Monday, May 9, 2016

Love Life, Inspirational post

The most important thing you learn in life, is loving yourself and to truly love your life. Appreciate all the smaller things and the times you really will look back on and remember. Even negative things that happen can later turn out to be the most memorable because of they way you decide to handle it and react. I always try to find the good in all situations. Especially those you have no control over. 

Example, we went camping back in the end of fall and we had a beautiful spot set up, with our tent, canopy and all our supplies in the perfect spot lake side. We were enjoying fossil hunting, shark teeth hunting, swimming, riding ATV's and enjoying the fire and amazing view. Around 5 pm a bad storm came through and it rained bad for an hour. The tent was flooded and the air mattress was floating, I managed to get some items in the car and under cover since the men and kids were off riding the atvs playing, but what ever I didn't conversation was flooded out. Everyone was down but I cleaned up, laid out stuff to dry, and made it my mission to find some dry wood in the wood pile up by he entry to the site and get a fire going. Once I did get the fire going we had smores, and we let these little paper lanterns go by the river side. It was such a gorgeous night and we had some good times. We laughed about how some acted looking back, and then the tent flooded and air mattress floating, it was funny to look back on.

Life is what you make it and you have to always remember to relax, stay positive and learn to count to ten. I have to make sure I don't react to my first feelings when things happen because I always regret it because I don't like to react badly but if pushed enough it comes out in everyone, I like to breath, reflect on what is going on and then let it go. I don't like to hold onto things or be involved in any drama or negativity. 

At the end of the day you must really be able to be at inner peace with yourself and the choices you have made for your life. All those choices have brought you to where you are today. You quickly learn that if you remain positive and always find the good in even bad situations that are bound to always happen, you will be a happier person all around. It can be easier said then done but I will tell you I was raised in a home with a negative and a positive parent, I watched how one would love every moment and cherish all memories while the other would stress or obsess over everything, never really enjoying life and usually missing out on the memories. 

When I was in my early twenties, married and mother of one child, I already saw myself becoming like the negative parent. Allowing stressful things to control me where I would lose sleep and worry all the time about bills, my job and whatever situations came to be that would be stressful or could easily be turned into negative situations. Once I started to realize after losing my dad at a young age, sitting with him for hours on end in the hospital as he battled Leukemia, he would tell me stories about how being positive was what made him happy and how he chose to live at a young age realizing you have no control on some thing that are going to happen in your life but you can control what you will allow to bring you down or make you happy. I really took everything he said to heart and after he passed away I started changing the way I would see things or react. I let go of a lot of things and kind of started over fresh with things. I noticed right away what a dramatic difference this made in my life. 

Life really is what you make of it. I'm not a professional and am in no way saying I have some picture perfect life, we all have struggles or have struggled. It happens to everyone anyone telling you they don't have stress or life is perfect is either trying to live up to something or has something to prove. I have decided to be chose happiness, to be positive, to not let anything get me down for long. I will deal with negative situations that are brought my way by talking about it with a friend or my hubby, then thinking about it and at the end letting it go. You can't change what others are going to do, say or think about you, all you can do is keep doing what you love and being yourself. Usually people gossip, bad mouth people and do hurtful things to others because they are unhappy or negative or to make themselves look or feel better. 

As you can see I have included some of my favorite inspirational quotes from social media and Pinterest to up lift others. Like it says above I don't want a perfect life nor have I ever claimed to have one, I just want a happy life and I have achieved that. I love my family,  myself, my life, and the mother, wife, friend and woman I have matured into. Changing how I look at life and my frame of thinking has really changed my life for the best. 

Sometimes I think between losing my dad and then being diagnosed with MS at a young age then struggling with my health the way I have for some time now, I really live for the day, in the moment, laughing, crying, enjoying, and cherishing every moment. 

Hope everyone has an amazing Mother's Day weekend and if you aren't living a happy and positive life, it's never too late. You just focus on the good moments and turn all negative moments into good positive moments. Be yourself, love yourself, and learn to just let things go, forgive people even if they can't admit they have done anything or even acknowledge it, you control the outcome of everything in your life with making your choices.  Every road or path will take you to a different destination. I'm excited to start a new journey soon when we relocate for my hubby's job. 

Life is good, peace and love to all. Xoxo

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