Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hair Slinky, Best Hair tie ever.

Hair Slinky



Hair Slinky 


Today I am bringing you my final review on the Hair Slinky. I was sent a sample of these amazing hair ties, and let me start off by saying I was skeptical sat first.  Over the years I have had many hair ties and accessories claiming to not break the hair or leave a crease/dent in the hair when using. I tried them but usually was disappointed. I always remain open minded when reviewing or trying a product and I want to make sure to put the products to the true test before giving my review on them. I did a review back when these first arrived but since have had more time to wear and use them these are now the only hair ties we use in our house.

Both myself and my oldest daughter have wavy hair that we both spend lots of time blow drying straight or flat ironing. If you spend time getting your hair straight like us then you know the pain of hot days and wanting to pull your hair back or up but that dreaded line or crease left by normal hair ties. You also know that you will do anything to keep your hair straight for as many days as possible, so sometimes you have to suffer being plain Jane with your hair down or not being able to pull it back without ruining the look. We both tried the Hair Slinky and were amazed that it did not leave the line or crease.  Now we can wear our hair half up/down, in a ponytail, or just pull it back to keep from sweating on a hot day which can also cause straight hair to become wavy or messed up.  Hair Slinky is a savior for our hair after blowing out straight and the only hair tie we use now.

My youngest daughter has curly hair, the tight ringlet style curls (think young Shirley Temple)  that make her hair tangle easy and hard to style. Usually her hair bands or hair ties end up tangled either breaking the hair or sometimes having to be cut out. With the Hair Slinky she now allows me to put hair up because she is no longer afraid or worried of the pain of removing the bands from her tangled hair.  They don't cause damage and she even likes to use them to put her own hair up to keep it out of her face when at school since she can easily remove them herself now that they don't become tangled like regular hair ties. 

My entire family loves these hair ties/bands, we all wear one around our wrist if not in our hair so we always have one on hand. I love to use them for throwing my hair up in a bun. I use to call it my messy or mom bun but with the Hair Slinky it is a nice bun, the spiral style of the band keeps all the hairs in place perfectly.  You can order your own at www.hairslinky.com. You can also follow them on Instagram @hairslinky and Facebook at www.facebook.com/hairslinky.

My messy mom bun is now nice and polished thanks to my Hair Slinky ties.  The spiral cord design helps hold all the hair in place and allows for quick styling.

I also think that the Hair Slinky makes for a nice piece of arm candy to mix n match with my bracelets.  If you are like me and love to stack your arms with bracelets then the Hair Slinky looks nice with bracelets and doesn't even look like it would be a hair tie.  

Top:  Paired with my Sashka Co bracelets in metallic gold 

Bottom:  gorgeous blue and metallic silver look great paired next to my custom turquoise bracelet with feather charm made by Fawning In Love on Etsy, links below where to find.

Hope you enjoy these amazing hair ties as much as my family and I do, they come in many sizes and colors. I love the metallic ties that blend in with jewelry and of course purple to match my current hair color. Thank you Hair Slinky for these amazing ties to review and my new obsession for hair ties/accessories. 

Peace love and light always xoxo✌🏼❤✨😘
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  1. I ordered one of these to try after your original post love mine. Need to order more now that I know it works I am always worried I might leave mine behind or misplace it, these really are great. Hate normal hair bands they are damaging to the hair these remind me of a old phone cord such a great creation. Thank you for sharing as always, I find the best stuff on your blog and Instagram. Happy hump day.