Saturday, March 14, 2015

End of the week styles.

Quick post before bed to end the week with my outfits for Wednesday through today, Friday the 13th. Got my hair colored today and willl post a quick preview of how it came out at the end. I will have much better photos this weekend. These photos were taken at night with poor lighting. It always looks better in sunlight. I love it, the colors are so bright and vibrant. I stayed with the purple and blue tones but added more of the neon and pastel blue so that it doesn't look so dark. I also colored higher up on my top layer so now the underneath is three shades of blue and then the purple pravana from the vivids line. The blues I have are pastel, neon and vivid shades. The top layer had some purple and orchid that had faded to a light almost pastel pink. Now I have the neon and pastel blue also for a more ombré look, which looks teal and royal blue. Really happy with how it looks. My hair feels soft and looks shiny which is honestly amazing with all the coloring I have done the passed six years or longer. If you like cool and fun hair colors check out some of my older posts with hair photos. I am always changing my color, I have been in love with hair dye since I was 15. Being blonde makes it easy to be any color you want, also been using the new Olaplex system in my hair my passed few visits and won't color or bleach my hair without it. What an amazing product. Moving along,,,

Here are my outfits from Instagram posts for the rest of the week. Monday and Tuesday are in the previous post. 


All ❤️ NOH8 from the NOH8 campaign. Love this tee. Paired it with a cute pair of LA Idol black capri length jeans. 

The Wander Full Great Smoky Mountains were calling me on Thursday and we are going to be heading there next week. Super excited. This cute tank is from Old Navy along with the gold long pineapple necklace.

Button down long sleeve tee with pineapples is from Target I got it on clearance last year, and the shorts are yellow JCrew chino shorts. Super soft and my favorite chino style shorts. I also have this same pattern tank top from Target and a cute cream with gold foil pineapples from Old Navy to match the necklace perfect. 

Today before my hair appointment I threw my hair in braids since it was raining and I was about to get it colored, I didn't sleep good last night due to my hubby working the midnight shift and being sick with a really bad head cold I suddenly came down with on Monday. No matter what I was not missing my appointment today. Always so excited to get my color done. Really didn't want to wear anything that could end up ruined from bleach or hair dye so figured I would wear some older clothes. 

I picked an old tee from Marshall's by Lucky Brand, this cute worn looking black tee says "Don't feed the hipsters" with a bear. Since the salon is always cold and it was raining decided to wear my leopard print cardigan from Kohl's by A Byer. Jeans are by American Eagle and are the super skinny stretch in dark wash. I rolled them up for a cropped look so the bottoms didn't get wet in the rain and threw on some cute leopard print reef sandals from Macy's. 

Hope you enjoyed my end of the week outfits, most of the items are older pieces I have had except for the NOH8 vneck tee which I purchased back in January online. Hope everyone had a great week and has a fabulous weekend. Xoxo ✌️❤️

I didn't forget here are a couple peeks at my hair, and promise to post better photos over the weekend when I have time to curl it and take some good shots. 

A little collage of some quick shots I snapped. Hard to see all the pretty colors and contrast. 

Here it is all pulled forward so you have some pieces peeking through that are from the back. Underneath is purple, dark blue and neon blue, then the top layer in the back is neon blue and pastel blue which gives a teal color when blended. Then you will also see some purple and pink left over from my ombré over the summer with the shades of purple and pink. 

My hair stylist uses Pravana color for my hair. Today I had some color applied to my roots to lighten and then she added these three colors. The middle bowl is a blend of pastel blue a neon blue, then you have the vivids purple and neon blue.

Can't wait to post more photos with better lighting so you can really see how pretty the colors are and the contrast. 

Enjoy and thank you for passing by. Remember life is too short for boring hair if you have been considering adding some fun color to your hair go for it. We only live once and it's just hair, it will grow out or you can always dye it back. Start small with some highlights or the underneath, maybe a thin layer and if you like it you can gradually do more. I highly recommend going to a salon because I have colored my hair at home, the color they sell at Sally's and other stores doesn't last long. Usually washes out or fades right away. Also I do not recommend bleaching your hair at home unless you have experience and help. I have colored hair for many years and still wouldn't do my own hair alone without someone to help with hard to reach areas. It's worth the extra money to get good quality hair dye that will last and someone with experience so you don't fry or ruin your hair. You can also by hot heads brand extensions in fun colors that are easily applied with a thin medical grade tap, no glue and they don't ruin your hair. They are also washable, reusable and you can style with flat iron or curling iron. They have small ones my salon sells for $5-7 each and I have a few wider ones I got for $10 each. You can google hot head extensions to read more about them. I have blonde ones in my closet I wore when my hair was short for a wedding, saving in case I ever want to add some length. Luckily my hair is really long, I cut off two to three inches today which was hard because I loved the length but needed it. Again can't rave enough about the Olaplex, balyage system. They have three steps one for adding to the bleach or color to lift your hair without burning or damaging which means you can now achieve the lightest shades possible. Second step is added to your hair after coloring to condition and seal the hair leaving it healthy and shiney. Then they have a third step to use at home. It works wonders and has improved my hair so much. I noticed a difference the first use, and keeps getting better. Trust me I strip and bleach often to achieve these bright vibrant colors because you have to have a white base. Google it for sure and ask your stylist it can be pricey but depends on the salon. I am lucky to have several friends with their beauty license and get it at retail. Paid $85 from the salon for a small amount and $30 for the third step but now pay way less at the beautician's cost. Having pretty cool hair isn't cheap or easy but thanks to pravana and my Olaplex I can have it. Okay I am off to bed, good night all... Sorry if any typos late and didn't sleep good last night. Bless you all ✌️❤️


  1. I have been reading your blog for some time and had to leave a comment, your tee shirt collection is amazing. You have some of the cutest and coolist tee shirts I have ever seen. I have a few cute graphic tee shirts and tanks I have gotten at the mall or Target but reading your blog has turned me on to some new shops. Love the NOH8 tee, Pebby tees and many of the other brands you have been putting photos up in. Your tee shirt game is on point.

  2. Love your hair