Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Woven Pear Socks

Woven Pear Socks
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Buffalo/Bison socks with Dream Catchers on the bottom.

Woven Pear socks are made of extremely high quality woven cotton.  Every pair is hand dipped and dyed to ensure the perfect pop of color.  They design their brand for women, to make a difference and they wanted to create a brand that empowers women to put their best foot forward.  I love any and all brands that are behind empowering women, and supporting other women super awesome.

Both pairs I now own, after seeing the Buffalo style and wanting to purchase them for sometime I finally ordered a pair, and loved them so much.  I love Buffalo and then it is funny but I have a thing for dreamcatchers and feathers so these are the perfect socks for me.  After seeing the Happy Camper ones were restocked I had to order.

We love nature, camping and being outdoors so these two pears really spoke to me.
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These have to be the cutest, most detailed and comfortable socks I own.

The bottom of every pair has cute details or words.  I am now eyeing the mix tape socks and considering their montly socks box, both my daughters and myself all love cute socks with fun prints.

Love the detail and colors in the prints.  The Happy Camper socks were so adorable in person and I am normally a little frugal with some items, so paying $15 for a pair of socks is why it took me some time to finally order the cute Buffalo socks I saw right before the holidays.  I am going to be honest with you, the prints, details, and quality of the socks are amazing I feel they are totally worth the money now that I have purchased some. Don't hesitate because I own tons of socks and hands down these are the best quality and cutest most comfy Pear I own.  You can get 20% off your first pair using my link http://wovenpear.refr.cc/melissa.  These make great gifts and with these cute themed socks you can't go wrong.  They offer free shipping so at the end of the day I am only sorry I didn't order them sooner and now I really want many other pairs.  

Their monthly socks box comes with 3 pears of exclusively designed socks available only to members.  They only have a limited amount of boxes each month, the cost is only $24.99 which is amazing when one pair retails for $15.  You are saving almost half around 44%.  

Head over to www.wovenpear.com now to check out the amazing variety of styles and prints available, also you can follow them on IG @wovenpair.  Happy sock shopping and here's to having the cutest and most comfy dressed feet around.  Peace love and light always xoxo.


  1. Love Woven Pear 🍐Socks they have the coolest designs, love your Buffalo and Camping choices. I receive the monthly box you must sign up if you have not yet. Each month they have new prints, you will be happy you joined. Love your blog ❤

  2. Do their monthly boxes sell out? Or can you always sign up then they mail you the next months box? I ordered my box 2 weeks ago and nothing has arrived but have seen photos on social media of other people's boxes they have received since I ordered. Online if aopears rhe January box is sold out, just curious if maybe then I will receive the February box. Excited these look so cute, ever since you posted your pair of Bison socks I have been admiring them. Thank you for sharing and thank you for any help with my question. Not sure if you are even a monthly box subscriber yet, but I remember you mentioned it so I did that instead of paying 15 for one pair 24.99 is the way to go and you get 3. The Happy Camper socks are also cute, I love the oh deer and squirrels too. Socks are my addiction like your love for graphic tees I have to have all the socks I can find. Excited to see how the comfort and thickness of the socks are, I like a lighter weight breathable sock, without inner stitching preferably the dye printed socks versus embroidered. Enjoy your comfy feet 😌

  3. I just used your link to order myself a pear of these cute socks. I love cactus so the prickly pear were my favorite. Can't wait for them to arrive and thank you for sharing. Always so many amazing brands and new trends. Have a fun Super Bowl Sunday, go Patriots