Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mid week finally settled..

Hello everyone, I am finally getting settled and back into my routine after the four day weekend. Rockville was awesome and the best part was watching my 15 year old daughter rocking out to all the bands. She also got to meet In this moment and get her record signed, which was pretty awesome for her. We had a wonderful time. 

Back to reality. Lol. I spent the first day working half the day and laundry the other half. I have not forgotten my update on the waist cincher. I wore it everyday for 6-8 hours until the weekend, I was not about to wear that to the concert cause it was already super hot and humid. I have noticed a difference in my waist but nothing drastic enough worth mentioning yet.  I received my next size down cincher this week and I am not ready for it yet. I tried it on and even on the looser setting of hooks it's pretty tight.  I think when I adjust to that one is when I will really notice the difference. I do have a lot of people who see me regularly who has commented about how great my waist looks and how I look like I have lost weight. I laugh then tell them or show them I am wearing te cincher. Today I started back wearing it again the full 6-8 hours. I had it off Friday through Monday and then only wore it a few hours yesterday when I went to work. It has really helped my lower back pain I have and it has improved my posture. 

My next mission this week is to start my review of denim shorts for the summer. I have a few different brands and styles that I have found, and I want to share them with everyone.  I wore two pairs of them over the weekend to the concert. One pair was from Buckle and they are the boyfriend fit, right now I absolutely love boyfriend jeans and shorts. The other pair is from Fashion Junkee, also boyfriend style shorts and they have become a new favorite of mine. I will work on getting the review together. Want to get some photos, measurements and details together for you. I also have Bermuda style, cut off, destroyed denim which most of my jeans and shorts are destroyed, I love ripped jeans. I promise to work on that like I had mentioned. Working on finding time between my family stuff and work. 

My new job has been amazing. I have loved working with other stylists, curators, boutiques, models, and photographers. It really has been a fun experience and I have learned so much already. I am working on the new blog site and hoping to be able to launch it this summer. I got some really cute new tops and skirts to post, some amazing cute jewlery and some fun stuff for around the home. 

I don't know if you have all heard of Hazel Lane, it's a monthly subscription box I use to receive early last year when I was still big into the boxes. I was getting birchbox, Ipsy, julep and tried a few others. I got the Hazel Ln box for three months, they curate items from a city and have different price points on the boxes. When I was receiving the box I got LA, San Fran and New Orleans. It was a fun box but I was only trying it out and decided to take a break from all the boxes for awhile. A few blogs I follow receive the boxes still and I always love to see what is inside because they always have such cute items. A few items I have ordered from the boxes because you can order the box or just a item or two if you go to their site. I got a cute tee shirt and a necklace a couple months ago and then this last box they had for Arizona I saw they had this cute cattle skull or cow skull incense burner so I had to look up the company that makes them. The name of the company is Desert Gatherings. I got to speak with the owner of the shop and he told me he sells mostly wholesale to airport and tourist gift shops. He seemed surprised I was ordering from him and was curious how I had found his shop. He sent me out the cow skull burner along with three different incense scents, then he was so kind to include a sample of the prickly pear taffy and lolipop, made with real prickly pear syrup. Amazing! The taffy didn't last long. I opened it to try one and they were so good I ate the entire bag within a hour lol. 

Above are some photos of my burner and insence sticks along with the goodies he sent me to try out. If you love taffy or prickly pear, which just so happens prickly pear is my favorite flavor margarita at the local Mexican spot by my house. With Cinco De Mayo around the corner these were a great treat. Like I was mentioning if you like these items or they also sell caramels, cactus and other Arizona products, check out their website at Super friendly and they have the best taffy I have ever had. Super soft and amazing flavor. The burner is also super cute and the scents are really good. Not to strong just the right amount of fragrance. My new little shop for cute unique items. Already have my cart full with goodies to order when I get paid next week. Hoping to be able to review some more products more in depth. 

I have to get back to doing some stuff around the house because tomorrow I have a busy day at work. Excited to be working styling accesories tomorrow for a summer themed shoot for a local hotel. I already have pulled lots of items from beach bags, towels, sunglasses, beach or sun hats, chairs, sandals, cute jewelry and more. I am hoping to get time to post some behind the scenes photos from one of my work days soon. I planned to do that last week before I led because we were shooting the summer issue for a local magazine for the Ft. Lauderdale area but I got so busy I didn't have time to even think about snapping photos or checking my phone till the shoot was pretty much over and being wrapped up for the day. I missed the last day because we left for Jacksonville. I can say it is really a fast paced, high energy job. Six hours fly by so fast, it's non stop pulling pieces, changing stuff out and taping clothes or pinning items on models so that it fits perfectly. Now that I have gotten to work behind the scenes I can honestly say that I know why when I order something online or out of a catalog and then receive it, only to say or think, wow that looks nothing like it did on the model, it isn't because the model has this perfect body, even though most of them do but it's cause someone was there pinning and taping or clipping the item to look perfect. Then of course you have photo shop also. Lol. 

Below I am going to share a couple of my IG posts from this week and last week that I didn't share, along with some new items I have received. I hope everyone had a great weekend and have had a great week. Hopefully everyone got to check out my Rockville photos from the weekend and if you went to Rockville would love to see some of your photos or hear about your adventure. 

Everyone enjoy the rest of the week and hopefully over the weekend I can get a good informative post together for my summer denim picks. Xoxo ✌️❤️

Been on Etsy a lot lately ordering tee shirts from new shops along with finding cool handmade jewelry and pieces for decorating my room. Came across this shop while surfing for decor for my room and jewlery then spotted this super cute tee also. The etsy shop is called the wooden arrow, they are currently out of Texas but moving to Chicago area. I have two handmade needle point hoops I am ordering for my bedroom. Can't wait to receive them.  Once I get them I plan to do a blog post on this etsy shop.. 

Free spirit tank and aztex pattern maxi skirt sent to me from a new online shop. Will have a lot more coming in the next couple of weeks about this local boutique I found here in Florida. 

Love my necklace I found at Forever 21 for under $7. Super cute 

Paired the free spirit tank with some Loft jeans and a chambray denim top from walmart, which was a gift from my mom over the holidays. The weather has been nasty here every day, but in between storms it is super hot and humid.. 

Rust colored crochet, tunic with fringe bottom detail. Was hoping to have this fit more like a dress but for me it is going to make a cute coverup for the beach or even a cute top with a linen skirt. I am tall and it's a little too short. Got this for $24.95 off eBay plus shipping. 

One of my Rockville tee shirts from the weekend. 

Love this wood buckle belt all hand beaded. Got this from the same shop as the rust crochet tunic. Super cute and has that bohemian vibe I love so much. 

ASOS is a favorite shop of mine and when they have a sale I am all over it. Got this cute fringed coverup or tank and a cute off the shoulder flowy gauze style white tunic also. 

Another shot of my ASOS tops and a cute top I found at Beall's outlet. 

Here is the free spirit and epic weekend tanks again with two cute skirts. The maxi skirt in turquoise and Epic weekend tank were from Bealls outlet and cost under 8 each then the linen skirt and free spirit tank are from a local boutique. Both sent to me to review and style for the blog. I also got some other cute items they sent me and will have more details in a upcoming post. 

Love this olive green and black elephant kimono with a fringe tassel detail. Matches my urban outiftters skirts that I love perfect, I have the green then  black ecote maxi skirts with side slits and cute tie pockets. My new favorite skirts. Also got a cute green military style skirt from Loft I will posting soon I am sure with one of my graphic tees. 

Cute Aztec print vest kimono. Obsessed with graohic tanks and tees, maxi skirts, high low skirts and regular skirts, bohemian and gypsy vibe tunics and dresses along with my kimonos whether sleeved or vest style.  Sorry some of the photos are not that great snapped a few of the last ones after I typed the post. Just wanted to show some of my newest items I received while I was away over the weekend. I was super psyched cause I had a boutique contact me via email from seeing my blog, they asked me my size and my mailing address, that was it. I received two large envelopes filled with goodies all in my size. I can't wait to style all these items and include a link to their site once they launch it.  They are a new shop that has sold on eBay for a year and are breaking into social media along with launching their own website. They have some really cute stuff and can't wait to collab with them in the near future. 

The other shop I found on eBay is also in south Florida and I ordered a few items from them. I found the belt first and won it through bidding for a few dollars then went shopping in their store and found a few items I have wanted for awhile at great prices. Again I will have a link coming shortly, I will add them to my favorite stores bar in the side of the blog and I will have a post coming with some more items I am ordering this week. 

Hope you enjoyed. 

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  1. Omg now cute is that burner and love prickly pear margaritas also. Great post and love your cute outfits always look on point, killing it. Thank you for sharing your amazing deals and finds