Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Miss June Paris, Bohemian Gypsy Heaven

Miss June

Gypsy Bohemian Chic Collections

Just like heaven with these amazing designs

I'm always on the hunt for new designers especially ones with a vintage, bohemian inspiration or styles.  I had seen the Miss June collection awhile back and loved what I saw but their collection was all one size fits all, in my case usually that stands for one size fits everyone but me lol.  I wanted to try something from their collection but with overseas shipping costs and waiting times I put it off.

My best friend sent me a message with a screen shot of an outfit she loved that she was ordering off of Planet Blue's website and once I checked out the pieces on the site was shocked to see it was a designer I had really liked some of their designs from back when I was styling and I would be looking at look books or new sites all day from all over the world.  I immediately ordered one of my fave skirts from the 4 that Planet Blue had available to see if the sizing was good for me.  I was so excited when it arrived and fit me amazing, makes me look thinner actually and now I am excited to try some of the tops out. I really want to place an order from their website directly because there are a lot of pieces from their collection that aren't available on the Planet Blue Site.

Hoping to get this blue skirt and embroidered tank, if not the tank then the off the shoulder top like below for all their skirts that look super cute.  Perfect for summer time strolls to the market, on the beach and watching the sunset.

I have the above set on it's way from Planet Blue, as soon as they arrive I will be sharing the fit and sizing details on the top.  The skirt is one size fits all, I wear generally a size 27 in jeans, but my weight fluctuates I can be as small as a size 24 and go up to a size 31.  I don't think I will be gaining anymore weight, most of my weight gain is side effects from medications I have had to take for my MS and Sjorgen's as well as experiencing early menopause thanks to my health issues.  I am currently walking 6 miles a day, eating healthy, drinking lots of water and joined the gym to work on my problem areas so I can tone up before my 40th birthday.  Hoping to get back into my size 25 or 26 jeans by then but if not I am just happy at this stage with being healthy.  I think this skirt can fit ladies of all sizes the only thing is the length in the back if you are on the shorter side.  I am 5'8 or so maybe a little taller and it sits right at my feet, it doesn't touch the ground and I wore flat sandals below but it is longer.  I also tend to wear a lot of my skirts you see me in often at my mid to high waist, this one I wore lower on my waist because I have wanted a lower fit skirt.

Can't get enough of all their cute dresses and tops too, be sure to head over to their website to see the entire collection for Spring 2017 and more.  You can visit their site here: click on link for direct access to their newest styles and designs.

I paired my skirt from Planet Blue with a cute graphic take by Social Decay Brand, Take a Hike tank available here: this tank will be part of their summer 2017 collection due out any time now.

My brown strappy sandals are from Target and were on sale so couldn't pass them up, being tall I tend to wear a lot of flats just because I hate to tower over everyone or stand out.

This skirt is one of my favorites and can't wait for the other color to arrive.  I have a few new brands I am working on collabs with for the summer and a couple of them are designers from Australia that have amazing skirts with a similar style and cut, amazing long flowing dresses with floral prints that are perfect for the summer time, and of course some fun graphic tee brands.  Thank you to Social Decay for sending me this super cute tank.  I was going to order another but had basically the same color and style of the tank in another font or graphic, so was on the hunt for the perfect Take A Hike tank when I came across this one.  I couldn't find anyone who stocked so I reached out to the designer and they were ever so kind to send me a sample to rock for the summer.  

I am always so honored and grateful when brands select me or decide to work with me.  I may not be a huge blogger but I am authentic, have a large following on social media, dedicated to the brands I work with and will always be sure to share all items as often as I can.  I genuinely stand behind and support every brand I work with, I will always be here to help grow your following, gain the brands exposure and new customers, and to take photos of their pieces the best I can for them to share on social media or their blog/website.  Thank you to everyone that follows me and supports me it means so much to me.  Peace Love and light always xoxo

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All stock photos are from Miss June Paris website.

Photos of me are taken by Paityn my youngest daughter who has been helping me while I am awaiting my new tripod for my camera,  I will be posting more and more full length photos from here on out now that I am available more...


  1. Love this brand never heard of them, you always find the best clothes. I know when I need a new skirt or graphic tee to check your Instagram feed or blog. Thanks for always keeping me up on the latest trends it is Delightful lol. 💋

    1. Thank you, I have to say I am always searching for new designers, brands, styles and shops especially with bohemian, rocker, punk styles and graphic tops. This brand was one I had seen on social media and visited their site multiple times but once my best friend informed me that Planet Blue had some of their designs I had to order. I only wish now I had purchased some of their designs sooner and one of each when I did purchase. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and to leave your sweet comment. I hope you will follow me on social media if you aren't already @cr8tivewanderlust and @gypseawanderer. Be sure to tell your friends about my blog as well. Help me spread the word I promise you are going to love the new ideas and looks I have coming this summer. Happy Memorial Day weekend, Peace love and light always xoxo Mel