Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Favorite brand denim shorts

Summer is almost here and for us South floridians it is basically summer here . The temperatures are already in the 80-90's daily and I have been wearing my shorts and tank tops pretty much daily. I have a few brands I have loved for many years. Miss Me and Silver denim are two of my favorites. I also love True Religion, Seven, Hudson, Lucky Brand, Rock Revival, Rag & Bone and many others. If you want some extra bling Miss Me is perfect. If you are looking for an excellent fit I love the way True Religion and Silver jeans look. The stitching and pocket placement is amazing. All these brands keep their shape throughout the day and don't get that stretched out look after several hours of wearing. I like when my jeans have a little stretch to them but not a lot. 

I will have several reviews coming up of not just brands, but cut, stitching, styles and shades. By the end of my reviews you should be able to find yourself the perfect pair of shorts for the summer, not just fit but I will go over the different cuts and what styles look best on which body types. My first review will be on boyfriend style denim shorts. I will be reviewing many brands and from low end to high end so you will have many choices when it comes to price. Thank you for stopping by and look forward to sharing my first review this week. I will be starting with a pair of BKE black boyfriend jeans from buckle. Hope everyone is having a great week and only two more days till Friday! Whoot Whoot! 

A couple of my current favorites I own: 

Miss Me frayed stretch denim from $82.99

Above are the first pair I will be reviewing from BKE and they are the BKE Black boyfriend shorts from Buckle. They retail for $72.95. I got mine at half off and had to try a pair since I had read so many reviews comparing them to Moss Me, and Big Star denim which are two of the brands I own a lot of shorts and jeans from.  Boyfriend shorts are tricky to find the right fit and I don't recommend ordering them online because they are meant to fit baggy and they run all kinds of different ways when it comes to sizing. I have one pair that is a size 3 and have a pair that are a size 9/10. This brand I ordered a 28 waist and it was huge. Also the boyfriend style doesn't look good on all body types. I will go over more of this in my review. Enjoy some styles and brands I selected below from Polyvore.

My Favorite brand denim shorts

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  1. Silver jeans are a favorite of mine especially their shorts. I also love miss me and lucky brand but have found LA Idol jeans, which I first found here on your blog are also great and have then same stitching as true religion is known for. Great post thank you for sharing can't wait to see some reviews on your favorite brands