Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tamra Barney's nude and black lace dress from Vicki's party

On the finale of the Real Housewives of Orange County in true Housewife form they had a party, this time at Vicki's house. I love her decor and must say she has the most gorgeous home. A lot of things happened the we're interesting and I have to say I can't stand Vicki's daughter's husband Ryan. He is so rude and seems like there are some serious issues with control and temper there, poor Vicki.

The wardrobe this week was amazing. I loved Lydia's white lace and feather dress, also Heather looked amazing an not as dressed up but still super chic. Tamra had on a gorgeous dress, she actually had this listed on her eBay page for a few days a couple weeks ago and was tempted to order it. It is made by BCBG and is a gorgeous super cute party dress.

I am writing from my phone since I'm out of town today but will have a link to post and a style stealer look alike also:). Have some other stuff in the works for the reunion dresses also, saw the sneak peek last night and definitely am looking now for the cute dresses worn by the ladies:).

Enjoy your weekend and will have a Birchbox review coming when I get home got some great items, including a navy eyeliner pencil I love and wore today:). Happy trend hunting ladies,

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