Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pam & Gela Summer graphics

Excited to have received a couple of my new Pam & Gela graphic tanks for summer and a romper. Have a cute and comfy looking silk blue tie dye jumpsuit in route also will have photos of the tie back romper soon. For now wanted to share my photos of the Optimist top I have wanted since I saw it back in the beginning of the year, and then two new summer vibe graphic tanks. 

This top reminded me of a group I was in as a child that was the Christian version of the Girl Scouts, I want to say it was called Awanna but we had similar tops then we would get badges or patches we would have our moms sew on to the top. Love this gives me that 80's vibe, and looks adorable with my patched jeans. 

Next up is the two summer tanks I picked out from their new collection of graphic tops. I want them all but had recently scored the Not my Problem tank I posted and the silk jumpsuit on eBay so decided to pick my two favorites for now. These are both beautiful in person with rhinestone details on the rings of each hand. Even the bracelet in the ice cream cone tank has rhinestones to bling it out. I love and have loved Pam & Gela's graphic tees and tanks because they always have these great little details that many shirts don't have. Sometimes they are a surprise because you can't tell from the online photos. Always love to open a package from Pam & Gela to see an embellishment surprise on one of my new graphic tops. 

I also purchased this romper with tie back details. Have pants and pair of shorts that are made similar so I knew I would love this, I'm obsessed with jumpsuits and rompers for summer. 

Hoping to order a dress and a couple more tops before summer starts. 

This is the silky romper I scored off eBay for $60 super excited for this to arrive next week. Make sure to always keep an eye out on eBay, Poshmark and other sites I always find new with tags pieces for a fraction of the price. Sure they may be older styles but when you love higher end designers but don't have the high end budget always this makes it easier to be able to get a few staple pieces by your favorite designers at a price you can afford. Also Pam & Gela has great saks all the time, usually right around the time a season is ending and new seasonal stuff is being listed on their site they will mark down the older items. I usually wait and get most of my pieces that way but I have been trying to save every pay check for new styles, I love their designs so much and have a hard time waiting months for them to go on sale. 

Thanks for passing by and be sure to check out my prior post from Monday with my other Pam & Gela tank along with some Polyvore outfit fun I had with my new favorite styles by Pam & Gela. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend and here's to tomorrow being FRIDAY! 


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Ps: excited to share my latest ambassador program I was invited to join. Last month I was asked to take part in promoting Barbas & Zacari timepieces, from Australia, they are an amazing watch company that donates $5 from each sale to cancer research you can see more in my previous post along with on my social media. You can use my promo code CR8TIVEWANDERLUST at I will be announcing next week my recent collaboration with one of my favorite jewelry companies and it made my week they reached out to me via email to tell me they loved my Instagram page and feed.  You can check out all the brands and shops I work with in my fave shops section and the Brand rep ambassador tab. I have been so lucky and blessed to have some amazing companies contact me to collaborate or join their ambassador teams. I'm also super excited with the sales I have received credit for from Sand Cloud. Thank you to everyone for using my links and exclusive promo codes. Excited to share my newest designer next week, stay tuned. Xoxo 

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  1. Sad I missed the Optimist top on sale. Kicking myself for not getting it was concerned a large would be huge, what size is yours? I'm not sure if you have also noticed their clothes sizing is not consistent? I have had a lot of sizing issues ordering online. Over the holidays I spent a lot of money on clothes from their sale section, that were all final sale non returnable or refundable then only one shirt fit me right. I ordered all size S and M it was crazy the one that fit me was a small the mediums were too tight then the one small that fits is a little big. What size are the new tanks you ordered, what size are you normally? Thank you for any help. I love your tee collection. You have great taste.