Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Silver hair **Updated**

Good evening all and hope everyone is having an awesome week so far. Only a couple more days and the weekend is here again. I can't wait. Tomorrow I am going back to the salon again to keep working on my silver hair. I have been trying to go silver since I made the choice to try the color. I have been all kinds of fun and different colors from purple, blue, red, pink, turquoise and now the metallic family. I currently have metallic pink. Lavender, blue and silver in my hair. I started with mostly silver which wouldn't stay. To get the hair silver it has to be white, you can not have any darker or yellow tones it must be white and it was so damaging to the hair after all I have done over the years I lost some length and still haven't had a successful stick on the silver end. That first time when it was mostly silver I had purple in it the purple stuck but within a few weeks the silver had faded from my hair being striped so much and having no color it was just dropping that color any time it got wet or styled. 

My hair colors over the last two months. Before this I spent two months removing a red ombre from pinkish red, red to violet dark red almost burgundy tone. Very angry I didn't do the silver when I wanted, last summer I removed my blue ombre to go silver but had to have a peach orange to counter the blue that didn't want to remove, the peach orange was almost gone and I went red on a last minute whim liked the tones, felt like darker would be fun but now kicking myself. It's good it was time to trim the hair it had gotten so long it needed a fresh start. Looking forward to the silver being bold the first week. That's the best time for the color, considering going a darker silver so it will fade slower and be the silver I want maybe longer and have added some silver due to my shampoo and conditioning products I do use when I wash at home. 

I loved my second colors with the link, purple and blue metallics that have a really pretty almost pastel tone to them. I had the grey again for my main color and the fun colors as low lights sort of. Now I'm back to having some blonde, not as much as the first time but have some. My main focus is my roots, I was attempting to go ombre and have the balyage look but I don't like the contrast of my blonde roots with the silver hair. Considered doing the darker grey roots but then would have to lift more and I am trying to stay away from removing color or lifting(bleaching) the hair. 

I will update this with some photos and my after pics from my appointment I have tomorrow. Excited to have her lighten and match my roots using silver. I also love the Fusio dose condition treatment she uses from Keratesse next to Olaplex it's the best. Olaplex is still my favorite and probably the only reason I have the hair I have and it's healthy. Having an amazing and talented stylists who cares not just about how it looks but the integrity of your hair and maintaining a healthy head of hair in the end. Excited and will post pics tomorrow. 

Hey there and happy almost Friday, it's only 9 minutes until friday and I'm excited. Looking forward to a beach weekend and some retail summer shopping therapy. As promised got my hair done today and not only colored it but my stylist did an amazing angled bob. The underneath of my hair was the most damaged from my last color transformation from red ombre to now silver and metallic colors. It only made sense to leave the back short and take off any length I tried to hold onto with a thin top layer that looked okay except after a few days of not washing then it looked off, anyways have her bob that in the back then leave the front long but with an angled cut. She texturized my cut and added some shape to the area around my face as well. I love my hair and it is getting healthier every trip to the salon thanks to my stylist, Kenra dyes, Olaplex and Fusio Dose by Keratesse. 

We finally lifted my horrible roots that didn't want to take the dark grey even and we didn't want to lift right away and have the overlapping to damaged areas touch and cause worse breakage on the top, which thus far has remained in good shape. My amazing stylist coated the already lightened pieces with some conditioning mask and Olaplex, then she painted on the bleach to the roots only on the crown of my head, very front and sides in front. The middle and underneath is staying for now since it's the damaged area underneath I am trying to rebuild the most. I miss my length I won't lie, but it is refreshing to have a cute and short hair style. I loved the longer angled bobs similar to mine a few years back but my hair was long and refused to cut it. Now that over bleaching and coloring one area has left its mark it is time to leave that hair alone and let it grow it. This cut is fun and stylish. Looking forward to braiding the linger front parts. 

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