Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Makeup Favorites


Hello everyone today a little something about beauty and makeup. Usually I post a lot of fashion stuff but if you scroll back or search my blog I love to review beauty products. Usually I am reviewing hair care items or health stuff but today got some makeup for you. I have done many makeup posts but for 2016 this may be one of my firsts. Wanted to share with you some of my favorite products. 

I don't wear makeup daily usually for work meetings or events but my daughter is a makeup genius, she is so talented with makeup and honestly she has taught me so much about applying makeup as well as brands. For me my out the door easy look is some lip liner, gloss or lipstick, apply eyeliner and mascara, then since I am blonde I will pencil in my brows because if I don't I don't look like I have any, that is my basic daily makeup. On days I want a more made up look I will apply some mineral powder, bronzer or blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, curl my lashes and apply mascara and then my lip liner, NYX micro brow liner  and Mac Fastplay is my go to lip color. 

I do on occasion have my daughter do my makeup for me and she will do contouring, fake lashes and apply a foundation. She is amazing and I feel blessed to have someone who is so talented in my house to do my makeup for me so I don't have to go get it done. We do a trade because hair is my thing, I can do the best blow out, curls and up do's, I use to dye my own hair at home so I am even good with color, and then 
I can cut bangs or do a trim. 

Below are some of my favorites. There are a few items I couldn't find on ShopStyle, like Morphe brushes. We have a lot of Morphe items. Their brushes are amazing and to me the same or comfortable quality to Mac. We also have morphe eyeshadow pallets and the large makeup bag, brush bag, and brush cleaner is by morphe. 

Enjoy my photos and after work today will do my best to break down the pics for you, to tell you what is what and then what colors are my favorites. Have a great day xoxo. 

Morphe makeup bag, clear plastic with lots of pockets and pouches for storing the bulk of your makeup collection. We use smaller bags from Coach, Ipsy (makeup subscription that sends a bag every month with products), and the leather Morphe brush bag. I also have a MAC brush bag I got many years ago. 

Just to give you an idea of how bad my daughter and my obsession with brushes
has come. We have so many brushes from Sephora, Ulta, MAC, Elf, Urban Decay and now Morphe. We recently canceled all our monthly subscription boxes and now get the Morphe monthly box. Love it. 

This is the Morphe brush bag. Love it has a fold over top to protect the brushes and keep any makeup from getting all over. We clean the brushes daily but then once a week or every other week we do a good deep cleaning then lay them out back to air dry. Cleaning your brushes is very important not just for your face and makeup but to preserve the life of your brushes. Why buy expensive or high end brushes then neglect them. 

This is just my favorites for eye shadows. We have so many eye shadow pallets and pods but these are the ones that get the most use. Urban decay Naked pallets have been a household favorite but my newest favorite is Lorac. I have sensitive skin and get itchy from most eyeshadow a but Lorac doesn't both me at all. I also love the pigmentation of all the shades. We also have the Lorac 2 pro pallet which has some fun colors. I tend to gravitate more towards earth and natural tones. I do wear white and use purple because I have brown eyes and it will make my eyes look wider as well as pop. 

Here are my facial products. Everything from my daily morning moisturizer I apply before applying makeup, foundation, concealer, contouring, shimmer, bronzer, primers, and I always finish with a mineral veil and dewy mist. 

I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit I have tried some other brands but this one goes on amazing and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. These colors are the best for my skin tone also. Love them. 

We also love to use Mac and Julep highlighter on our cheek bones and jawline to add some shape to the face, most days I don't have time for contouring my daughter loves to do her full face daily but I am usually in a rush between getting lunches packed, making breakfast, helping my youngest with her hair and getting ready then dressing myself that makeup is my last step if I have time. On the days I have a little time and I can't contour I just use this highlighting shimmer powder. 

I use a facial brightening lotion by Vasanti on days I don't apply any powder or foundation, then my Cetaphil is for under makeup. Nars is my higher end foundation on basic days I use Maybelline. 

Primer is another product my daughter and a friend who does makeup professionally recommended for using. The green is great when you have red irritated skin, then I have a few other types all by Smashbox. My favorite green primer is the Inglot brand it goes on so good and has better coverage but we are currently out of it. Here you can see my cheaper foundation but I love the applicator and it goes on light with just the right amount of coverage. I am lucky to have clear skin, I don't break out often and my skin tone is pretty even but with my health stuff some days I look a little pale or grayish this will brighten my tone. I swear by my facial brightening lotion by Vasanti. 

This photo has some concealers that I love, Nars, Elf and Revlon are a few of my favorites. My go to is the Elf HD concealer it covers amazing and doesn't ever look dried or thick. I use Bare Minerals powders, I have two colors that I can wear alone or mix for when I have a tan or am at my lightest. I also love their mineral veil which I apply at the end of all my makeup for that extra glow and smoothing effect. 

Some of my favorite false lashes, I like thinner lashes with a mix of some longer and shorter for a more natural feel. My daughter is a lash lover I only wear them for special occasions when I go all out with my makeup. 

When I wear mascara I always use a lash curler and luckily have long full real lashes. My favorite mascara is hard I haven't found one I love. I did get the one with the mirror the brand has worn off but came in one of my Ipsy bags, I carry it in my purse because the mirror is awesome for applying on the go and checking your lips or teeth also after lunch breaks lol. I use a few different eyeliners, I have a white liner for opening up my eyes, I have squinty eyes so I like to apply white to the bottom and corners. I also love good old coal style eye liner.  For my brows I only use NYX micro brow liner in ash brown. Love it and is my favorite I buy four every time I go to Ulta because my daughter also uses the same shade and brand. We have tried many but this one is our fave.

My daughter is addicted to Kat Von D tattoo liquid liner. I have done a post about this liner before. Above is her limited edition anniversary liner but we have many of these around the house.

Lip care and supplies, we love MAC my favorite colors are Twig, Fastplay and Velvet Teddy. We have many MAC lipsticks my daughter has a few with her today at school so I couldn't photograph them all but these were in my makeup bag. She also love the Lime Crime Velvet matte gloss I have heard some negative things about the brand so don't like to advertise for them, but she loves it. We just ordered the Kylie lip kit in Candy K, Posie K and Dolce K yesterday. Comes with a lip liner and matte liquid lipstick. For lip liner we have MAC and NYX lip liners, then I have a few matte glosses and some other styles. I use baby lips on my lips before applying lipstick especially the matte ones so it doesn't accentuate my creases in my lips. 

Some of our favorite shades of MAC, didn't write down which one was which when I took the photo but believe Fastplay, Diva, Twig and Velvet Teddy are here. 

My daughter has wanted to try these Kylie Cosmetic lip kits since she released them but every time they sold out in a minute or two. I told her I would get her one and yesterday waited while getting my hair done for the release time once it came I logged on and added one to my cart, the Candy K checked out then returned back for the Posie and Dolce K I was shocked to get all three and trust me I was lucky because they were sold out as soon as my confirmation posted. I got a big best mom high five and hug when I got home last night and told her. 

Hope you enjoyed my photos I took quickly for this post. I will try to do better later when I can sit down for longer then my lunch break to break down and go over the products more in depth. 

Happy beauty shopping and enjoy your week. 

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  1. MadeupfashioniqueMarch 1, 2016 at 3:27 PM

    Love your makeup collection. You and your daughter have amazing taste. I am so jealous you were able to order some of the Kylie lip kits been trying to get Dolce and True Brown for months. If you don't like any of the colors I will buy from you lol. I love your blog amazing posts and you have some great photos. I sent you an email hope you will be interested. Best wishes

    1. Thank you so much. My daughter is so talented and she really does have amazing taste. I got her the Lorac kits for Valentine's Day and then the Mac Twig along with some other stuff. She does such an amazing job on my makeup people always think I hired someone to do it for me lol. My secret weapon lol. I'm happy you enjoy my blog thank you for all the kind words and compliments. I emailed you back now just got off work and heading home. I would love that and check your email box for my response. Hope you have an amazing week XoXo

  2. Wow just read your post and then googled Lime crime I had no idea and I own five of their glosses. Insane. Thanks for saying something I wouldn't have ever known. That is the craziest of all stories I have ever read wonder if it is all true.

  3. Incredible taste in makeup I have many of these same exact products. Love your photos and social media feeds are awesome