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How Music inspired my Fashion Style

How Music and Musicians have inspired me...

*Inspiration photos are not mine they are found on Google Search when looking up Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, Lita Ford and the Runaways.  These photos belong to individual sites and photographers I am no way claiming these only using as inspiration.

What describes your style? That is such a hard question to answer. Over my lifetime I have always had similar taste or style whether it is music, decor, food, clothing, the type of people I vibe with, the type of people who instantly set off an alarm inside of me of warning, but as I have aged and had life experiences that has also influenced some things to change or evolve. Since before I can even really remember I was surrounded by so many amazing and inspiring styles from my family, I didn't even realize till I was in my late twenties how much my parents, aunts and uncles, cousins and my brother influenced my taste. Growing up I had an older brother, he is almost 10 years older and we never really hit a stage in life where we had much in common on a level where we could be close until I was almost 18. He influenced and inspired me so much, I wanted to be close to him and I wanted to be like him. Who doesn't admire their older sibling? I just thought everything he did was so cool. He was huge into the band Kiss and loved 80's metal and rock. My father listened to a lot of older music from the 60-70's I remember hearing the Eagles, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and then my mom would listen to Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Blondie, Bonnie Tyler and other amazing female artists over the years. All these types of music had such a huge inspiration on not just my taste of music but my style, my personality, and my life. 

I remember looking at old photographs of my parents and family thinking wow I wish I was an adult in the 70's, I just loved the style. My mom had long hair down to her waist even longer, she wore bell bottoms, corduroys, tall boots, even her wedding dress was so vintage chic. My mom has two younger sisters and they wore what would now be vintage Levi cutoff shorts and biker style tank tops, leather skirts and had the big 80's metal style hair. Now having my own daughters I have gotten to see how my style from music and fashion has inspired them, my oldest daughter loves the same types of music I listen to. I get a big kick out of her taking my old cd case which is more like an encyclopedia in size, it has tons of CDs from my tees and early twenties. When I was about the same age as my oldest daughter, around 16-17 I found myself hanging out with girls that were 18-21 spending my time working on ways to get into the clubs they went to. 

Back then you had to be only 18 to get into most nightclubs if you were a female. I was so close yet felt so far away. One thing I have never had is patience lol, I always wanted what I wanted right then, I didn't want to wait till I was 18 to go to these clubs they told me about. These places I would hear them all talk about for hours on end, telling stories of the music, who they ran into, and so on. One of the clubs my good friends were always talking about was called The Edge, they played music from the 80's like Depeche Mode and the Cure early on then when the club got busy they played an amazing mix of alternative, rock, classic rock, 80's hip hop, and after hours when they had last call for alcohol the club would become all ages and they would have the after hours planet e raves. These would go on well into the next day which was usually 10-12 on Sunday afternoon. I can still remember my first time going and telling my mom I was sleeping over a friend's house. Getting ready around midnight and driving downtown to wait in line from 2 am till the club had all the liquor put away so they could open the doors to the underage crowd. I didn't even like techno music but I just wanted to be able to get inside the doors, to see what was behind the walls, to dance on the dance floor, see my friends and feel what they all had described to me so many times. After that first time I was hooked but I didn't want to be there at 2 am I wanted in at 10-11 pm to be there when they played the music I loved and when the older crowd was there. 

I was always creative so I set forth on my mission to find a way to get in. One night my girlfriend came by and had this stamp on her hand I asked her what it was from. It was a word, always some crazy off the wall word that had no meaning or connection with the club. The word was stamped using one of the stamps you purchase at Office Depot or any office supply store where you can place the different letters into a slider to make a word then use a stamp pad to apply it. I suddenly had an idea, my way in without an ID. She had explained to me that when you were already inside the club but would exit to go to your car or meet up with friends outside they would stamp your hand then when you were going back in they had a separate line where they didn't check id's for re entry. The guy in that line would simply check your hand for the secret word of the night and you were in. I ran with her that next Sunday morning with her hand stamp still on to Office Depot and found the stamp then the letters that were the closest in size to her stamp. My brilliant plan was to bring the stamp, ink pad and the letters to the club in my car, have my friends that were over 18 enter then after 10-20 minutes they would meet me in the parking lot show me their stamp and I would make the word, stamp my hand and head to the line. I remember the first time my heart was pounding so loudly in my chest I could barely hear the music blaring from inside the club. The thumping of the bass from the songs was in line rhythm with my heart pounding in my chest. Would they look at my stamp and think okay this is fake or would they just glance and allow me to walk right in. I was so nervous but at the same time the adrenaline was exhilarating. I got to the guy finally and my friends all lifted their hands as they walked by, without even a second glance I was in. I remember walking inside and being so over the moon I was in, I was finally inside and before 2 am. Eventually they changed their system and had wrist bands which led to me buying my friends older sisters ID when she had thought she lost her license but then found it doing laundry. I had agreed with her I would only use it to get into the club and if ever caught with it I would take full responsibility for using it. She really looked nothing like me, she has light brown hair and I was blonde, but I dyed my hair all the time different colors and to be honest after going in and out for some time the people who worked their had just begun to recognize me so they never really examined my ID. This stage in my life had the most inspiration on my style and later so many things I didn't even realize. 

I remember on Wednesday after work I would meet my friends at the mall and we would shop for weekend outfits. One of my closest friends and I would go into the city to the thrift stores or consignment shops to find styles we loved. I would always wear jeans and a cute top or tee on Friday night but Saturday night was more a night we would all dress up. I remember finding this amazing jumper or overall outfit from the late 70's to early 80's it had these leather straps that looked like a belt buckle on each shoulder and the way it fit was amazing. It looked so cute with over the knee black boots or platform sandals. I loved cut off shorts, cropped tees, and of course graphic tees or vintage band tees. Music has always been such a huge part of my life and such a big influence on my style that I had to share my love and passion for music rocking my fave bands tees. I remember cutting these tees and tying them up the side to give a fringe like look, distressing them with holes and tears so they had a more grunge feel. I would buy old jeans that fit me perfectly from Goodwill for $5-15 and then distress them or cut them into shorts to wear with my fave tops. Just typing right now about it gives me a chill, to think about when fashion became something I loved something I would spend hours working on a look that would come to my mind during the week and then come to life over the weekend. I never wanted to wear the same thing over and over, I always wanted to change it up, even if I just restyled pieces or dyed them, cut them, distressed them, whatever just to have new looks. I always had considered myself a tomboy or low maintenance type of girl, I wore mostly black in my early teens, lots of band tees, ripped jeans,     flannels, overalls, combat boots, stockings under my jeans to show through the holes I made etc. I didn't even realize that early on I was really putting a lot of thought into my looks when to me I looked like I threw on some old jeans and a tee. It's funny cause my style has pretty much stayed the same over the years but if course the same way I have grown and advanced with age and time my wardrobe did too. I still rock the ripped jeans, I always will and graphic tees well I don't think I have to tell anyone about my love for graphic tees they are still the biggest part of my wardrobe. 

The more time I spent going to the Edge, it led to other clubs with rock music, going to endless shows and concerts and of course just had more and more influence on my fashion style. Dying my hair black, red, platinum blonde, eventually led to pink, purple, blue and rainbow colors. Finding vintage styles at the thrift store was a huge thrill for me, even if they didn't fit me I would get them altered to fit me so I could dress like the photos I had seen of my mom and aunts from childhood or even way before I was born. Fringe, feathers, leather, bell bottoms, cut offs, tees, cropped tops, long skirts and halter tops, you name it if it was worn in the 60-70's I loved it and I always had a way of making it my own. Adding patches, pieces of cloth or leather, pins, adding a cool funky belt, fun vintage jewelry, one of my biggest inspirations outside from family photos was musicians. I loved looking at old photos or videos of Stevie Nicks, and other females from the 70's and even late 80's. I was a mix of Stevie, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Janis Joplin, omg all the amazing female music icons inspired me, I would dream I was the same age but back in that time searching for those looks and styles. I remember my best friend and I would share our wardrobes, we had some amazing pieces and I kick myself sometimes for letting go of some of the stuff I had. Of course now those pieces probably wouldn't fit me lol I was a size 0-2 and I also was more daring to show my midriff and legs. 

That brings me to 2017, not a lot has changed except that a lot of those styles have come back and are easier to find. I remember when ripped jeans were out and I would have to create my own, or find them in thrift stores. Now it's hard to find jeans that don't have distressing, not that I am looking for them like that lol. Over the years I discovered brands like Spell, that as soon as I put on one of their skirts and a graphic tee I am transported back to those days when I would go through old family photos and wish I could find that skirt my mom had or that amazing crochet top, the same vintage graphic tees with that soft, broken in look where the graphic was faded in some spots instead of being this large iron on design that I would wash over and over to try to achieve the worn broken in look. 

Not much has changed for me, sure I'm almost 40 now and my daughter looks at old photos of me and tries to find looks to dress similar to me when I was her age, but it's a lot easier for her because she can just walk into my closet and pull some of my clothes out then add her own pieces to achieve those looks. I only wish it had been that easy for me but honestly I'm glad it wasn't and I got to experience the thrift store hunts, spending hours with my best friend distressing jeans, bleaching old tees or dresses for a funky vintage feel, but most of all tapping into my creativity and soul to produce looks that we're expressing my inner Gypsy soul. Dancing for hours to amazing music, singing with my friends, all while wearing the perfect outfit that to me reflected my style and my personality. 

Enjoy some of my fave current styles and brands below. You can also follow me on IG and Twitter for more daily looks. Being almost 40 and a mom of 2 girls my style has become a little more reserved over the years, I don't show so much skin but all in all its pretty much the same Melissa. Purple hair, tattoos, graphic tees, ripped jeans, feathers, fringe, leather, lace, funky jewelry, vintage finds, family heirlooms, and all these are just pieces of me. 

Peace love and light always xoxo    

Spell and the Gypsy Collective started out being an amazing jewelry collection that turned into style gold for me.  I have long loved their vintage inspired tees, layering kimonos, long skirts that make me want to dance around barefoot in the grass, and over all amazing gypsy vintage vibes. Their current collection has some amazing graphic tees, halter top and dress, bell bottom jeans and pants, bell sleeve dresses and blouses, Indian cotton inspired pieces from the 1970's galore and even an embroidered jacket that is right off Janis Joplin's back in style.

Bandit Brand tee played dress up with this Amuse Society skirt from The American Alchemy.  Don't worry ladies if you aren't in WI, The American Alchemy ships all over and you can even do a FaceTime style session with them so you can shop all their latest looks.  My bracelets are from Punkalicious Rocks Jewelry and you can use my code WANDERLUST for 20% off.

Spell recently did a re-cut of some of their most loved pieces and for anyone that is a huge Spell fan you were anxiously trying to get your hands on some of these styles if you didn't already own them before they sold out, which was in a matter of seconds or minutes for some styles.  I had to purchase this tee they released to have to remember that feeling and when they did the final re-cut of those styles.  I also happen to really love unicorns and bright colors they go nice with my colorful hair and style.  These shorts are by Silver Jeans Co and are a cut off pair of amazing fit denim shorts.  Love them so much I have two pairs.  Jewelry is a feather pendant I got off eBay, I also have one from Pandora that I wear often that has a similar look that came out after I owned this one.  I always check eBay for styles and pieces before taking the splurge or jump on some more expensive designs.  That way I can save up for my Spell and other designer pieces.  You can shop Spell and the Gypsy using the link below or in my side bar here on my blog.

Friday Feels graphic tank from the Mate the Label sample sale, I was so excited while vacationing for Spring break to be able to grab a couple more Mate the Label pieces I had wanted on sale for 20-30 dollars.  This woman can never have enough graphic tees and tanks to dress up with jeans or skirts.  My necklace is a vintage handmade piece from Nepal I had been wanting for some time but never could find or had enough cash stashed away to invest, I happened to score this one off eBay for only $76 and it is amazing, made in 1920-30's it has such amazing vibes and energy.  My skirt is vintage Spell, their Pandora skirt and one of over a couple dozen skirts I have collected from them.

Sunset riders singlet and Spell Revolver skirt 

Dazey LA Unbreakable graphic tee and Spell Lovebird half moon skirt in blue, I also own the rose in this skirt and dress.

We dance beneath a diamond sky, Spell newest graphics from their recent Blue Skies and Festival collections, paired with Silver Jeans Co Suki Ankle Skinny Jeans with frayed angle bottoms and distressing. Crescent moon necklace is Punkalicious Rocks Jewelry, you can use my exclusive promo code for friends and family, WANDERLUST for 20% off their site. Beaded blue bracelet and fringe druzy necklace is Lacey Ryan Jewelry, and rocking some of my favorite Alex and Ani charm bracelets and cuffs. 

A designer I have recently fallen in love with their collection, House of Skye.  I have the same style Jipsee Flamenco skirt from her Casa Del Mar collection in pastel tones, and recently received this rust tone skirt from her Lost in Arizona collection.  I own a few of her graphic tanks now, have posted the other skirt and the Stardust Soul white tank back a couple months ago.  I am now addicted to her designs and planning to order what I can find from her prior and newest collections.  You can check out her collections here:

Most of the other shops and brands listed above can be found in my side bar under favorite shops, or in my brand rep/ambassador tab also.  I am going to be updating some stuff soon, as well as the long talked about relaunch of my blog and collaboration with my daughter.  Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and been a positive light or inspiration over my years of blogging.  I can't believe its been a decade since I started my first blog and omg was thinking the other day about the first time I created my MySpace page lol.  I even remember my theme and song that played when you clicked on my page lol.  Life gives us so many amazing experiences, opportunities, chances, friends, and memories.  I hope you enjoyed me sharing a little trip down memory lane for me, I have so many amazing memories from my childhood, teens, twenties and thirties I figured why not open up my memory and share with everyone who has been such a big part of me being able to share my loves and passions.


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  1. I have enjoyed reading your post, it is nice to hear more about you personally and I have longed loved seeing all your outfit posts. I'm inspired by your huge collection of graphic tees and Spell clothes.