Thursday, April 23, 2015

Instagram OOTD shots

I am so sorry I have not had time to post a article. I need to write up my review for the shots for summer along with another update on my waist cincher but have been so busy. The job has me working like crazy. I am now working for the company that hires and contracts out the stylists for the magazines and shoots as well as got promoted to a stylist and curator. It is exciting and sad I can only do this for a couple months because I do not work during the summer. It is a time to spend with my kids and I never let any job interfere with my time with my girls. 

I was hired by the magazine as a assistant to the lead editor for the fashion section and magazine but then she loved my wardrobe and had asked me to help styling shoots. After my second time assisting the stylists the head of the company approached me and asked me if I would want to work for them. I was so overjoyed but felt bad leaving my boss at the magazine, she urged me to take the position and told me she saw it in me from the first interview. I have been working like crazy basically taking my girls to school and heading downtown to the office, I spend my days going through racks of clothes, boxes of shoes, bags and accesories it is amazing. I get to see all the newest lines from the designers before they are even released to the public, it has it's perks. Curating is also a blast getting to pick my favorite pieces and put them together for looks, I was sk nervous at first because some of the stuff isn't my style but I quickly was getting the hang of it and even though it isn't my style it have learned I have an eye for styling for sure. It has felt great to get so many compliments and have everyone tell me they can not believe I never did this before or thought of being a stylist. I have always thought my style was more laid back and stay at home, mom look lol but I have been told that I have an amazing sense of style and that my look is very unique. 

I already let me boss know I won't be able to work the summer and she has begged me to at least consider being on call for jobs and made me promise I would come back in the fall for fashion week. I would love to and I am really considering it. Again for me this is a dream job not so much cause it was my dream job because I never pictured myself doing this or set out to have a job like this but now that I have done it I absolutely love it and it comes so natural for me. I am way better at styling them writing lol, that's for sure.

Anyways, since I don't have this blog linked with my ig wanted to share some of my own outfits from the passed couple weeks. I am working on the new blog and it will have way more stuff like a link to my IG account which will be a fashion and blog exclusive account for photos just for here. I also will have links, more reviews and a lot more photos. I am off to pack we are going to Rockville tomorrow for a weekend of live bands. It's Florida's version of coachella for rock music and can't wait. Enjoy my photos and have a great weekend. Next week I will work my best to get the reviews up for several shops, wardrobe pieces, my cincher update and the shorts for summer reviews. Thank you for your patience and loyalty ❤️✌️

My Lindsey Perry tee from Tilly's paired with my fave denim jeans by Silver denim co. 

Pebby Forevee tee and camo pencil skirt from Tara Lynn's Boutique. 

Necks love is by Lacey Ryan from New York and can be found on Maurice's online. 

Some of my fave new summer goodies. 
Pebby Forevee tee, silver jeans shorts, day trip kimono, converse feather sneakers and some cute accessories.

Another Pebby Forevee tee from the beach. Love these tees. 

Cute ootd flat lay with a cold shoulder cute cow skull graohic tee from Marshall's, kimono and boyfriend shorts from Fashion Junkee online, Mia tall gladiator sandals, my Aldo fringe bag from eBay and a cute floral headband from Etsy awhile back. 

Hope for humanity tee and Silver jeans. Link for H4H apparel is in my favorite shops along with a lot of the other shops I have posted. 

This tee is from Balm, it's a Neil Young song lyric and reminds me of my dad, searchin for a heart of gold. This is a great soft muscle tank and paired it with my fave Ecote army green, slide slit, pocketed maxi skirt that I also had to get in black from Urban Outfitters. Sandals are handmade braided leather from the Keys leather sandal shop. Best sandals so comfy and made so well. 

Got this lace tank at TJ Maxx and the skirt from Marshall's, love this skirt obsessed and want to go back to grab the other colors tomorrow before I leave if they have. Got it last week and have gotten so many compliments. Has a embroidered waist and side slits. Love long skirts with tees and tanks. 

Love this quote...

Anchors tank and cute mid length embroidered navy skirt. 

Hope you enjoyed and have a fab weekend. I will be rocking out to Slipknot, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Papa Roach and many other amazing bands can't wait. Xoxo

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