Friday, March 4, 2016

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits

If you don't currently live under a rock or maybe like me you aren't up to date on all the hot makeup and beauty trends taking the Beauty Vloggers and Bloggers by storm. My daughter luckily is a huge makeup lover and she keeps me in the loop pretty good. 

Kylie Jenner whom is the queen of makeup and especially lipstick with her tips on making your lips look fuller along with many people whom now won't leave the house with using contour on their face. I myself have not been a huge of the reality style celebrity world totally, I don't always think that some of these people make a good role model for the youth of America, especially being a mother of two girls. Honestly though my daughter is not looking at Kylie as a role model of who or what she wants to be like or even look like but she does really appreciate her knowledge in makeup and fashion sense. I have to agree I am a little older but she does have a pretty amazing eye for everyday fashion, I adore some of the lace up sweat suits and street wear style outfits I have seen her in more recently. To avoid all controversy here I am not supporting the Kardashian clan I am simply being a mom who loves to see her daughter smile so when she told me that she wanted one of the liquid matte lipstick and lip liner kits that she had seen all the hottest beauty blogger and vloggers raving about I was ready to get her one. 

I had no idea how hard they were to get. My daughter told me that they had several online releases that sold out in less then five minutes. I saw on eBay people trying to sell these kits that retail for $29.95 for over $100 which makes me sick. I hate to see people buy out a product to turn around a price gauge especially something like toys and then a product like this so many young girls want to own. 

I made it my personal mission to find out when the next release date and time was set my alarm or reminder on my phone, and managed to get very lucky. It was crazy. The lip kits sold out in less then five minutes again. Luckily I had my phone and MacBook ready with my account pre made then the ease of my credit card being set on auto fil for my iCloud to make online purchases. At exactly six I logged on to the site and added a Candy K into my cart on my iPhone then the Dolce K, Koko K and Posie K into another cart on my laptop. When I hit to process my order everything started to crash and I kept getting an error code, when I hit refresh I was excited to see my confirmation. The Candy K order had gone through I wasn't as lucky with my laptop order it took a little longer to refresh and we weren't able to get one of the three but we did manage to get the Dolce K and Posie K, I wasn't even 10% which one had sold out but I was just happy to have confirmation. 

I had a slight issue with one of my orders being messed up due to me accident hitting something when refreshing and trying to enter information back so one package was at the post office. It is now in our hands I am happy to say but I have only had time to photograph the Candy K order. 

Below you will see the box it arrived in, packaging and the actual liquid matte lipstick with liner. Again this is the Kylie Cosmetics Candy k. I will be sure to post more photos of the other colors when I have a chance. 

Thought the color she wanted the most was lost to whom ever lucked out and got the package delivered to their PO Box since I messed up the address. It was all kinds of flipped around with my city showing up as the street then the street and house number being the city it was crazy. Also was weird cause on my confirmation receipt and email I had only erased one letter of my street ad trees everything else appeared normal. Luckily I made it to the post office when they opened and the person had not gotten their mail from their box so they were able to retrieve it for me. 

The box is rather plain on the outside but I love how the carefully package the lip kits in an oversized box with plenty of padding to protect what is inside from any damage during shipping. 

Once you open the box you instantly see the colorful and cool graphic design with lips and Kylie's name. I love the box the kit comes in and the card included thanking you for your purchase. 

I am big into graphics and love her choice of design to use on her boxes. The actual liquid matte lipstick container is very similar to colour pop style lipgloss end and liquid matte lipsticks. Similar tube and applicator. The product is thick but goes on amazing, drying to matte form quickly and evenly. The lip liner is one that needs to be sharpened with a lip or eye liner sharpener which I think it would be nice for the money to be a retractable style liner without needing the messy sharpener but maybe she will change this since her price point is so high then of course these are selling like hot cakes so she isn't hurting on the investment she has made back that times a hundred I am sure. 

I am waiting for my daughter to try it out and test them but I know since she loves matte Mac lipsticks and other liquid matte lipsticks that she is going to be in love with these kits. I know I am not a huge matte fan but I applied it and loved the pigmentation, coverage and how it dried. I didn't have product all over my drink cup or straws plus I have had the color on since 9 am and it is now after noon, I have eaten and had two drinks it is still as vibrant as when I applied it this am. I personally would like it more with a touch of gloss to make it less matte but that is my personal taste. I am more a fan of the regular lipsticks or shimmers then of course glosses. If you are a matte fan like my daughter and can get your hands on these you won't be disappointed. 

Hope you enjoy my quick review of this hot trend in beauty right now and honestly I have a feeling this is just the start of a huge makeup empire for Kylie. I think it is fantastic she is taking something she loves and is passionate about to turn it into a business she can be proud of and that will represent her as an individual outside of her family which has been primarily famous for reality television, and fashion. 

Happy shopping and congrats to everyone who was able to score this product it was nerve racking, I hope that soon she can produce enough to where everyone will be able to order the items without having people who want to make a quick dime off the popularity, demand and difficulty of purchasing. If one of the color lip kits isn't for my daughter I will be sure to let everyone know and would giveaway before I sold but if I was to sell it I wouldn't ask more then what I paid myself. 

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend my friends. Xoxo

Peace, love and rock n' roll ✌🏼️πŸ’‹πŸŽ€to all. 



  1. So awesome you were able to get this for your daughter I'm sure she is so happy, I have attempted to get one every release with no luck. If you sell one I may want it

  2. Fab blog and posts love the Kylie lip kit I have the true brown and dolce k they are amazing. New to your blog already found some new shops I like a lot and love your social media feeds. Keep it up