Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My newest business cards

I got a free package from for the mini cards and ordered those awhile ago, was thinking about ordering the regular size cause I want to have my photos on back like my other ones I ordered from but decided to stay with Zazzle I have ordered my business cards for party/event planning and cakes from there as well as other cards I have used in the passed.  My first order for photography cards I had a discount and free shipping for Zazzle and got two different style fronts then my photos on back, I finally decided on my logo for the website and blog, so used that on the front and added my email then phone number, the back is 5 different photos and then it has web site, facebook and blog links on side.  My first ones I posted and also got some free ones from another site and the mini ones from moo. ones were amazing for free offer just had to pay shipping, they are skinny and half the size of the regular cards but great for passing out or putting at businesses, I think next order I will try them for full size but I am already familiar with Zazzle since I ordered from there several times.  I hope everyone likes my logo I chose.  I love it.  Going to see it everywhere soon, using for my website and blog.

Below is the front of card and got them in pearl so they have a pretty shine to them, then the back side is five photos I took, in glossy.  Can't wait for them to come.  I still have a ton of the first few I designed and ordered plus freebies, but wanted to use my logo now that I have come up with one, mostly it isn't a logo more of a font design, but with photography logos are pretty standard.  Keeping it simple till the business starts to grow.

Let me know what you think

Happy Clicking.
Business card front and logo

Pictures shown here are similar to the ones on cards, but I edited the ones on my cards using LR and adjusted some things, then top one of sunset in the Keys used a different closer up photo, but don't have those images saved on my iPhone had to remove most of my photos till my new iPhone 5 comes because the memory was full and having issues with it.  Still get an idea of the cards and will scan and post the originals when they arrive next week.  I had an amazing birthday, and things are going great, got the job, been learning a lot, business is going good applied for my papers with the state and city, filing for tax id and opened a bank account.  Have a session booked for next week to do portraits and can't wait to post some recent photos.  Coming next week for sure=).  Thank you for reading and please feel free to post comments.  Love to hear from everyone.

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  1. The cards look great! I like the idea of having different photos on the back so any potential clients can get an idea of what kind of photography they can expect from you. As for Moo and Zazzle, you could always try getting a small batch printed from Moo to check the quality of the regular-sized cards from them. :)