Thursday, August 22, 2013

General Hospital

I haven't posted a blog entry about GH in awhile either, things were crazy with the summer and traveling.  I wanted to spend as much time with my daughters as possible, specially since my youngest started kindergarten this week.  I am adjusting to not having her home with me and the crazy hectic mornings getting two kids out the door for school.  The passed few days when I do have free time I have been taking a moment to relax and reflect.

Today's episode was a relieving one for me, I have hated Maxi keeping the secret about Dante and Lulu's baby, well should I say Spinelli and Maxi's baby.  I am so glad Ellie told Spinelli, but hoping it was real and not another dream.  I can't wait for that story line to come to an end, but to only think now what will happen with Dante and Lulu?  I hope that Brit Westbourne is carrying the other embryo they had, that Lulu had asked her to implant in her when she had the miscarriage.  That is the only thing I can think of when trying to figure out how Brit ended up pregnant, we know it isn't Patrick's baby, so that has to be what it is.  Then that would mean that Dante and Lulu are still having a baby, just not a little girl a little boy instead.

Then there is this Derek Wells, or Julian Jerome which I said in a earlier post I assumed that Sam Morgan's dad was going to end up being a Jerome, and now that is pretty much confirmed.  How Alexis hasn't recognized him or how he hasn't had an memories of her is weird but now that he is confirmed to be a donor match for Danny I think it will all come out.  Then the ending today how Connie figured it all out and was calling Sonny till AJ walked in with a gun.  I haven't heard any rumors about Connie's character leaving, maybe some of you other viewers and fans know more then me cause I haven't been reading spoiler alerts lately since I haven't had time, but hopefully AJ doesn't do something stupid that would be awful.

Next week I will do some searching and then thinking, put together some ideas in my mind of what I think is happening cause I think if you go back and read my old posts you will see that I was on point about Julian Jerome aka Derek Wells being Sam's dad and a possible match for Danny.  I usually can come up with some pretty good ideas of what is to come.  I also love to hear what everyone else thinks, tell me what you think is to come in Port Charles.

Happy Soap watching

Have a great Friday and weekend=)

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