Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Purple Haze Tuesday, The Wilde Bella Mahi Amethyst skirt

Purple Haze Tuesday
The Wilde Bella

Happy Tuesday to all, hope everyone has had a great start to their week. Only one more day till Wednesday and that marks the half way point to this long weekend. Memorial Day weekend is an awesome weekend for the beach and for all my fellow fashionistas, Memorial Day sales. 

Mahi Skirt in Turquoise from The Wilde Bella website 

Today I'm wearing one of my favorite lines I have discovered online this year. The Wilde Bella is an amazing bohemian clothing line that has some of the hottest trends in skirts, blouses and dresses. Their pieces are made of the most amazing light weight fabric that is perfect for summer. As soon as you put on one of their amazing designs you will feel like you are floating and beautiful. I have on the Mahi high low skirt in Amethyst. Right now the high low cut is a huge trend in boho chic wear. I know I love it for summer cause it has such a great beach and summer vibe. It can be worn with one of their amazing blouses or camisoles, graphic tops and here I have on an off the shoulder white cropped top I got from Target last spring. I love the crochet ruffle detail that goes perfectly with the bohemian gypsy look. 

I have accessorized my look with a crescent moon pendant custom stamped with Gypsy, made by Punkalicious Rocks Jewelry. You can use my exclusive promo code WANDERLUST to receive 20% off your order. I'm also wearing a handmade beaded necklace with Amethyst stones and an Amethyst arrowhead pendant by Black Black Moon. My bracelets are a bullet casing Amethyst beaded piece also handmade and by 31ements Jewelry. 31ements has some amazing unique designs using real gem stones, bullet casings and metals. I love her collections and love to support artisans. My other two bracelets are by Charged Jewelry, they are Amethyst and Fossil Jasper beads that have been sent down to Sedona to be charged for different healing and energy purposes. Fossil Jasper is charged for your health and Amethyst for your dreams. 

The Wilde Bella, will have their newest collection Ohana available in all styles early next week or even possibly the end of this week.  Be sure to check my insta feed because I will be announcing when they have stocked the new Ohana skirt in Ocean and Sunset, then not long after there will be the Earth color way and more pieces from the collection available.  If you pre ordered the Ohana skirt then you know how fast the colors and sizes sold out this last time.  I have a prediction this designer is going to be one of the hottest new labels out of Australia this summer.  The light weight fabric, hand drawn patterns, and amazing vivid colors are perfection for summer time.  You can also find the Ohana bell top, maxi dress and more items in stock now on their site.  Make sure while you are on the site to check out some of her passed styles and designs.  I love the blossom maxi dress that is in the sale section, currently on sale from $129.95 AUD to $75 and I believe size M is all she has left.  I can't wait to share photos of this amazing maxi dress with open back and the most amazing colors and pattern.  I hope everyone loves this line and designer as much as I do.

I had fun shooting these photos for my social media and blog. Photo credits go to my youngest daughter whom has been helping me get more full length photos for my posts. Lots of fun new stuff coming up this summer including my much anticipated launch of my own blog site. I will have more details over the summer. It has been delayed sadly again due to a sudden move we will be making this summer but I'm working alongside some amazing web site designers, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, boutiques and brands to bring you an amazing new layout, fresh content, the hottest styles and newest trends. For now I am going to be improving more and more each post for all of my amazing followers who have helped me turn this site into more then I ever dreamed. Thanks to Instagram I now have almost 30k followers which has helped me to gain more exposure. I am  inspired everyday by so many amazing social media and fashion, lifestyle bloggers. I have been dreaming of one day making my blog more then I have been able to and my dreams are finally coming true thanks to everyone who has supported, inspired and worked with me since I started this blog over 6-7 years ago. This is my 4th blog in over a decade and my baby out of all of them. I designed this blog all by myself, and have worked hard with no experience in web design or HTML coding to make it as inspiring and helpful as I can. Yes, Google has amazing layouts and formats but I have spent hours every few months adding my own touches to make it feel more personal.  I really hope everyone is able to navigate the page and find all the links etc.

Be sure to check out @Thewildebella on IG and check out their newest collection, Ohana here: Pre orders have sold out once, and the Ocean color sold out its first release super fast. You can head over now and check out all her current and passed collections. I promise you will love this designers pieces, the quality and fit, and how you feel when you wear the pieces. I love this purple because it matches my hair and hope to add turquoise to my collection since shades of blue are my favorite. I'm really excited to receive the Ohana ocean and sunset skirts, as well as the upcoming earth color way. I'm really looking forward to styling these new designs and colors for summer on the beach, you are going to be in love✌πŸΌπŸ’œ✨  Any questions or if you want more details on sizing etc, feel free to shoot me a DM, or click the contact button on my Instagram that will direct you to my personal email, where I can be sure to get back to you asap.  I am happy to help in any way.  Feel free to  comment below if you already own any designs or styles by The Wilde Bella, what you love about the styles, or if you have ordered and waiting for the pre order pieces to ship out.  I always love to hear from you all.  

Ohana Ocean skirt from The Wilde Bella website

Tom Petty graphic tee available soon from The Wilde Bella, I got mine from Chaser brand and will be styling with the Wilde Bella skirt once it arrives

Have an amazing end to your week and 3 day, Memorial Day weekend. Only a little over 2 weeks till summer officially begins and I can't wait. Happy shopping and can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of The Wilde Bella, and Quiqui Clothing which is also available on the Wilde Bella website. I will be featuring a couple items coming up in the next week or so from Quiqui Clothing as well as throughout the summer. Stay wild Moon child and remember to always be yourself. No one else can be you, cause you're already taken. Peace love and light always 

~Melissa xoxo 

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  1. When will this brand be restocking? All the skirts I love are sold out? Beautiful these remind me of older Spell skirts even the fabric looks a lot like some of their first collections.

    1. This brand is currently restocked in their newer style the Ohana, but the Mahi she only has whatever is available online and said she may restock the turquoise only, Just so you know these are elastic waist and have tie string so you can wear pretty much most sizes, I am normally a S-M but could wear a L or Xl just if you are shorter stick with the smaller sizes so it isn't too long. Thank you for passing by and have a great summer. Hope you are able to get your skirt and also check out eBay saw the opal color the other day. Peace, love and light always xoxo