfy. They have an elastic waist band and cute lace detail on sides. Also got a floral pair with lace crochet style trim. Super cute and like I always say, "Target does it again". Cartwheel had a deal also for 15% off all ladies wear. The week before swimwear was all buy one get one half off also. Then lots of new markdowns. I am hooked lately more then before, I now have the red card so save 5% every purchase almost as good as my 10% discount at walmart from my mom. Then cartwheel and the text coupons, got a ton of gift cards from the $50 groceries and $20 Easter purchases. Love Target. Got some cute decor also, Nate Berkus had this aweome knit wall hanging that reminds me of macrame I snatched up, and some other cool pieces like a fringe basket! Love. 

Wearing a cute floral spring top with ruffle detail, this is a older top I got at Kohl's and is made by Candie's. I paired it with my new Target denim shorts. Barefoot here lol, but paired with some Lauren Conrad coral bow sandals also from Kohls and from two years ago. 

Gladiator sandals by Mia and from Pacsun. Dress I featured previously from eBay and is a bohemian inspired tunic. They now have them at Fashion Junkee in a sleeveless version, will be ordering in navy. 

Elephant tee from Riot Society at Pacsun.  Love all the animal tees. Found a cute elephant tee with pocket at target and a elephant tank at Marshall's this week. Also ordered a buffalo tank from Urban Ourfitters. It's getting late now have to head to bed. Hopefully not to many typos. Did my best to double check as I typed. Have to be awake in four hours. Monday how I dress thee but excited for a new week. Have some goodies coming this week in the mail and some awesome pieces that are being sent to me to try. I am so grateful to everyone who does reach out and offers to send me products or give me a discount on products to share. Keep an eye out because I will have lots of fun stuff to post. 

If you are into subscription boxes excited to announce I have a few new ones I signed up for to try out to review. I use to get Ipsy beauty bag, Birchbox, Julep Maven, bark box, and some other cool ones I tried out. As of recent we were down to only the Julep box but now we decided to cancel, we being my 15 year old daughter and I. I have been wanting to try the Hazel Lane box, if you haven't seen this box it's s curated box with several price options, and they feature a different city every month. This box had been around for some time and I got one as a gift last year in February 2014 from another blogger friend, the LA box then got the Nashville box from my friend for my birthday. Believe it arrived in September or October. Both they gifted it to me have tried the different sizes and told me that no nater what price point you kick you won't be disappointed.  My bestie sent me photos of her Arizona box and I was jealous. She is sending me a item I wanted lol, and she sent me an awesome necklace with amethyst from another box, she had a subscription box review blog and always sends me goodies she doesn't want or use. Then my fellow blogger buddy I met my first week blogging was so kind to gift me a box since I have sent her many julep polishes I don't need or have doubles of. Enough rambling, excited to get my first box to review and have a couple others I am found to try. 

Off to bed for real now lol, have good one and thank you for stooping by. Xoxo


  1. Love your style, the tee shirt collection is awesome and from above I love that long polka dot skirt. Read a old post about some of your favorite jeans do you have any favorite current brands that you recommend. I read you love boyfriend cut jeans and shorts was curious what style skinny jeans you would recommend and shorts for summer. Love those cute denim shorts from target, I tend to wear longer Bermuda style shorts myself but those look comfy. Ty for all the awesome photos and great details.

  2. Loving these tee shirts from Pebby Forevee, love how you styled the Gypsy tee, follow you on IG and saw this post awhile ago on there and here. Keep being yourself and doing what you love. Remember imitation is the biggest form of flattery. I know it can be annoying but it's 100% obvious now for sure for anyone who may have doubted or been unsure of this... Sad. Your blog rocks and is also unique, love the different subjects and how much detail you have in posts about finding trends and styles. Thank you for the time you take to provide all the details and photos it is appreciated by many

  3. You have a great blog, enjoy reading your articles and love all the photos you post.

  4. The floral top with target shorts is super cute. Have enjoyed reading your blog for the last six to eight months. Always looking forward to a new post. Thank you for taking the time to post. Please check your email sent you a message about possibly featuring one of my items on your blog. Have a good week.

  5. Hello I design a similar line of graphic screen printed by hand tee shirts. I have been enjoying your posts on here and IG would love to send you a couple designs that you could maybe photograph for me to post on your IG feed and possibly review for your blog. I would also love to use your photos on
    my shop envy site to show the designs. Contacting you today with an email or direct message on IG. Let me know if you would be interested. We have three new graphics for summer I can send hfh just need your address and size. Look forward to hearing from you.

  6. I'm looking for someone to help with building my brand, I have a new line of tee and tanks with great quotes and graphics that I would love to have featured. I'm looking for bloggers and social media reps, would you be interested? I would love to send you several tees or tanks to style with your amazing taste then just snap some selfies to post on your social media accounts and would love to be featured on your blog. I absolutely love how you dress up tees with such amazing cute stylish pieces that I would never think to do. I always have the tee shirts photographed with jeans but to have some skirts with them would be awesome for my Instagram and website. Ty and will send you an email today. I just want to say that I am impressed with your sense of style and amazing choices for styling your tees. Above the black and white skirt is gorgeous it compliments the tee amazing. Then the gypsy tee with the bohemian necklace is brilliant. Best of luck with your blog and hoping to collab with you soon.