Monday, August 12, 2013

Favorite pictures from summer vacations and Keys

Little collage and a few photos from my Keys vacation. Check out my photography blog at for more photos:).

Sad to see summer coming to an end. We had a wonderful summer with our annual summer trip to the mountains, last year we did Tennessee side and this year North Carolina already have plans for a fall trip:). Then we did a short trip to Orlando, my mom, my daughters and myself and it was relating:). Had a lot of fun three generations of ladies from my family. Finished off with an amazing week in the Florida Keys and a trip down to
Key West. It was a great end to an amazing summer, bittersweet to see it end and have my youngest start kindergarten. She is excited and I am super excited for her just sad cause we have spent a lot of time together the passed six years and she is my partner in crime:).

Time for mama to pursue her career and passions while my girls go to school and learn. Excited to hear bout interview and if I got a position. They had three huge interview days with tons of local photographers all applying. August 16 is the date they said they would be in touch to let me know. I applied for photographer and assistant photographer, I want to learn as much as I can from others so a assistant position sounds good also. Both pay good and the hours are amazing, most important it is portraits an working with kids on location:). I want to pursue portrait photography doing family photos, newborns, children, teens and events. Being a second shooter for weddings is fun but I really want to do family and portrait sessions, plus love being outdoors.

I must say I have gotten really into landscape photography and when I am not working to learn more about portraits and family photography I spend my spare time taking pictures of the beach, flowers, insects, animals and anything outdoors. I have a few amazing shots I plan to frame:). Enjoy my photos and happy snapping

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