Thursday, March 31, 2016

Festival season is almost here

Festival season is among us and that means time for some of my favorite fashion trends. I love the bohemian inspired fashions I have since I was a young girl. I always loved to look at old photos of my mom and dad wishing my mother had saved her wardrobe from the 70's. I have always loved old graphic and band tees, bell bottoms, high waisted skirts or pants, cut off shorts, fringe, suede, crochet, lace and the gorgeous eclectic jewelry with large natural stones all mounted in chunky silver settings. 

Festival season means floral headbands, layered boho chic jewelry, crochet and fringe tops, cut off shorts and the higher the waist the better, this year a large trend we are seeing return is laces. Not lace alone that is also very trendy still but laces. From shoes and sandals to lace up tops and pants. I have seen some of the cutest lace up crop tops and body suits, not just with front laces but side laces or lace up backs. I absolutely love this trend. From some of my favorite designers like Pam & Gela creators of Juicy Couture and now their current line Pam & Gela, to even more affordable options like Forever 21 which this last year I have found myself sharing more and more of their styles on my blog. 

I recently purchased the cutest pair of lace cut off, distressed Jean shorts from a store I found over a year ago online called Fashion Junkee. I then was on the hunt for some more cute Jean shorts, skirts and tops for our up coming music festival in Jacksonville named Rockville. We attend it yearly and enjoy the weekend of many bands and festivities. I would love to attend Coachella one year but until my girls are both older for now we will stay local. My oldest daughter is 16 and last year we brought her with us, she loved it and this year she counted down the days to the announcement of which bands would be performing along with the dates. Last year we had some horrible weather the first day in the mid portion of the shows which led to getting soaked and later mud all over but we were prepared. I have ocd so I always over pack and of course had my bag with ponchos, change of shoes, and more. 

I love the weeks before the festival planning what I will wear. You want to be comfortable be at the same time it is so hot here but you also have to be prepared for rain. One minute it is sunny and gorgeous the next it is down pouring and winds are gusting then before you know it the storm blows over and the sun is back out but now it's hot and very humid. You 100% don't waste time flat ironing or doing your hair in any style that won't hold up to rain and lots of humidity. I love to wear my hair in braids, a messy bun or half up half down with a floral headband or bandana. I always am cautious what accessories I choose because with rain you don't want to wear something cheap that once wet will turn you green or black, also you don't want to risk ruining or damaging anything you really love. 

One tip I have learned over many years of buying jewelry and being a bargain shopper, I don't always but sterling silver or gold sometimes I find cute pieces I have to own that are costume style or less expensive alternatives which will change your skin color. I use a spray clear coat or sometimes smaller pieces I will use a clear nail polish to coat the metal and smaller stones that may be set in the jewelry to provide a protective coating. This works amazing just make sure that larger pieces you use a spray which you can find at Joann's or Hobby Lobby even Home Depot and Lowe's carries these as well as Walmart and Target. You can find in the craft department or sometimes in the paint department. I use Krylon clear coat, do not purchase a matte or high gloss finish just the basic clear. I also use OPI clear top coat nail polish as mentioned above for smaller pieces like rings and pendants or over smaller stones set in the jewelry. 

Over the next week or two I will be featuring lots of amazing styles and designers for the festival season as well as for the end of spring and of course summer. Lots of cropped jeans, tops, tanks, cut off shorts, cut sun dresses and much more. I also have some great products I am going to be reviewing for your skin, hair and more.  Enjoy and can't wait to share some of my faves for the upcoming season... 

Above are the lace cut off shorts and some lace up flats from Fashion Junkee. The tank is by @SiennaMoonLa on IG and the floral headband is an older piece I got from Love Culture. Black fringe backpack was a free gift from Victoria Secret. Think it's cute for concerts or festivals and since it was free don't have to worry about if it rains it getting ruined...

Some cute spring trends from Express. They have some amazing cropped jeans and graphic tops along with this light weight black jacket perfect for those cooler spring nights. Love the style and made sure to get a couple colors of these motto cropped jeans. 

One of my recent ootd posts from IG is this tank by Pam & Gela which is on sale now on their site for spring. The jeans are by Hollister and are cropped distressed jeans, I also got a pair with the bottoms cute and frayed in alms of the same style they are higher waisted and very figure flattering. The kimono is an older piece I got from Fashion Junkee website. You can find them on IG @Fashionjunkeedotcom. 

Have shared this Pam & Gela tank previously but wanted to share these lace up back pants. The ankles have a lace up feature on the back bottom ankle. These are a track motto style pant in army green and you can also find these on sale on their site. I got mine off eBay for under $50 and adore them super comfy and stylish. 

Excuse my pose here lol was trying to get the holes in my pants and ended up standing like a dork lol. But was only shot I could show you the holes in my Pam & Gela Betsee Sweats I scored off eBay for $20 they have them on their site now and have matching sweatshirts also. The tee is a fave new brand I have found on Etsy called Punk Masters. Love their designs and the tee shirts are all super soft. This one says Art/Punk and is a heather purple tone. Matches my hair almost perfect. 

New designer I am collaborating with from Etsy, 31ements and you can find her IG @31ements and she has a link to her store. Lots of amazing hand made jewelry, I will have a more detailed post coming soon and her shops link will be added to my favorite shops this weekend. 

While I was away I got a lot of mail one was this tank by Pam & Gela, was sad I missed out on this design from their current spring sale. They have the best sales but make sure to grab what you like quickly because they sell out fast. I had missed this "Yay" tank which was available in white and black but lucked out and found this one new with tags on Poshmark and for less then the sale by a few dollars so was meant to be. I did grab a few tanks from their sale and have a few more items I am hoping won't sell out before I get paid next week. The brushes are from the LiveGlam Morphe brush subscription box and enjoy their brushes so much. I got this monthly box for my teen daughter she loves makeup and does my makeup for me all the time now want her to have the best brushes for her collection. 

A couple more Pam & Gela scores off eBay. I am super in love with their fashion line just in case you haven't noticed over the last couple of years and I am always looking for designs I missed from prior collections as well as pieces to complete sets like these animal print sweats that match my cut off top. 

Here you can see both together, I got the top awhile back and have a cute skirt but have been looking for the sweat pants for a while finally found them in a medium. 

Last up may have shared this in my last post from my vacation have to look back and see how far into my trip I was when I last posted. Tomorrow I will be going on my laptop to add links, where to shop links for my pieces that are still available as well as updating my fave shops and adding some new discount codes. I will also be updating my tabs for favorite fashion trends and home decor. Adding spring and summer looks along with lots of posts coming with festival looks, spring and summer fashion trends and beauty reviews. 

This outfit above is a Pam & Gela tank I got off Blue and Cream for $46 on sale. Paired with Jbrand jeans, Target flannel and FreeBird boots. 

Everyone have an amazing weekend and keep an eye out for lots of updates coming next week. Been laid up this week due to my injections I received on Tuesday but really wanted to post something since over my vacation I have received some amazing new products and styles to share as well as my research for spring and summer styles I am excited to share. Happy shopping and deal hunting to all. Xoxo 

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