Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Target Maxi skirt also worn as a dress..

Quickly wanted to share this with my blog readers, I posted this on my Instagram earlier today and loved it so much I had to post it here. I purchased this cute maxi skirt at Target by Mossimo on sale for $16, also have it in black and have several other styles similar. A year ago I found this amazing silk tie dye maxi skirt by a high end brand but it was so long I decided to wear it to the beach one day as a dress. It honestly is a super cute idea and is a great way to get extra wear out of your maxi skirts during the spring and summer. Simply add a belt or not, it looks cute both ways. You can even have the belt right under the bust or at your waist for two different looks. This is also great for shorter ladies that maxi skirts are hard to find that don't drag on the floor and you struggle with finding mid length dresses as well. Now this cute $16 skirt can be worn several different ways for a few different looks. Love it. Hope you enjoy. ✌️❤️ 

I used a thin braided belt that can be tied but also have thicker belts and love the elastic style belts for this also. 

Looks amazing and got so many compliments today, everyone asked me where I found this cute dress and they couldn't believe it was a skirt. It is always fun to be adventurous with our wardrobe. 

Pinterest is a great spot for ideas like cutting sleeves off your old sweaters to make boot cuffs and leg warmers, cutting a hole in a old pair of leggings to make a 80's cropped top, and more. Would love to hear some of your ideas or tricks for multi purposing and recycling your clothes. Please leave comments below. ❤️

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  1. Love this idea! I have many maxi skirts just like this one with the fold over top. You are so talented and creative.