Thursday, January 12, 2017

Silver Jeans Co 2016 Photo & Style faves

Silver Jeans Co 2016 

For pretty much half of my life I have been rocking Silver Jeans. I came across them in my late teens, early twenties when looking for some distressed jeans.  At the time distressed jeans were not as common or easy to find and once I found their Tuesday Low distressed jeans I was hooked.  As I have blogged about for many years now not only are the fit of Silver Jeans amazing but the quality, comfort and selection is amazing.

I love every style from Tuesday, Suki, Aiko, Boyfriend and then some of their newer styles,  the Girlfriend, Elyse and Berkley.  Looking forward to trying out the new Sam also for 2017.

Whether you are looking for something with a skinny fit, flare, boot cut or straight leg you will find the perfect style at

These Flare jeans have the perfect vintage look and feel for styling with graphic tees or even bohemian inspired blouse,

I still love my distressed ripped jeans and Silver Jeans has the best distressed jeans.  They last years, I have my Tuesday low cut jeans from almost 15 years ago and they are still going strong.

Above are the boyfriend jeans, one of my newer fave styles and love the distressed finish.  These are the jeans you will find me in day to day whether running errands, picking the kids up from school or hanging out with my girlfriends.  They are comfy and very stylish.

Suki Mid Skinny jeans with Embroidered details are perfect for date nights or any occasion.  Love to wear these with ankle boots, heels and sneakers.  No matter the occasion they always look fantastic.

Girlfriend jeans are quickly taking over for the boyfriend jeans with the same comfy fit but a little more fitted to show off your curves.  Graphic tee is by Dazey_LA.

As you can see these aren't your moms jeans.  Being almost 40 I am always trying to avoid wearing jeans that make me look my age and Silver Jeans have just the right amount of stretch to them to hug the curves without being to tight as well as they have mid and high waisted for those who don't like the lower cut styles the teens love.  I personally love low, mid and high waisted they all serve for a different look when styling.

Collage of some of my faves from 2016

Flare bottom jeans with exposed button closure fly.  These jeans are my favorite flare jeans for the 70's vintage vibe they give.  Love wearing these with my graphic tees and heels, or boots.  

My closet it pretty much 98% Silver Jeans when it comes to my denim, jeans collection.  I know when investing in a pair of jeans that from previous history with my Silver Co jeans these will last me for years and when I find a fave style or wash I usually grab back up pair in a size lower then my current jeans for when my weight fluctuates or maybe a darker or lighter wash so I always have multiples or a back up pair if one is in need of wash.  

Silver Jeans Co Boyfriend style shorts.  I love every style from jeans, cropped or capri length and shorts.

These Girlfriend Cropped jeans are amazing, another win for Silver jeans when it comes to style and fit.

From my post over the summer, Over a decade of Silver Jeans Co.  These are jeans I have had in my closet for over 10 years, some almost as long as 20 years.  These jeans still fit amazing and look like they did when I got them, or like some jeans they have gotten even better over time.  If you are like me and love a good broke in pair of jeans then these jeans are for you.

Hope you enjoyed some of my favorites from 2016 and beyond by Silver Jeans Co.  Be sure to scroll back on my blog and social media for many photos of all my favorite styles, washes, textures and more by Silver Jeans Co.

Peace love and light always xoxo

Silver Jeans Style Setter

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  1. Happy New Year! Happy to see you are back. I was wondering if you had launched your new blog and I missed it or if you had issues with your health. Funny because of you I bought my first pair of Silver Jeans not sure if you remember I messaged you about sizing back in July for the boyfriend jeans. They are still my favorite pair and I now own 5 pairs. I wear my Girlfriend jeans all the time and when I'm not wearing those it's my original boyfriend jeans or the Tuesday torn black jeans you also have. Thank you for your help. I love your hair color you have now wish I had the nerve to dye my hair it looks amazing on you. Hope 2017 is a great year for you and that your health is better. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts, well wishes.