Friday, April 24, 2015

Rockville Eve

It's Friday night and tomorrow kicks off the first day of the two day rock festival in Jacksonville known as Rockville. We drove up today from south Florida and checked into our hotel close to the stadium where the concert will be held. Four stages and so many bands along with some cool experiences and tents.

Tonight they have tons of shows going on around town, most of them are 21 and over, we have our 15 year old daughter with us so we can't go to a lot of them. However Nonpoint is playing with a few other bands and we are trying to make it out to this show. 

List of bands for the weekend 

Update a photo from the pre Rockville show last night. Photo is from the official Welcome to Rockville Facebook page and is not mine. 

Nonpoint a band I have loved since I was a teen back in the 90's. Love these guys and always see them when they play their home show down in Ft. Lauderdale. Remember the days of seeing them play the local clubs and before they hit the big time. Excited to see them today. 

Hope everyone is ready for a rocking day. 

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  1. We also went to Rockville from Orlando area. I enjoyed following your IG and blog all weekend. Saturday was rough but yesterday was awesome, rock on. New follower for sure