Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sand Cloud Summer

Sand Cloud Towels
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10% of proceeds from orders is donated to saving marine life!

It is time for everyone to stock up and pick up their newest styles along with some classic styles from Sand Cloud for summer. Summer is almost here less then a month away for some of us. What perfect time to stock up on the trendiest and most stylish, versatile towels available. I know I own so many and they are the only towels I carry in my beach bag, car, purse and then of course my towel bags from spring to fall. I'm excited to share some new styles with you and can't wait to see what is next for new releases to come. Sand Cloud has already released two new acid washed towels and then their most recent tie dye towel to the collection, the Luna towel which joins the Wanderlust tie dye and indigo washed tie dye style towel bag. 

Towel bags and the roundie tie dye towel which is a favorite. 

Also they just released this week the newest addition, which I'm super stoked to be adding to my collection thanks to all the amazing support from my followed on social media and here on my blog for using my referral links and code, Wanderlust25 (25% off and free shipping) to help my earn points towards adding new towels to my collection. Thanks to everyone this year alone I have already gotten four new towels soon to be five and have four credits left towards more. I appreciate this because not only does it help me have more towels to review and photograph to share but also it is belong support an amazing brand and their amazing work donating 10% of every sale to saving/protecting marine life. I love to support growing businesses that are also doing something amazing to help save the planet and donating to good causes. The newest towel is the sea-foam Baja beach blanket. This is reminiscent of the Mexican Baja style beach blankets but with the Sand Cloud quality and style. I adore this new addition. I have loved the tie dye and acid wash styles as well as the mandala design bohemian line since I love all boho chic and gypsy styles, but this new Baja style towel is a classic look but with beautiful tones and texture. I'm excited to add this to my collection. Below are what styles are currently available. Again I'm excited to see what is next for new releases because Sand Cloud has grown so much in the year I have been an ambassador. My first towel was the Iris bohemian collection blue towel, since then I have been so excited to see how many of you have been so kind and supportive to use my links and code to purchase towels, messaging me with your excitement and positivity on the brand. It has helped me grow my collection to be able to continue to share with you the highest quality and trendiest beach towels, blankets, bags, phone cases and water bottles I have seen.

The sea-foam Baja beach blanket was released tonight at 7 pm and I made sure to redeem a reward to purchase one. First 100 orders will get six of the save the fishie stickers. If you would like a sticker feel free to comment me I would be happy to send a few out to followers. 

These are not only made well, and gorgeous but like I have mentioned in every single post I have done whether a blog post on more detail or a social media post, I have always enjoyed sharing not only how well made and quick drying but how multipurpose these products are. If I'm not using one for a blanket at the park, concerts, or beach, then we are using them on road trips, as sarong and cover ups, decorative towels at home, tapestry and accent blankets on the beds and in rooms of the house, over the fall and winter as wraps, shawls and scarves. They are just beautiful and you really can constantly find new uses for them. Recently I have been using them when we have guests on the weekend for a BBQ or pool party to hang in the bathrooms and outside poolside as decorative accents and of course towels, laying out on the tables and lounge chairs to add a decorative accent, pop of color and texture to the patio for our guests. I just can't say enough about how much I love and support this brand. 

If you would like to become an ambassador yourself and love to promote brands you love that have amazing high quality products please contact me and I can refer you to someone to set you up as an ambassador so you can also be able to promote and support this amazing, fast growing respected brand. 

Some of the current towels and items Sand Cloud has on their site now and at the bottom a link to their site. Don't forget to always use my code Wanderlust25 for 25% off and free shipping on your items. You can also use any of my links to receive your discount and sign up for their emails. Thank you again for making me feel so proud and honored to have so many help support me in supporting this amazing brand and cause. Xoxo 

Special offer from Sand Cloud: 25% Off your 1st purchase - Sand Cloud Towel Ambassador referral link

My collection photos, many more here on my blog if you search.

Some of my favorites

Can't wait for you to become part of the Sand Cloud family and purchase a towel for your summer beach necessities or even sign up to become an ambassador. Which ever it may be thank you for your support and I promise you will love your purchased items. Everything is amazing and every towel is beyond what you may think once you receive your own then you can see what I mean. Have a wonderful night all. Xoxo 

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  1. Hello! I just stumbled across your page and used your code to get my very first sand cloud towel and the glass water bottle. I would really like to have one of the #savethefishies stickers to put on my seafoam Yeti cooler. Is there any way you could send me one? Thanks!

    1. Hey there, hope your summer is off to an amazing start. I'm so happy you used my promo code to save 25% off your order, feel free to share with your friends. This will for sure be an awesome addition for your summer necessities. I love my water bottle and every towel is amazing. The sticker should come with the towel and water bottle usually they always send one of the save the fishies stickers, if you don't have one in your package email me is with your address and I will be more then happy to send you one of my own. You let me know I'm happy to send you one either way. I know my last two orders had a sticker in them and I always have extras. I love to return the love with anything I can do to help. Thank you again for using my code and email your information if you want me to send that out now or if you want to wait your order should ship quick they usually do, I usually have mine in 2-3 business days then you can let me know if you got one, it's up to you. Either way you will have a sticker 😘💋 enjoy peace and love always xoxo