Monday, May 9, 2016

Not my problem! Pam & Gela Graphic top


Newest addition to my Pam & Gela graphic tee and tank collection. Scored this on sale brand new and love the beaded embellished lettering with silver metallic detail, pairs amazing with my faux leather Pam & Gela flared skirt and my metallic Silver leather mini skirt. 

Added some sandals with chains and rhinestones for an edgy rocker vibe along with my positive message GoodWorks bracelet in black leather with silver metallic lettering and a chunky Rock & Republic statement necklace. Purse is from Forever21, most of my accessories like my shoes and necklace are older, the purse is a little older but they carry a similar one still and then the bracelet you can find same styles on the Goodwork(s) website. 

My purse clip is handmade by Simply Quinn's and you can find a link under my favorite shops. It has a silver feather pendant, black crystal and turquoise stone. Love these pendants to add a little personal touch to my purses. 

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