Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer accessory trend

This week I received the perfect cage style cropped black tank top. It is the perfect summer accessory. Already placed an order for a white one and then two colors in a similar style. These are amazing for wearing under wide neck and off the shoulder tops, tee and tanks, under a tank or off the shoulder dress and romper. It is the perfect accessory no doubt. What do you think? They are in expensive costing around 6-12 depending on where you order from. I went with a US shipper and it was $11 with shipping for one. I ordered more and saved on shipping and $4 off. 

Here seen in a selfie shot under a wide neck off the shoulder graphic tee. 

What I love about this top is that it isn't a bra or bralette style top, it is in fact a cropped tank top. It doesn't have padding and it isn't too small for someone larger busted. I have a few similar tops and bras with cute Criss-cross style straps but they are all a little small, this top was one size fits all and worried me but it fits my larger bust fine and can be worn without a bra. I am not going to say the same for the white I'm sure lol, but the black under another top is not an issue.

Found the same style at Forever21 for $9.90 (link below)  mine is a little longer then the one I found but the straps are the same style.  If you are larger busted I would go with the style I have and will get link from eBay for below in where to shop section.  

My graphic tee is by Weekend Up Tees on Etsy. Necklace is Fawning in Love on Etsy also, then bracelets are Simply Quinn's, Rocksbox sample sale arrowhead turquoise silver bangle by House of Harlow 1960 that I got last summer, and some Rose Gonzales blue and turquoise arm stack pieces. The caged black crop tank I found on eBay searching caged cropped tank. I will post a link below tomorrow. 

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend. XOXO

Where to shop:

Graphic tee is from Weekend Up Tees on Etsy

Necklace is Fawning In Love on Etsy 

Links in Favorite shops on sidebar.

Caged Cropped Tank eBay Shop Link

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