Tuesday, January 31, 2017

It's a New Year lots of New things to come

It's a New Year and time for lots of New Blog Posts...

Photos of myself over the passed few years 

For many years now I have been blogging here and it all started with an outlet for my creativity or passions. I was so inspired by so many other bloggers that I wanted to share the things I loved with others even if it only reached a few people or maybe it inspired one or two other ladies. I love to save money and never started blogging to make money or to get free things. I started blogging because I had been so inspired with other ladies blogs and by their amazing style, creativity and content. Having a blog coming up with fresh new content always isn't easy. Sometimes you get caught up in the day to day social media posts of outfits and next thing you know your blog revolves around those selfies and the creativity that first drove you and inspired you sometimes becomes hard to find or see. 

My Creations when I was running Dliteful Creations & Designs, my own party/event planning, decor and home design business.  I not only made cakes and decor but was doing a lot of events, home decor and design work also.  Started totally on my own and had never made cakes or had any training in fondant or cake making.

After being ill for some time and going through some times I was not wanting to deal with, with drama I wouldn't wish on anyone by strangers I learned I had to get back to what I love. Sharing my love for fashion, decor, adventure and photography. I am over my selfies and want to take my photos to another level. I would love nothing more then to have my hubby be this amazing photographer who can spend hours taking photos for me and the outfits I style but he works a job 60 hours plus a week, and he isn't really into photography so on his free days he isn't wanting to shoot endless photos of me in outfits I styled traveling around the area looking for great places to shoot. I have been lucky to meet many photographers,  hair stylists, makeup artists, other stylists and consultants, shop and brand owners and we have all discussed working together but when you are a mom of two girls basically raising them yourself when your spouse works so much it isn't easy. My oldest daughter is talented she is super artistic, creative, loves to draw and paint, makeup and doing makeup. I can persuade her to do my makeup and shoot some photos for me, and even have my 9 year old behind the camera. 

More Creations I made myself from cakes to my famous adult cupcakes infused with alcohol for grown up parties and of course regular cupcakes with fun recipes and combinations of flavors.  Dliteful Creations and Designs photos.

For years I have been talking about my desire to move to NC and the mountains. I have a heart that is in the mountains and craves adventure. Being stuck in one spot living a scheduled almost broken record day to day life Monday through Friday I dream of the day my oldest graduates and I can sell our home, hit the road in our camper, purchase land in the mountains and have my youngest taking online school, teaching her from traveling, sharing my love for art and history with her exploring new places and showing her this amazing country eventually traveling all over the world. It has been a long time dream but settling down young, getting married at 21 having my first child by 22 and then second one at 30 the real boredom vibe and every day life not being what I want in life really hit me around 33. I tried to persuade my hubby to move then but he has a great job. 

Photography has been a long time hobby of mine and when traveling or exploring I always have my camera as well as a macro lens for fun closeup photos.

Sometimes in life you have to give up things to support those you love so I made a compromise with my man, I told him I have been supporting you and the girls for years once our oldest graduates, because I didn't want to pull her out of school and away from her friends mid high school, that once she is close to graduation the house will be put on the market for sale and we will make our plans. My youngest is excited for her adventure. I have had to convince my hubby of it because he feels she will be lonely without daily interactions with children, but she will still have that maybe not daily but she will have even more interactions with people, animals, the world, nature , etc. I feel she will flourish and really be able to become who she is set to be with experiencing so many new places, people, and life experiences. She is also artistic like myself and my oldest theses adventures and  life changes will make it easier for her to explore and network in these fields. 

For many years I debated and even played around with starting my own photography business.  I soon realized that photography was more a hobby and creative outlet for me, I do still take family and portrait photos for friends and family when asked since I have amazing camera and lenses but I love to just take photos of nature while exploring.  I have had many of my photos featured on social media sites, Instagram pages, Clicking Moms blog and IG, and on other blogs that feature photography from IG and FB.

I'm so excited and yes I have a year almost till the adventure will start and we will be looking for a new home, packing, selling the home I thought was our forever till retirement home 9 years ago when we bought it. Till that time there is nothing worse then an idle creative mind, idle hands and an idle heart that wants to roam , craves adventure and new places but I am going to work hard on sharing the things I love the most, mini adventures and travels to share with you all, and launching a new blog with my oldest before she breaks away and starts her life adventure. Hope you will continue to support and visit my blog. Again I love sharing and always am so inspired by so many of you and other bloggers, social media influencers and friends I have met over the years. I want to really bring my dreams to life her and share with all of you. 

I have a portfolio of my photos, canvas prints and framed art of some of our favorites.  I love to be out in nature exploring and stopping to capture panoramic or amazing scenic views or spending some time getting up close and personal with some of natures beauties with my macro lenses or Lens Baby Macro kit. A few of my photos in the collage were taken on my iPhone using the OlloClip macro lens also.

I don't blog for followers, fame, free things, to push products etc, I only review products I am sent and always honestly, some have not gotten reviewed before because I just didn't like them or couldn't find content or inspiration to write about them. Please keep in mind I was working full time, a mom to two who are very busy and have a hubby working all the time so for the last few years I have had very little free time for blogging, producing content that I really truly got to invest the time I so badly wanted to and started to become more a photo collage, sharing my favorite fashions and styles, bargains I found and photos I loved. I have so appreciated everyone's support, kindness, patience, and love. 

I use Nikon D610 and Pentax camera for a lot of my scenic and longview photos, I also have used the Nikon D3100 and some of my vintage cameras too.  iPhone photos are also always mixed in because believe it or not there are sometimes when hiking I have chosen to leave my camera behind to not be weighed down with gear climbing to waterfalls or hiking mountain trails but then have some amazing moment I have to capture and I have found my iPhone takes some amazing quality photos when needed.  I hope to share more of my love for photography, design, decor, crafts and of course fashion this year while spending more time on my content of blog posts.

Excited for growth, changes, sharing my journey with my health, motherhood, my first born graduating and heading off to college, taking my youngest out of the school system and taking her into nature to learn with me. I know it's a year and few months away but I can't wait, till then I have so many new ideas to try and things I want to share with everyone. Thank you for visiting my Cr8tive Wanderlust of decor, photos, fashion and more. If you would like to guest blog or want to swap guest blog stories with me contact me, I would love to share more with others as well as have stories from ladies all over, mom's, wives, grandmothers, stylists, bloggers, influencers, marketers, photographers, writes, designers, boutique owners, entrepreneurs and more.  Let's collaborate, let's support one another, let's empower other women, and let's raise young women that are creative, authentic, kind and future entrepreneurs. 

Peace love and light to all. Xoxo 


All photos taken by me. 

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  1. Your photography is really beautiful and those cakes/cupcakes look so yummy. Excited to see more of your photos and do you still bake? I love to make cupcakes, enjoy decorating them with my kids. Happy February ❤