Monday, January 23, 2017

Silver Jeans Co Styles

Silver Jeans Co

In the center the Suki Mid skinny jeans with embroidered details.  All these jeans have the Silver Jeans Co We fit flex denim.  Denim that has just the right amount of stretch to hug your curves and fit your body they way you like.  Silver Jeans Co has some new styles being released for Spring that I can't wait to share with you.  They have the Sam, boyfriend jeans and Kenni, girlfriend jeans.  Boyfriend jeans are designed mid rise, with that comfy slouchy fit like a pair of your boyfriends jeans would have, then the girlfriend jeans have a lower/mid rise that are slightly more fitted in the hips and thighs with a tapered leg.  These new fits are a lot like their prior boyfriend and girlfriend fit jeans just some slight changes.

Their new Avery is for the ladies who love the Suki fit, these were designed with the same curvy fit as Suki but these have a higher waist.  I know the Tuesday jeans have always been a favorite of mine but the older low waist isn't really my go to rise anymore so now keep an eye out for Calley, these have the straight fit a lot like Tuesday jeans but with a mid rise.  Then Silver Jeans has designed the Mazy which is going to be the high waisted version of the Tuesday jeans.  I cannot wait to try both these styles since Tuesday fit were my first love by Silver Jeans Co.

Below are the Berkley Jeans which are similar to the popular Aiko fit with slightly curly fit and shape perfecting low rise.  The leg has a slight straight fit through the thigh and then tapers toward the ankle.  Love these and can't wait to share some photos of them on.  If you ever wanted a higher waist the new Aiko's have been designed with a comfortable mid rise waist now perfect for everyday wear.

I will be bringing you more of the new styles in the weeks to come for Spring.  I just ordered some of the Kenni jeans and will be rocking the Berkley in weeks to come.  I am sure it will only be a few weeks before I have multiple new styles to share with you and some new shorts also.  I was on today and in love with their cute new graphic tops then their new shorts caught my eye.  I am always looking for just the right fit shorts, I have found many styles of jeans I love but shorts are always another story.  

Work Hard, Slay Harder and Pray Hardest graphic tank by Whimsy Fashion, head over to Instagram and follow them @whimsyfashionllc and you can visit their website here:  Here I paired my graphic tank with the Berkley Jeans by Silver Jeans Co. 

There's a full moon a rising' Let's go dance in the light.  Flannel is by Gypsy Warrior and paired with my Silver Jeans Co Suki Mid Skinny Jeans.

Have fun checking out the newest styles and fits by Silver Jeans, and be sure to check out Whimsy Fashion too, they have lots of cute and affordable graphic tops for your spring wardrobe.  Peace, Love and Light always xoxo

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  1. What a great post, I love your photos of the Silver Jeans. Have missed your blog posts welcome back. Happy 2017