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Shielding Lotion & Gloves in a Bottle review

Gloves in a Bottle & Natural Shielding Lotion

I'm reviewing this amazing product that was sent to me by Shielding lotion. They sent me this amazing Gloves in a Bottle lotion and natural Shielding lotion to sample. After winter my skin is usually left dry and itchy from the lack of humidity in the air. I sampled this product for a month to accurately be able to review for you and was super impressed with both products. 

Gloves in a Bottle is like a second skin for hands & body. It gives amazing relief for dry, cracked & irritated skin. My husband works outside and has very sensitive skin, he sampled this product with amazing results. He said from the first application his skin felt relief and he could already see that his hands were smoother. The lotion is non-greasy, fast absorbing and best of lasts through multiple washings. With most lotions once you wash your hands you have to keep applying it but he said he would use it in the morning before he left for work and even after multiple washings he still felt moist skin and relief from dry itchy skin. This product is hypoallergenic which is perfect since myself and my family all have sensitive skin. I have a slight cause of eczema and it worked amazing for me too. As soon as I applied it I felt a cool sensation and instant relief from itchiness caused by dry skin. 

Gloves in a bottle is not like most typical lotions, this lotion is a Shielding lotion that bonds with the outer layer of your skin cells to create an invisible shield. It keeps out irritants and toxins that can strip the skin of moisture keeping natural moisture and oils to help restore healthy skin. I highly recommend this product for all skin types. My husband had dry cracked hands from working outside and my hands were just dry from the elements both of us had amazing results. My husband also loves that it doesn't have a strong scent or floral girly scent like most lotions I have purchased before. 

The bottle in my photo is 100 ml, 3.4 fl oz and lasts for over 150 applications. We both used it daily for a month and still have a good amount left in the bottle. You don't have to apply a lot of the product then since it doesn't wash off when washing your hands it lasts for hours or most of the day. You don't have to keep applying it which was one of my favorite parts. I also used this on my elbows which can get dry or cracked. On the bottle it recommends washing your hands first then applying, then if you want to reapply you can do so every 4 hours if needed. 

My personal favorite is the Skin MD Natural Shielding lotion in the white bottle. This product is recommended for face, body and hands. Prevents dry skin while Shielding sensitive skin. This lotion is super hydrating and non-greasy. I am usually very cautious what I apply to my face because my skin can tend to get oily and some products will cause breakouts but with this lotion I never once experienced any type of irritation or inflammation, it didn't clog my pours of make my face oily.  It is made of the finest natural ingredients to not just moisturizer your skin but protect it from environmental irritants and elements. 

I almost immediately saw results from using this product on my face, hands and body. They recommend when you first start using to apply a small amount every 2-8 hours then once you begin to see and feel the improvement you can apply only once every 12-24 hours. This product has a very soft scent but nothing that irritates skin I have very sensitive skin and can't use perfume on my skin have to spray on to my clothing or hair because most scents cause irritation or redness. It absorbs almost immediately and leaves skin feeling soft not sticky or greasy. 

I love that their products are not tested on animals, contain natural ingredients, dermatologist prescribed and recommended, hypoallergenic and are made using solar energy.  Neither product caused any irritation, clogging of pours or issues with my skin or any of my families skin. Both products were amazing and worked wonders for both myself and my husband over the passed month. I'm still using the natural Shielding lotion daily and my husband uses the Gloves in a bottle daily to keep his hands nice working outside and in a line where his hands were always dry, cracked and sore. 

You can follow them on IG @shieldinglotion, and purchase your own bottles on Amazon, I will include a direct link below. I am so thankful to Shielding lotion for having me sample their products as my husband has experienced amazing results and has even recommended the product to other guys he works with that have had similar issues with their hands. Working outside they tend to sweat a lot and are always washing their hands, Gloves in a Bottle made it easier for him to maintain the moisture he needed throughout the day without constantly having to reapply lotion but seeing amazing results right away. 

If anyone else has tried these products or if my blog review/post inspires you to purchase a bottle I would love to hear your results and experience, feel free to comment below or email me. Peace love and light always xoxo   

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