Tuesday, August 27, 2013

General hospital update, ideas and spoilers

Spoiler alert at end in case some people don't want to know what is up in coming. The rest is my own opinion of what is to come and on things happening.

Connie is now gone, wasn't expecting that but now that she is gone everyone thinks AJ did it. He is the last person we saw in the office with the gun but then nothing in between except her dead and Connie writing AJ in blood. Of course everyone assumes it is AJ but being a long time GH watcher things are never that easy lol. I believe it was Ava Jerome. She was taking to AJ and also wanted her gone cause of the Kiki and Silis (spelling) Clay, but remember Connie overheard Derek Wells refer to himself as Julian the she saw the info on Sonny's coffee business. She was about to tell Sonny when AJ walked in. Remember Ava was the second shooter in the Franco attempt that took down Olivia.

Then there is the Julian aka Derek Wells being Sam's dad. I believe he is going to open up specially being the one to save his own grandson. This will be an interesting story to watch unfold.

Last up my spoiler, I saw Robin is returning to GH, this is going to shake up the entire town. Patrick and Sabrina, Ana and Duke, then Brit's baby, which I believe is Dante and Lulu's real baby boy.

Can't wait to see what happens when Maxxie wakes up again, I hope her and Spinelli claim their baby and that Brit's baby is Dante and Lulu's.

More to come this week on Friday of updates from this week, my opinions and ideas then some spoilers or rumors. Stay posted. Then will have some reality Real Housewives fashion and show talk. Lots coming. Also got some amazing photos from some amazing stuff I am working on. Can't wait to share.

Today was my birthday and thank you to all my friends and followers that emailed, texted, and messages me on social media to wish me a happy birthday. It was a great day spent with my man, my girls and my entire family including in laws. Friday is my shopping day but also got some great surprises from everyone:). I don't feel a day over 26. Lol. Happy Tuesday an have a wonderful week;). Lots of fashion finds coming Saturday after a day of retail birthday therapy along with unpacking my fall clothes and updating my wardrobe for this falls trends. Got some killer leather Tory Burch boots, juicy couture locket jewelry and key, leather TB jacket and found my Burberry trench and scarves. Fashion alert going to put together some must have multi purpose go to outfits for fall, been reading what will be trending as far as color, fabrics, prints and styles. A quick hint, leather is in, riding boots flat, oversized sweaters and jackets with boyfriend jeans, studs, very rock and roll or grunge but with a twist. Can't wait to share some of my favorite styles and looks. I have lots of leather boots, jackets, studs, jeans with worn look, baggy tops and scarves:). Excited to share also have some nail trends for fall and colors you must have. Navy, cranberry, mustard, purple, and browns are going to be must have colors for fall.

Dlitefully trending

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